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  • 00:00: recently Chinese physiologists from universities in Shanghai daily for 10 hours subjected test rats impact of noise loudness 65 decibel nonsense 65 decibel is here I am right now I am talking about a the same loudness Well, what if that they have found out well well well so here in two months experiment it turned out that the rumor rodents worsened by compared with those living in
  • 00:31: silence but in fact before it was believed that only a loud sound does damage to the hearing found out that any will suffice chat, let's talk watch a story interesting in our program for low level volume program Galileo continues project hacking life with us again
  • 01:02: designers kirya years ready to show miracles of hand-made improvisations in home conditions our heroes must think as much as possible creative and the task change assignment ordinary household subjects designers already used hairdresser's cutting tools vegetables replaced the dental knife thread and a colander racket for badminton even baked pancakes
  • 01:32: unusual shape with helping bottles from ketchup today Our heroes do not a very ordinary day they will not be alone with them to be done hand-made for special guest when olga earlier our heroes already faced with a similar problem when kira brought with a dog then the designers did for the animal bird feeder see how the kira and
  • 02:03: oleg to cope with burglary forgotten Today the first thing that came in head query make for army cozy couch it has been wandering for a long time for the apartment but also did not choose his place for rest designer took the old suitcase which was already stale without causes armed the instrument of Kira skillfully separates from suitcase top
  • 02:33: part then the girl takes a big pillow and puts it inside and this all somehow too just only 90 are not all need another very important detail more precisely 4 hand-made ra got unexpected set 4 cups thick
  • 03:03: plastic and superglue the girl is applying glue on the edges of the dishes and presses against the surface of the suitcase now dishes will be to perform the role furniture legs it's time for the army check out a new place and
  • 03:33: happened conceptual cat's lodge which is on small hills of the cat it's like that they feel that everything around under control it seems or not appreciated Creation of the Kira is soft isolated the cat had a place to my liking simple and logical hand made kira fast coped with
  • 04:03: task to be hacked open Cyril and and the first lock nonsense bed already want to frolic to play well Oleg It is accepted for work he is looking for something in building materials exactly what is needed the designer needed angular sewage pipe took a drill oleg is taken
  • 04:35: Drill plastic with small holes in a certain order a scattering of holes helps lifhhaker at cut in plastic pipe smooth circle radius holes should be no more you did not pass ball that he does not dropped out of the amount and still very important that the edges were without chipping for it oleg forwards the electrical tape and carefully tightens the edges holes after completing the procedure handmade connects
  • 05:05: all corner pieces and throw inside strange construction balls for table tennis Oleg and that this is Army Army this a toy oleg wanted awaken from Arnie instincts and predators The ball is the mouse which
  • 05:36: need to get out of mink that's just arnie play this game is not wants almost nominally he's just not understands a lot but the fact is fact The toy failed and this breaking up of Oleg will not be counted our designer does not want give up
  • 06:07: so that more like the army oleg probably on this once the product is not of simple true well how do you say tinker have to oleg has already prepared material for their handmade until the designer is preparing hack life code or
  • 06:37: carefully oversees the actions of the new owner khan vader takes a piece of carpet with using plastic Oleg's pipes are drawn to workpiece circle then carves into the carpet hole after that the designer proceeds to the next operation using a screwdriver our hero is reliable fastens the board metal staples after a moment designer fixes carpet with the help of
  • 07:08: furniture stapler the master works for conscience coverage turned out taut and even now oleg takes hemp rope knits a big knot and hides it its at the bottom plastic pipe now need fasten the pipe to the base of hand-made screw the tubes blackboard
  • 07:38: after which it is dense tightens plastic cylinder hemp fix rope stapler through small intervals tops the structure carpet cover well how cat arni definitely
  • 08:11: like this attention to us like new lifhak definitely hacked what? think up in return cows we have for her surprise what you learn immediately after the advertisement our project hacking life
  • 08:43: continues today our heroes take care about our brothers smaller for a kitten arni kira came up with soft couch Oleg demonstrated two hacking at once built from plastic pipes a toy and claws. but now the promised surprise since our designers
  • 09:16: so love animals let him perform desire for goldfish why are you poor thing there teach me what i need was in the tobacco valim to drag will not spare and at most everything is correct oleg fish urgently you need an aquarium and will the Kirin im task and what does girl gets out of kitchen cupboard flask from the blender and fills the bucket and
  • 09:46: water then kira takes package with fish and without unnecessary ceremonies resettle the poor fellow in new house moral damage is ours the heroine compensates a handful of feed perhaps such a aquarium really looks stylish but
  • 10:16: knowledgeable person at once will say here is serious shortcomings water surface such an aquarium too small a This leads to disturbance of gas exchange in such a house fish may simply choke ki ri have to perfect its design idea this hack is counted will not be in the account yet designers one by one open lock and
  • 10:46: they stayed last try want it today do what beautiful ornamental art object any having suffered a fiasco with goldfish of kira decided this time She will be to build a home for people will help her in this book and building spatula unexpected combination
  • 11:16: that's just why break tool girl pulls out metal base from the handle of the kira that you are going to do do not need metal part now I as promised made this fire flying book a bit tormented
  • 11:51: the girl still bent the hateful a piece of iron under the direct angle then kira reinforces the ex spatula to the wall with using conventional screw now the designer
  • 12:22: takes up the book on inside covers and kira applies glue with with which after a moment fixes a book on metal bracket designer believes that the regiment must used for appointment and puts on top a few more books the main thing is not to fell all spatula can bend your
  • 12:52: without cool you the truth successful hacking the regiment agrees Invisible struck not only partner Kira but we such the design will decorate any interior and will cause scores questions for guests so keep hacking protection now to his hacking
  • 13:28: oleg starts designer it took wicker basket for linens I wonder what the thought visited our hero we do not know this while the lifehacker will not start work oleg arms screwdriver and applies a basket
  • 13:58: to the wall lifhhaker begins to drill a wall straight through the basket when the straw the product hangs on wall oleg puts in folded towel husband log sheets holding something for them accurately will suitably designer found a new hobby to equip
  • 14:29: housing and leisure cats her again for the cat It is necessary to recognize that this move looks very interesting arni conveniently located inside the basket it seems cat liked the new nest but we liked new hacking of Oleg counted today both the participant tried to glory
  • 14:59: you can sum up regular design battle of plastic pipes oleg made an intricate a toy for a cat and claws point almost like in the shop kira was looking for a home for goldfish but also failed and bad knowledge biology such capacity fish for a long time will not last a bed for a cat designer succeeded in fame kira found application broken suitcase and
  • 15:30: oleg arranged another nest for arnies from laundry basket an invisible regiment for books kitten would not appreciated his mistress such a decision I'll definitely have to taste for creativity functionality and excellent performance we discovered the hero by two locks watch out for our heroes in next series project hacking would be there is even more
  • 16:00: unusual and creative ideas breaking the usual templates