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  • 00:00: German poet Wolfgang year in general could not stand the smell tobacco and tobacco smoke in the chicken the room started torments an attack of akash dizziness and even pursued a vision once he fired his negligent over his opinion of the cook she is in revenge infiltrated the cabinet and in lack of master smoked a pipe there strong tobacco the cook decided take revenge
  • 00:31: you smoked a pipe tobacco cook could he is so avenged just mixed something in food that he would have many time to think about your behavior in well-known office it's me all to what our next story too you are male editors for a long time seated and pondering shmi in the game this story in well-known office watch the result meet our
  • 01:04: talented designers of life hackers kira and anton young people participants project hacking would be so main goal of the heroes change the meaning and appointing household items today is regular competitive day of our designers for the duration of the project the hero has already succeeded bring to life a lot of ideas let's see what will be today's hacking way of life Ira begins
  • 01:36: hacking 1 today the designer brought with a big chunk of wind is also this the material is known as felt it is made from felted wool earlier from felts produced boots and now designers sew from even dress let's see which application felt will find participant of our project of the cyrus unfolds
  • 02:06: material on the floor and carves two pretty large piece of cloth in shape resembling cross then girl cuts sharp corners rounding off the edges kira pattern that should be or this is as usual a secret Okay, I'll say right away . doing slippers and total honesty a patch like this natural material
  • 02:36: perfectly absorbs moisture and preserves heat a good option especially if at home cold flooring process fabrication home shoes took less than ten minutes all that I have done with Pattern kira folded the two parts together and consolidated the cyrus icon decides make and gesture goodwill and donate your hand-made Colleagues at most suitable m a few years
  • 03:18: instants skilful kira turned a piece felt in convenient sneakers open query the first lock we are such a shoe subjects went here I have one idea as once long wanted to try anton settled in the bathroom
  • 03:51: room where attentively examines the hanging on the wall terry towels not thinking long Anton starts them famously cut now it is necessary work with him edge of course I want to ask kiru Okay, I can see right away that sewing is not a fad
  • 04:25: our hero designer tries to attach just cut parts from one towels to another a bit bothered the master at last finishes its strange hand made anton something strange is obtained is it crisis of ideas it will be fulfill some function offended is will solve a an urgent problem we are intrigued to
  • 04:58: find out the purpose this product Anton decided demonstrate its in action designer develops rolls up and jeans and goes into the shower and parts you are papas once calm impetuous will than the idea wetting Anton's feet enters on the tiled floor
  • 05:29: leaving everywhere wet traces well that vakoma problem someone us lady phe by the whole bathroom Anton pushes feet in sewn to towels and begins move around bathroom lifeghaker revealed his secret this is a slipper mat so as not to leave on
  • 06:00: semi in the bathroom and a large puddle enough to stand on mat and move around apartment with him just do it should be very careful controversy solve the problem of wet bath traces it was much easier put on the floor mat or shoe slippers Anton of course very charming guy but this hacking he will not be counted akira ready
  • 06:35: strike us with a new idea it beforehand prepared two keyboards of different colors armed screwdriver girl begins famously pick keys it's easy to do if to hold key with one hand and forge tool with another immediately see the pile is not our ceremony the designer is clearly not is going to leave keys back what your further action is unlikely you
  • 07:05: are going to clean keyboard or do something like them no it's too much corny I'll do the lyrics keyboards really designer girl pulls out of her purse your daily schedule takes glue and generously promays them cover then distributes glue with a brush and neatly glues extracted from keypad buttons to leather cover is needed
  • 07:36: delicately if uneven then their keys then will have to rip off together with the cover pile the last row is all front cover fully framed according to the idea of ​​the Kira, only in center remains unfilled space here the designer inserts white keys kira laid out in center your name
  • 08:07: looks at least interesting but in a new the work of the kira at once there was one flaw the diary became double more places girl hardly removes diary back to bag are similar because of new appearance severely affected functional quality of things yes we this idea is agreed
  • 08:38: better than a rug slippers and Anton's handbag and you can change the break-in Anton's life is counted lags behind the one point it mat slippers appeared we do not have to say very brilliant idea so that Anton to be be rehabilitated in our eyes the designer brings a few plastic pipes my hacking will also be
  • 09:12: connected to computers only in contrast to some I will not chimp a technician interesting choice let's see what he is from our hero pulls out of the props Saw then using roulette marks on pipes equal sections then sawn plastic parts all should get at least a dozen of the same the size of the tubes now
  • 09:42: Anton is arming himself thermal gun and begins process details he misses trimming plastic pipes along the entire length and immediately connects the adhesive dries very quickly I use Thermowell can be glued and assembly adhesive then the designer takes two
  • 10:17: the last details and glues them perpendicularly other pipes the construction looks perfectly smooth still strange remaining tubes Anton pastes with both sides blanks in such way that the edges the construction went off up then designer drills into tube openings young man sent to
  • 10:47: adjacent room and brings his laptop now everything is clear before We have a table for laptop Anton provided all technical the details hole in tubes were made especially for cooler now the whole modern technology is equipped with a cooler cooling it is possible with confidence say that the plan Anton succeeded such weightless table
  • 11:17: can be put where please without fear for laptop overheating good idea of ​​hacking he did not attend there I was busy doing it too something I will show only build nothing I'll just show you lunch classroom household breaking the biggest problem of any furniture it's legs that are creepy scratch the floor I know how to solve this
  • 11:50: problem to realize its idea query needed winter woolen gloves they are no longer new looks nice kira takes the scissors and ruthlessly cuts fingers gloves almost at the bottom so you can wear so
  • 12:26: even in one yet as circumcised gloves help query hack life girl removes gloves then takes cut fingers and puts on parts winter accessory on magazine leg a table it turns out that the furniture shod in woolen socks are now
  • 12:57: you can move furniture fingers days do not scratch the floor soft material and the truth protects against scratches of any kind floor covering linoleum laminate tiles and even real parquet all ingenious is simple but they are all simple genius and, as it were, Kira was not proud its find this hacking us is not I liked Anton where you are going to like me
  • 13:27: now I will work here with this and we scared that Anton leaves the project old suitcase An excellent find for hand-made ra designer carefully examines its initial props then a lifhooker brings a sheet of plywood and an old stool Anton saws
  • 14:02: the stools together with the legs on the two parts антон share with us what kind of product are you you cook I do furniture in retro style rest assured hacking The life will take place the workpiece is sawn and the stools Anton fastens to
  • 14:33: plywood sheet suitcase Anton is made of canvas fabric but now this sophisticated construction we put to the bottom a suitcase to make it construction is more solid designer puts a sheet on the bottom plywood now turning over suitcase upside down
  • 15:03: Anton twists feet in the base hope anton was right when talking about retro furniture at designer turned out something similar to stool to furniture coping with its direct duties designer stuffed suitcase different things now our hero closes the zipper and sits on top of the well
  • 15:34: main test sit on this strange stool is also convenient as well as on the usual looks like this furniture more original to the same in the suitcase you can store things idea to us I like and we with pleasure we open Anton more one lock will be summarize sneakers of a piece of felt steel and simple and a useful solution in
  • 16:04: unlike strange sneakers invented antonom to to wipe the floor in the bathroom weekly Kira turned out really creative though began to occupy more places for lovers sit with laptop Anton's table will be irreplaceable subject of interior socks for furniture made of old gloves were too simple an idea but the suitcase stool anthony
  • 16:34: proved to be very original product today our heroes of two open locks again equal account more excitement more about sports anger and more hacked way of life watch out for new inventions of our designers in new the program Galileo