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  • 00:00: good good good day today I will I show you how very easy to do Sleeve Pattern for Knits for knitwear we are with you today we will build the pattern it will be very easy to very simple you You do this once the pattern and save much, much I will now with his partner relieves because nothing without patterns for sleeves you just have three
  • 00:31: 1 measuring this length sleeves we measure from shoulder from shoulder stopped doing measuring tape we will have 55 centimeters usually stopped to leave bones and circle wrist you should So I measure on jacket is measured here So as you are measured Here at home here and It is 18 centimeters and
  • 01:03: necessarily previous one in the world We are a circle chest 88 centimeters in my dummy and so I repeat only three measurements of the length of the sleeve from shoulder to wrist is 55 centimeters wrist circumference you are here measures the whether you have a long wing arm if you want to box you make measurements set on the forearm and circumference of a circle and we you need only two
  • 01:34: Formula 1 is the width I have a grid on the screen I bring you this formula Now I will tell you you need to start here chest circumference divided by 3 and add 2 centimeters in the case, I will approximately equal to 32 centimeter is we would width children's feet have will Swede so chest circumference
  • 02:05: we have 88 centimeters hockey and we talked width measurements made rectangle we is about 32 centimeter and immediately We note mid chic we and grid length la sposa equal to this length Sleeves that is if You short sleeve you Now his wish measurements I Elina
  • 02:36: hand so 52 centimeters immediately denotes the middle Sleeve is we a rectangle Net called and it is very important to us Now calculate with you height doused head sleeves It is also very I have an easy formula
  • 03:06: it at the bottom of the screen I write a circle Breast we divide by 8 and add 3 I It is 14 centimeters and you read a its designers or down to you Measure out 14 centimeters conduct horizontal and now this summit we connect too here
  • 03:36: straight the same thing we share half now we get the top Acad we are arts are now we will do we do convex but here a concave line here and so gently at We will contact you we carry through here
  • 04:18: these dots as I I said at the top of our convex and here concave about you here are adjusting rezinochkoy hours under Then I'll show you already Rita and finally here we are with you painted acad Sleeve is the head the main thing you see here we have shaggy is dropped convex line and here at We had a such a as the round sleeves for knitwear for
  • 04:49: Knits Due to the fact that they very good stretched Products here is precision jewelry Of course, we do not need to you made for a thin clear and work correctly All this we draw issued doused sleeves Now we're going down and note down wrist circumference we had 18 9 centimeters in here here at prices connected here we have with you
  • 05:24: turned sleeve that we will always use you for knitted products this make the pattern and once you have enough it is many, many years and since I taught you well the beginning of the video sketches when we prepared only make the pattern shelves and back I have I asked here these here the pattern of the paper carry on plenochku these patterns
  • 05:54: then it will be stored you much longer they will occupy less space because the paper is tendency to break somewhere or get lost and you drag it on plenochku these the pattern will be ours you used knitting Irish lace and Knitting any products so here You see this light Pattern here no problem you always will Now with me to knit and easy just