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  • 00:00: professor of chemistry yogan be here in the 17th century recommended building laboratories with strict isolated premises to experience and each remained strictly secret for others healthy, he spoke at such device laboratories will not do not repeat non-operation processes not reagents tools people do not will interfere with each other friend and will be able to do
  • 00:30: anything unusual so we have upholstered in felt the room sits smoothly one group that is engaged specific story another group in another room upholstered felt is engaged in its plot and plot and never intersect here is he example of another the plot of our program today our heroes Kira and Anton again you hack them over creative thinking more than once
  • 01:00: struck a permanent viewers Galileo designers hunt maker and lifhhaker and this duo can be called but one thing is clear Kira and Anton break household templates giving habitual things are completely different meaning in the past release breaking life Kira made herself fashionable watches replacing a torn strap for silk handkerchief Anton lived a bag of old T-shirt
  • 01:32: cans designers turned in aromalamp and wi-fi amplifier for router old book cover for a tablet computer and clerical clamps photo stand for mobile phone what things we will offer to hack our hero today start with compact Let's see how designers will succeed get out of this situation, this would be a hacking
  • 02:02: it continues kira with perplexity looks at CD think of this assignment girl is definitely not expected the tyrant as there is an idea that with this do actually eat one besides the disk designer will need some more that the girl brings with the three most conventional bottles cork plugs were
  • 02:33: taking the same great kitchen knife the girl cuts off plugs leading blanks to a single size and still need to cuts to water them and the same places and of the same depth pile folds traffic jams together and at the same time they are neat incisions the resulting slits
  • 03:09: the designer inserts two disks the construction is similar to two-tiered coffee table only miniature dimensions on the it turned out original cup holder can she in fact plastic disc can withstand temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius
  • 03:39: this more than enough to work in a role cup holder galileo program believes that hacking life was held see what kind of idea for compact discs will offer Anton
  • 04:10: armed with a flat screwdriver designer it is accepted to tear off f keys from 1 to 12 and for what was it broken old chapter designer glues keys to compact disk in a certain
  • 04:41: consistency it seems we know what should be Anton takes the most normal alarm clock and pulls out clock case mechanism and then neatly removes his arrows with using glue
  • 05:14: lifhhaker fastens clockwork to disk and above it secures the sentry minute and second arrows in this order but now you just do not the main correctly fix arrow to you are a thief striking but from a normal disk keys from the old keyboard and entrails inexpensive an alarm clock anton made stylish clock left
  • 05:44: insert the battery and the clock starts to move the designer definitely hacks to be what other great ideas for hacking will find designers in our boxes but you know what you need
  • 06:16: to emphasize gracefully the thing of the kira is already prepared props for your today's hacking we see a high glass of candle glue spray and sisal cloth which use for packaging of flowers and gifts cira sisal cone and neatly cuts apex
  • 06:46: designer fixes glue and then corrects scissors base the cone in a few minutes in the hands of Kira we see the neat si I fill the structure this can be called the most difficult part my house further all in general guys the cue is really are able to surprise
  • 07:17: simple and creative things the girl puts the mini candle in a glass and sets fire to its mantelpiece match on glass chandelier put on a cone of sisal in front of us stylish less floor lamp which is very soft diffuses light goals are not beautiful You can argue but if on big roll
  • 07:48: what anton extinguishes candle and defiantly drops a glass because of small base and high center gravity glass too is unstable on that hinted Anton combination with a candle this floor lamp disappeared too fire dangerous and we forced with him agree this breaking in takher will not be counted although indeed
  • 08:18: floor lamp very elegant the battle of designers continues and section original candlestick covering a glass of shade from sisal but we were scared that he can become cause of fire so this hacking kerry was not counted Anton has a chance to gain in this battle victory will tell you what no one will see graceful tribute from
  • 08:49: goblet from the kitchen Anton captured from a glass the most ordinary bank also a designer prepared for its hacking roll foil lifhhaker tear off a small fragment and started cut it into smallest pieces then Anton took small New Year
  • 09:19: souvenir and with the help of adhesive attached toy cover from banks space around the souvenir designer filled out rubber glue anton what should happen I will say once they do not figured it out snowball as always unexpectedly with our heroes are not exactly from problems in the bank Anton pours water filling capacity up to half remaining
  • 09:49: space will borrow glycerin artificial snow should become sequins made of foil than the big glycerin the denser the bank mixture and the slower snowflakes will fall breaking from glass banks are almost complete if everything works out our designer will prove that the place of this container is not only in the kitchen Anton tighten the lid and turns the jar
  • 10:19: real winter accessory looks fabulous such a ball with homemade cold will look at nightstand is better than simple souvenir toy and safer than a glass of a floor-lamp киры open Anton second Castle is the mandala of it left a friend and I
  • 10:50: I do not know where to see deal with you and that you will be there do today will the lock would have for him a kira surprised and Anton and our film crew but to participate in project with animals rules do not forbidden so that Kira really can hack into being especially for four-legged guests at many hosts there is a problem with pet nutrition because the editor we are on the species animals it's not me designer takes
  • 11:26: dog bowl applies to the sheet foam card and draws crockery then girl equips with with a construction knife and cuts out two round holes that easy to insert dog bowl a little later Kir free the bottom drawer of nightstands that stored papers and documentation designer does measurements by placing
  • 11:57: inside the drawer sheet foam carton after a minute the girl Cuts the material In the way that its dimensions coincided with perimeter of the drawer Now kira places bowls in the holes after which sets out construction of foam cardboard and canine ware empty box well everything is perfect now
  • 12:30: You can sleep the code before our functional storage module food and water monroe advanced dog breeders do not advised to leave eating in a bowl if the dog has constant access to fodder she does not rush food knowing what can it do at any moment still one plus module the hidden evil eye ugly dog bowls of cira easy and rationally used furniture box is simple
  • 13:00: stunning hacking Come out listen to me but what do it with you animal niche I have for you too something that you are no thank you I want to see internet one idea i perhaps they work and I'll show you a few minutes
  • 13:30: Anton started work except toy parrot in props designer from drill cutting machine board and funnel with its using hand-made draws a circle on the blackboard then a lifhooker includes a drill and begins methodically do holes in the kitchen utensils they are all are located in bounds drawn circle designers then Anton Attaches to the board plastic funnel covering the
  • 14:00: diameter of the placer holes to the hole funnel designer attachs plastic tube and firmly fixes and and flexible collar end tube crowns bird feeder for this handmade avant-garde is not our the hero fixes strange construction at the countertop using conventional screws but what is it this this
  • 14:31: bird feeders all dumb guessed without superfluous words designer I decided demonstrate sinister device Anton took a loaf bread and began cut it right on the board is so in what secret during cutting bread crumbs are poured out down pass through into the funnel and tube and fall into the trough it turns out that dines not only owner but also his pet
  • 15:02: and do not care about where to throw bread crumbs need recognize the idea and really unusual but we are not sure what such a board will be use in home and kitchen space it take a lot of space on our taste the thing turned out too designer sorry anton third we do not give you a lock will open designers finish another creative
  • 15:32: day calculate number of open locks 1 hacking was is dedicated cyrus CD made of them cup holder Anton watches with the dial from the keys great idea performance and of course functionality because the watch really walk elegant floor lamp with candle inside would be excellent hacking but we were afraid of a fire the idea of ​​anton snow
  • 16:02: ball of a can of at least gracefully and absolutely safe for use at home for taker invented A great place for storage of canine food automatic feeder constructed antonom of us shocked the idea original but unlikely whether this thing will be often use it's rather designer joke and Anton and Kir opened today there are two castles none of them wants
  • 16:32: give up and leave with project so that our heroes there is yet many castles more insane creative ideas see the following series of projects Galileo programs hacking of life