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  • 00:00: recently scientists stated that fully deciphered genetic code strain of the virus immunodeficiency man so called HIV infection it turned out that genetic information that is HIV-positive structured much more difficult than other viruses it is not contained in double helix dna but in a single helix either nucleic acid acid and what if learn how to contribute to changes in this
  • 00:30: spiral actually will lead to a halt growth of the virus changes can lead to this then It will be possible to collapse argue that chief enemy of humanity defeated great great but our the next plot certainly does not pretend at such a fundamental discovery but something useful for science i I hope there is Welcome to project hacking life last series of our heroes have shown a lot interesting hacks
  • 01:00: one of the assignments was devoted to non-standard use of food turned products that bread can replace microfiber Peanut Butter Gel for shaving long macaroni mantel match but walnuts easy to polish scratched furniture we asked for life hackers to stop on this topic on more info and we'll do it actually designer and
  • 01:31: restorer worry we are asleep so our first task to bring things in order without spetsredstv Oleg again clutching at shaving machine with by his help he
  • 02:01: will put things in order this warm one sweater thing is no longer new and therefore surface is visible a lot of pellets very common problem spools formed due to the addition of fabric structure synthetic materials than greater elasticity the web has more on it spool designer spreads the thing on couch and starts it
  • 02:31: shave oleg you think it help do not believe here compare treated area and this if process all he will sweater look like new a good start but it 's not all now
  • 03:03: Oleg for some reason needed a banana more precisely not the banana and only peel skin banana Tonine or tannic acid it makes leather plastic and strong Here it is in times better cleaning sponges shoes literally through
  • 03:34: minute shoes becomes perfect clean and shiny for non-standard approach to simple things we open to Oleg first lock now queue short-lived thinking girl takes a cup and throws it on the floor the dishes are broken you smithereens them honestly the behavior of the Kira us puzzled designer begins to eliminate
  • 04:05: accident consequences the girl picked up the largest parts utensils but the whole floor still peppered small glass this the detail is not you do not have young lady or a vacuum cleaner is something It was going kira takes a piece clay slings him in a small sausage and pierces wooden skewers for
  • 04:37: shish kebabs then girl it is accepted to roll plasticine by sex in a moment everything broken glass is in plasticine if put on the floor a working flashlight then light turn counter even the smallest Shard now show another bi-currency evil and
  • 05:11: lifhhaker goes to the second hack for Demonstrations query need an old mobile phone and toothpaste at once it is striking that monitor and others plastic parts shells strongly scratched toothpaste contains abrasive substances when polished, they remove the thinnest layer of plastic tenth fraction of millimeter together with this layer
  • 05:42: disappear and scratches after the procedure the phone was younger at several years that same be hacked what task will be as follows technological progress constantly reminds oneself oleg and kira more than once faced with computer components of their they hacked life today they will have to
  • 06:13: use for his hacking only compact discs Well, I do not need me I'm not at all scared yours came up with us what do the disks do Kira already did from dumbbells and stand under the hot cups this time the designer will try implement another idea I will do but the same
  • 06:43: ladies go only did not tired of Not really that bad in that change frequently accessories in interior design tired of it when from year to year the same ones light fixtures chests and sofas a bit done kira proceeds to the next burglary truth as a girl will do a shade from the disks to us while unclear Cyrus ignites the gas burner then takes the vein and
  • 07:16: it screams at him open flame when the instrument ready designer proceeds to perforations of laser makes in small holes now the girl takes the next stage of hacking kira slices wire on small fragments and then with the help of pliers forms of hooks they need a designer to connect compact discs are different
  • 07:46: with a friend last a stroke of lifehacker puts on his lampshade on the floor lamp well, how are you? in my excellent high-tech lighting I agree well we agree with Oleg kira used only the rack of the old floor lamp and no one needed sit as a result of designer turned out
  • 08:17: fashionable and simple in performance lamp open query second lock oleg and what will you be do business think until a light thought visited Oleg you'll find out right away after advertising project hacking life
  • 08:50: continues theme of the task laser disks of the kira made of them hi-tech lampshade for lamps oleg promised to come up with something more abruptly I think by style this will fit here oleg that you are going to do but I can not say that this the intrigue is gone
  • 09:20: I assure you this is not worse than a floor- stand of the Kiri after such promising we are probably leave the designers rest and we'll just observe work oleg applies to disc glass and with his help draws a circle the correct form then designer burns a burner glows the tip of the knife and with the help of hot cutlery
  • 09:50: cuts out just drawn circle not just one after that the lifehacker makes on workpieces some measurements on completion of this procedures oleg takes thermo gun and glues a disk the most common pencils and here ready to go only post this piece on the working
  • 10:20: I think that badly you might think you're from disk andron the collider assembled construction of Oleg simple but useful from ordinary compact discs and pencils to a young man managed to do quite functional and unaccustomed in appearance pencil holder definitely life
  • 10:50: hacked we decided to give designers possibility a little relax and create one's own pleasure we again on 300 several keyboard weeks ago
  • 11:21: Kira already did keyboard products designer designed hi-tech style your own weekly now the girl wants to do something look like attention our heroine acts according to there is no algorithm lifhhaker pulls the buttons in certain consistency we were right kira removed the keys
  • 11:52: with the letters after a minute designer takes mantle match and lights the gas burner then girl glows on the flame a large needle after what pierces each key twice acting neatly and fast hot tool
  • 12:22: without any effort passes through polymer tell you about molding us it 's finally worth it girl finishing it's holes in keys pulls out synthetic lace and passes through buttons Well, it turned out an act bra kira made quite modern
  • 12:55: bracelet laying out his name of the buttons keyboards quite stylish the idea is unequivocal life was hacked into Unlike carefree chickens oleg again arming with loved ones instrument screwdriver judging by the whole crack of Oleg will be devoted to this kitchen table in my opinion became very boring externally
  • 13:26: how to revive it designer inverts boring furniture takes conventional glass bank and unscrews cover on the inside side of countertop oleg plans the center then glues there cover after of this lifhhaker drills table through hole oleg it will be something
  • 13:56: entertaining and then designs finally hand-made is selected from under the table he takes the jar and fills it with water a then neatly screw the lids and now
  • 14:27: stunning develops sensation that the flowers grow directly from the table real oleg illusionist yes this is for you wonderful hand made
  • 15:02: designers finish another creative it's time to fail results guys excellent coped with their a hacking mission way of life oleg proved that clothes can be easily peel conventional shaving machine tool but a banana skin a worthy replacement sponges for shoes kira showed how remove the fragments from using plasticine and polished
  • 15:32: scratched tooth surface unusual pasta Lampshade for a desk lamp definitely deserves attention functionality hand-made obviously uncomplicated but stylish pencil case will decorate desktop use there is a creative thought is present are worthy of from the old keyboard kira can do anything today the designer happened
  • 16:02: modern decoration oleg and the truth revived the most mediocre table used the usual a jar of furniture you grew flowers in literal sense words for execution functionality and we open the idea each of our heroes of three castles watch our lifhaki frame in next series project hacking would be there is even more creative ideas breaking the usual templates