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  • 00:00: most psychologists agree in the opinion that people do not demonstrate their creative opportunities only because they themselves to themselves very critical relate yes it turns out that a person could open up but he afraid he is afraid that above it will be laugh that his will condemn therefore friends psychologists recommend to wake up in imaginative
  • 00:30: the potential just loosen up self-control forget about forgetting everything about all here I am now weakened self-control forgot about everything and about of all and even forgot what the plot will be next but it does not matter the main thing is that cal itself three self-control me now relaxed meet our heroes of a person with iron logic and jack of all trades and over
  • 01:00: creative designer akiro project hacking would be these young people already many times proved that any household subject can be used not for our purpose heroes contrived to make an aroma lamp from empty aluminum banks lamp with floor lamp from a glass and instead of colander used in the admin toned racket today designers will arrangement of workplace
  • 01:30: Let's see if they are worthy of it bleed kira proceeds to its first today hacking girl gets out of its props a large table folder is enough robust construction made of fine plywood kira demonstrates and and usual purpose the girl leaves the folder
  • 02:00: on the table and folds make a whole bale papers and magazines but apparently standard application folder Something does not suit designer other hiro will hack be a girl applies the folder to wall next to the table then a skilled designer
  • 02:34: arming tool and fixes a folder right on the wall that everything fit commonplace office thing in front of turns into creative shelf Cyrus filled in and the same
  • 03:05: objects but place it turned out a lot times more now something is possible place on the upper tier by the same principle you can make a corner cabinet which will accommodate all what is usually lying around on the table excellent shelf which is suitable for any interior hacking protection like decor but not like the kira it's real time
  • 03:35: useful chips designer for some reason came up with a written he took the table with a ruler and pencil young man tries to do some measurements for worktop needs it is more convenient to remove everything from tables and turn its off the table all clean up but I froze in any position per minute I will not let oleg deceived
  • 04:07: in a few seconds he noted four points and climbed out from under the table but not for long hand made by our took a screwdriver and again plunged into work in the marked places designer starts to do hole where a minute later inserts small hooks and screws that used in for the most different needs of the designer goes to the kitchen his goal is this metal
  • 04:37: basket finally we we understand the secret this hacking hand-picked up from the floor extension and puts them in the basket suspended under the table is so accurate better when I'm sitting behind table constantly I touch the wires feet even on, but turn more is not will repeat itself and vacuum cleaner more convenient original way hide
  • 05:07: extension cords and wires cords are compactly hanging baskets under the table and now no one interfere shining breaking it's time for the Kira accomplish his household hacking us on today everything is useful useful i know that show this ironing for hair menu see for what else he can come in handy girl heats up The device then takes
  • 05:37: plastic bag and puts it inside fruit oleg you can me help but a day down package like this girl fast movements pass through at the top of the a fraction of a second pressing edge hot device incredible package packed in airtight
  • 06:07: packaged package last longer products and cosmetics also closed the package is convenient to take with yourself on the road but this hacking us it seems too simple I want something else show so now composed seconds girl pulls out of the props big candle sets fire to the hinges and pours out melted wax on
  • 06:37: spread on table with a towel of kira puts on wax stain thin parchment paper and presses her hot iron our heroine in several seconds ironing the area is through paper another moment and waxy stain on towels as not happened it's more like
  • 07:07: focus than on hacking heated iron the wax stuck to the paper and completely disappeared from terry cloth result of course impressive but everything yet this is not hacking this is so the hostess on a note Cyril and failed open the second lock will it cope with our second task designer oleg learn immediately after the advertisement
  • 07:38: our designers of life hackers continues now demonstrate non-standard approach to things will be Oleg
  • 08:08: our hero brings vacuum cleaner and nylon stocking oleg can be found why do you stocking today decided show exclusively useful in everyday life solutions and design I will leave on the next program We confess we puzzled but we will not torment lifhhaker oleg removes from the pipe Vacuum cleaner wide
  • 08:39: nozzle and puts on hose fitting stocking him with scotch tape suppose I dropped something small, well, or scattered buttons or screws that by the way and quite often happens how will we collect a that's what we are
  • 09:09: the designer includes vacuum cleaner and starts chimney sex literally through a few seconds Oleg shows us collected small subjects air flow is dense keeps them nylon stockings here were buttons and screws scattered designers for this is not quite standard method use of
  • 09:39: vacuum cleaner in combination with a female subject wardrobe we just must count Oleg hacking is possible it's not stylish, but useful Cyril need to catch up rival for his hand-made she cooked the whole a bunch of wooden Shoulders are not yet just rolls around the mountain on the table and not quite it is clear that of them will end up in the end now comes in closets
  • 10:10: designer takes pliers and how we have already accustomed to dismantling props for compound parts of cyrus pulls out an iron hook and then cuts off lower crossbar hangers this is the procedure
  • 10:40: the girl repeats with the other four shoulders dick you do something for wardrobe of some kind upgrade no shoulders what does more interesting now you you see mysterious designer takes 4 curved straps and connecting in pairs using
  • 11:10: Super glue then girl holds together the resulting figures transverse crossbars screwing the parts to each other when self-tapping screws and screwdriver in a few minutes when a strange kind products assembled cyrus places on his bamboo a napkin for
  • 11:40: laying on incomprehensible but elegant construction designer spreads fruit paw for fruits or feng shui from ordinary wooden shoulders kira was able to assemble a wonderful fruit vase triumph design thought such a product will decorate
  • 12:11: any table and few guess what it's done exemplary household hacking it counted Now to dream up will have to get the songs kitchen theme I'll devote my hacking is higher
  • 12:41: I love tea Oleg decided to tuning usual brewing kettle and donates for this winter hat designer cuts out headdress small holes under the handle and spout kettle and makes two additional holes for decor after which puts on a hat on
  • 13:14: kettle with freshly brewed tea in fact everything just with a warm hat the kettle will hold minimum 2 times longer two holes so for prikol teapot tourist heat resistant material dishes are bad keeps heat because of this tea quickly cools down but large leaves do not have time to brew lifhhacker smog pump your kettle with the help of winter hats
  • 13:44: however, such external hand-made looks doubtfully We do not open the lock will be for today flight design thought is over time summarize and count up number of open locks today designers puffed over workplace and have made good ones results of the cyrus turned a large
  • 14:16: desktop folder in an ideal shelf she is not only unloads the table but also looks great hand designer maid meets all project requirements oleg was able to figure it out with annoying wires he is very fortunate applied metal basket which now hangs under the table an idea benefit and self performance flawless hero showed how you can change appointment irons of all kinds she won one
  • 14:46: packets and the second safely removed wax spots but we counted that to break it would be these ideas do not pull no lacks creativity nozzle for vacuum cleaner from nylon stocking turned out to be simple and convenient solution for search under the sofa ornaments and scattered on the floor trifles hacking unusual and useful from simple shoulders for clothes and carve
  • 15:16: wooden vase for fruit is the object turned out exquisite and by itself useful the idea itself is not is being discussed Oleg is not very skillful applied a winter hat Today the ideas of heroes helped them to open only two castles continuation design battle see the following the program galileo and turn on fantasy