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  • 00:00: I wonder what's inside our need to Globe here so to knock and listen to a house empty by the way you you know what about so do people learn about the contents of our the globe only in quality of knocking use earthquake well naturally not themselves do it yourself the nature of them to us pops up here it happens now
  • 00:30: japan find japan here somewhere that's it here thundered earthquakes and in america there is a station system and they listen and they found that the wave passes through surface and through center of the earth and thanks to research in such received the following results that the core is inside us our land is not not liquid as before thought, but firm and to
  • 01:00: why am I all to that what now if you put your ear to you hear our new plot and if still will eyes look then it is possible for him and will see galileo program continues the project hacking of life with us again designers cyrus and Oleg ready to show miracles of hand-made improvisations in home conditions
  • 01:30: our heroes must think as much as possible creatively after all the task designers change common household items breathe new a life guys can do fruit bowl from coat hangers for clothes or pump teapot with using winter hats in the last issue they took care of kitten army invented for him original couches gathered claws point toy from
  • 02:01: plumbing pipes we are hungry to see what designers of lifhacker and prepared today project hacking would be again on air oleg seriously approached to the choice of props designer brought with old cofort from guitars lifhhaker opens case as well as one would expect he is completely empty new destination
  • 02:31: this subject so far unknown the hood looks strong potrepannym oleg that should be well so to speak original system storage designer mysterious designer taken with the root pluck out of the calf velvet lining where the material is not entrance is allowed construction knife over say the sight is not for the faint-hearted at the end barbarian procedure
  • 03:01: when the old cloth removed Oleg drills rivets then picks up their screwdriver and remove cover Cove times loops now the designer makes an unexpected stroke oleg brings glossy magazine and pulls out liked pages the brighter and
  • 03:32: more diverse this morning, although ideal cottage cheese photos should be combined thematically then here goes the glue spray after treatment of the surface oleg unstick interiors harvested glossy pages if honestly this is better
  • 04:04: makes a penny in her somehow neater it turns out the same it's a compliment so far censures decorating coffee there is finally all one the case is sealed looks pretty stylishly but the ultimate goal so far it is difficult to guess Oleg carries the trunk in adjacent room where leave your product along the wall then designer fills a new hand-made books and magazines
  • 04:34: Well, how are we new the bookcase is not bad go to the debtor or It is necessary to recognize the book the cabinet turned out quite functional desire to coffer can be hang on the wall beautifully useful and main purpose subject to cardinal amended to be hacked by cyrus
  • 05:04: looked for his hand-made less bulky thing the tube remained student days this cylindrical case is needed for transportation documents and drawings large formats but it seems now purpose of the tube completely change on copper and in the middle the designer cuts tube for 2 equal
  • 05:35: parts first across then along thinking a little choice of tape Cyrus makes out the edges orange ribbon finally manipulation finished and we are so we understand this hand-maid more ornamental purpose well why it's great
  • 06:05: bottles are placed you Interestingly of course, but whole here to me I liked more and me coffee methane there panels stand or rather a couch for bottles will save
  • 06:35: fridge place appointment of a thing changed this hacking life is counted a good start that Waiting for us further for its next hacking crack brings an armful of empty plastic bottles it 's not all that thick from the closet girl
  • 07:05: takes out ordinary hangers for clothes it seems she collects them perfect usually at the edges clothing remains so creases which then difficult to talk because the edges of ancestors is acutely you can burn kira takes her shoulders and puts on the edges empty plastic bottles to fasten the part and intricate
  • 07:35: design designer uses adhesive tape bright orange colors who carefully wraps around the neck plastic containers after a minute the girl demonstrates a new a hanger on which clothes are not it seems that on bulk bottles
  • 08:08: the jacket sits on to another, even sagging on these shoulders all the winter clothes will be left without creases and folds this is all hacking somehow not so weakly designer at all do not accept we agree with both heroes from one side of the product is pierced really not is beautiful but on the other hand purpose of an object changed therefore hacking took place on
  • 08:39: such a smart pop their there to do anything with these nickname Okay I accept the call show my colleagues that extract as much as possible do something more interesting that same conceived years will learn immediately after the advertisement the battle of designers
  • 09:12: kira continues tried to hack be with plastic bottles and Shoulders, we told her this hacking was included in the rating of Oleg the idea of ​​the Kira is not very liked it and decided to prove that Shoulders can be do something more interesting for hacking takes oleg designer will use exactly the same wooden hangers with which he worked akira
  • 09:42: handmade takes marker puts hangers at each other then at once on four copies makes the same he starts oleg saute props ready designer ready proceed to the second part of their hacking and brings a small
  • 10:13: piece of board if the board does not fit color to the shoulders then you can tint it stain or even tea bags a few minutes when wood blanks changed the color of the color the designer pierces board with a screwdriver making holes in pre-planned places then hand-made fastens
  • 10:43: sawn in two Shoulders I 'm talking about in a few minutes of work something and extremely extravagant such a double hanger can fit many items clothes and even bags top wooden the grounds for hats and the lower metal hooks will withstand the weight of the coat and
  • 11:14: jackets not an ordinary coat rack Oleg breaks through life it's too easy to Lately burglary is given to our designer it's time go new difficulty level this time life to hackers will have to hack life through food products we'll see what will come of it she needs that mother herself
  • 11:51: products or with products there is no net I see differences By the way I have and decisive oleg immediately embarked on cause the designer pulls out of refrigerator bank peanut butter then goes to bathroom lifhhaker opens bank and spreads paste on the face will shave and this is my foam
  • 12:25: shaving paste this life duo of hackers exactly drive us crazy of course everyone Men are familiar when a tube of gel or foam for shaving suddenly turns out empty in peanut butter paste so much vitamins and fatty acids that it moisturizes and nourishes
  • 12:55: the skin is not worse at all specialized cosmetics but still the main means for shaving is smooth slip oleg razor is good slides what sensation blade perfectly slips do not see at all the difference is just that she is a little more powerful than a genius pure male hacking what would you say? but the designer has this it seemed a little Oleg immediately proceeds
  • 13:27: another hack and now and lifhhaker at necessary walnuts you need to break the arena for my this half and the other and shooting designer splits shell and pulls out core as a Greek walnuts help Oleg hack life we are yet we do not know at last lifhhaker
  • 14:00: goes to coffee table and It is accepted to rub nuts scratching where there were scratches but pure chemistry another household cunning walnut masks the scratches and chips and can replace wax for Restoration of furniture first-class household hacking ideas on use of products deserve 3 open lock irons
  • 14:30: application of such cases I I do not see us very much book or through products too believes lifhak I I'll probably start doing kira deliberately left several fatty traces on wooden doors for she had to handle surface oil regular household hacking let's see what from this comes out there is a product that with ease can replace the sponge Fuck these here fat spots it's horseradish
  • 15:01: in bread cellulose has fibers with porous surface thanks to this, she captures and retains a fat and fresh stain instantly disappeared not bad the same there are still units standard using Product can to show that for spaghetti designer pulls out of the locker a packet of spaghetti
  • 15:31: pulls out macaroni and then tries to set it on fire kira what are you doing it's to see you now such children burned wax little is left to set fire to Fingers Fingers Like Us see the usual pasta is easy replace fireplace matches spaghetti lights up not immediately but when the fire will take
  • 16:01: pasta it burns stably is due to cellulose which is denoted by as additive and 460 household tricks with bread and spaghetti open to the designer third castle of Kira excellent coped with task it's time to sum up today to us liked everything find designers oleg used empty case from a guitar as a designer
  • 16:31: bookcase kira made of old tube Bottle holder idea of ​​a girl with bulky shoulders for hangers we also thought very useful oleg went another way on his hanger sh shellak can be hang much more clothes and finally peanut butter shaving paste spaghetti instead mantel matches
  • 17:01: walnut for masking scratches and bread crumb for removing greasy stains all castles today were opened wait for new incredible design ideas from our heroes next series project hacking of life