The review of the dress connected by spokes in December. Councils for beginners

The review of the dress connected by spokes in December. Councils for beginners  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon today I want you show item which tied well that's practically finished it in December in this dress I am very did a lot of video lessons showed you so of course to voice how much I am he was knitting I can not because time dragged on for this cause i have the video I which was called and
  • 00:31: the old woman is proruha that is when was practically everything is connected already I had to cardinally his tie up all systems that such a the pattern behaved wet process very specific the there are practically inside and no had break the situation in such a way as I showed you a video as I said and on the old woman happens proruha and here I am most likely
  • 01:02: my subscribers to you demonstrating its a product but for me it's not very familiar there is no way to be a model awkwardly I'm really wanted just show you what did I get Here is a pattern I selected with their complex figures Here I wanted a dress this is called topsy-turvy in I had an idea tie such a pattern which was, as it were,
  • 01:32: bilateral, that is I could have it with this hand wear it as I knit very neat internal there is no side there either nodules are not striae and seams practically nowhere is it possible was turned over to reverse side and wear differently that is, the pattern would He looked a little bit on another link with technical your problems inside out the main linen as you see I knitted with knitting needles
  • 02:02: there is so much here just to the front and sleep I have the same sleeves video sketch openwork pattern mesh but recommended it for beginners knitters and for those u who but in texture a figure can assume and frames and crocheted products have tendency of us increase and here I am already has much I use the such a pattern on sink on me
  • 02:33: it seems he looks very openwork not increases me but so comfortable although I see through it seems he adds some raisins sleeves I knitted crocheted pattern openwork mesh and that's how we always buy the strings are now end-to-end I will say how or how we did not calculate how I always have a product
  • 03:03: it turned out a little bit short of but to them did not have to do this border at the bottom well if you I see on the dummy you will show me closer really liked exit with such the situation because I'm short dresses I can not by age already allow a openwork border she's kind of like that creates a feature of this dresses weighting is bad.
  • 03:42: olesya the main year and me on this dress 800 grams of my there were still some small dressings pieces due to that I changed a lot somehow structure of dress well probably the floor at the point I still have so here in 100 Grams 390 meters here I say that I was size 50 I will reduce 800 g here such
  • 04:13: volume product but did not work for me very fast its weight Well, I'm happy because that he planned in 7 to the new year Here she is now the the flag is something and the sky how this color dresses I bought threads summer but for some reason me wanted this land is not about tying and I am the result of I rather yours reviews I hope positive see in comments but all
  • 04:43: I want to sharpen the attention of knitters if you only start to cut but if you are a mom's grandmother and you have a child grows especially girl I'm again I draw attention to the fact that winter here such things as denied if you a young girl and you work somewhere in office or work you happens with which some kind of mobile yes somewhere
  • 05:13: move around go or you in the office is cold pay attention to knitted dresses I do not I can imagine how under women without connected hop though and this inseparable element my wardrobe and I for winter here tied up several dresses will be provided extraordinary comfort and warmth Well, I hope very much original and will see if you young girl associate this
  • 05:43: dress I will know that your mom is always will be for us calmly because what would be in this guy with none and tights tight if above you is this related dress from thread that contains well literally 50 percent wool even if you are light autumn photos and at the bottom there is a dress but believe me me you never freeze and be very comfortable feel like always mine demonstration smoothly flowed into
  • 06:13: tips and tricks for young girls because I'm Mom which is worried about health and warmth their children on this if you are an adult woman please pay attention to winter knitted dress this is extraordinary wardrobe is this but this just a miracle believe me to me