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  • 00:00: good good good day I advertisement I noticed that very big popularity I enjoy my video about pruning roses seemingly only three type of crop, and so that's demands much clarify this question and now already the end of October I I thought I broke up with
  • 00:31: you and me still I had to return to this issue again and today I want you talk about how not be cut roses This question is very very important claimed in this case because it's the middle of autumn I recommend different Rose pruning methods but I know that almost all of you produce autumn Rose pruning different
  • 01:01: the degree of pruning want remind us that there is an easy crop we leave it almost the entire length one-third of the bush only cut off top has an average pruning roses is there is very short where left maximum of three tochechek on a branch stalk these three way you know and here I would now like to you as it is impossible to tell
  • 01:32: cut roses, and I He recalled many years ago ago I was fond different varieties of roses and floribunda roses and then ground cover a situation that we We raised them to the site land has become very I moved to a little mainly on cultivation climbing roses at the expense of that they give a very large mass the colors you see my video summer and takes up little space
  • 02:02: and in practice they decorated my garden and of course such magnificence well I have remembered many years ago I grow roses different varieties and I really I read a lot literature and I She returned to her Now after 10-15-20 years I had a literature even what we know England considered it Center duction times
  • 02:32: and it will create royal national Mr. Plant Society fans are the people let's say that registered in the this society, she It was founded in 1876 year just to to combine these fans who sincerely share their secrets well, grow new grade course breeders and I it turned literature this is what direction and I'm
  • 03:03: I want you tell what I I remembered or something you do not pay attention to such moments just like you can not cut off the rose and once there you want show that the situation in autumn you can emphasize on that at the end of the stem You wither and Of course it requires trim so we did not winter can his image leave because it can go below below us and so and fell
  • 03:34: behind can ruin here this decree and the top But in this case, also I have the death of a friend who zabu we removed here stems and immediately I will I want to show an error we should not do in this case, I am sure that very few people on it pays attention look here Now we have formed kidney and even here such large petiole
  • 04:04: but I can not stalk need to leave crop maximum per centimeter mail from all that above you can start turn black and you can pay focus on the stem Spring you the stem so here gradually gradually fading our new times that of water deal industry growing roses here talking and is even currently recommends
  • 04:34: do pruning Rose literally kidney that's just for to herein as we have sealed see the stem and rose we do not turn black over winter and it is perfectly overwinter so you even themselves can to experiment that is, the beams we Leaves maximum centimeters and now our times of water as I you said applies
  • 05:05: later virtually on the kidney and, if so I also previous I made obliquely means to do so can not diagonally the stem is not cut off it should be exactly 90 degrees is also turns An important condition because if above here you hatch will go sap flow here are out, too, it the same cut man blacken to go lower below
  • 05:35: as if to strike your style that's a nuance and you I did not expect myself So I thought of him and I recommend this here you trim note Of course you know that we cut the rye Urussu on the outside of the kidney if you Hybrid Tea Rose you choose pachechku that you will go back the outside bush form here such a bowl here so this is a very important as it is impossible
  • 06:06: to call a rose noting that pruner you must be very sharp, he to do 1 giving away a slice your stems, and not leave here a enjoy the cows ie it must so keen to do slice and then it, too, guarantee that the pink and you will not be damaged diseases and also good wintered feathers I want to draw your Attention until the spring of that in spring we often
  • 06:38: Rose make a short pruning and here It is times of water also advised on it note usually we do spring short pruning it somewhere before three tochechek maximum but society divorce when growing roses for Exhibitions this method it acceptable but It is in the garden we shall not recommend doing often short pruning roses
  • 07:08: exhausted and may have you die so Here, too, look at the attention that is Spring pruning roses if you want to apply and short Well that is it should be occasionally it is not a repeated from year to year here is a caveat I also unearthed so to speak, and short rose pruning highly undesirable in areas where lungs of the earth where
  • 07:38: sandy loam that's how I in this case and maybe I you already intuitively showed summer video about what I I apply mainly average crop and here is she really confirmed because the land very easy especially Roses in winter depleted to such the land, this land Whether it is sand cold hungry and say It should be extremely rare and apply it short pruning on the evidence of the soil
  • 08:08: so You can listen to my advice or here to make some Russ and to experiment short children used if kind of exhausted muted Well, as I have or you say you want to use tall stem such as Gift rose to you This note and here again British times and that's is carried out different experiments of care for roses
  • 08:38: but I was surprised that now they have this technique they cut roses ordinary scissors for cutting a blank It uses a average crop be over even decades, they compared to this here Great to such scruples cut where you do and not just when We walked garden scissors and all their clubs ruined
  • 09:09: trimmed under the average crop has run very powerful 1 bloom so he did do not concede and that's it also like almost the most common Now the meter Rose pruning or secondary address slabs use high I've personally pruning I use it somewhere in the second half summer as I have
  • 09:39: She showed her roses in order to accelerate reappearance can Bud in to my hand though September-October, more blossomed friends use high pruning be there is almost 1 33 from the top and is even better for to stimulate side shoots and rose to me another It may blossom times vodkas home
  • 10:09: teach is not very It is recommended this type of pruning because ru or depleted there is very a lot of side here such here shoots and the used only in last resort Here is a piece Resort Address she also uses we need a buyer clean ponds in order to to avoid breaking the rose winter here like so
  • 10:41: when I played open only when snow or Vespers but Zamanov then immediately use a high trimming hands we practice it all that I'll probably I wanted to tell But note but this could not be cut roses but I urge you all nevertheless experiment and by teaching them the basics caring for roses and be sure to share their experience can
  • 11:12: have the knowledge to leave no comments I have a video and necessarily subscribe to my channel despite the fact that We already late autumn Of course, we say goodbye you learn I want to continue I call on the color significantly will study literature can be a lo say foreign while you are studying so and I will be with pleasure Golitsyn