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  • 00:00: friends recent time we did repairs due to which three weeks is not can please you our new video but we have prepared for you 10 cool life hacking that we personally during repair It is very helpful what you need cut or bolt pin but no bulgari Wrap the threads of the nut to line circumcised and lock and 2 that the first nut will not moved And now the most
  • 00:30: unexpected and take stifle our a workpiece holder screwdriver Hacksaw We are putting in place beer presses canvas and nuts run screwdriver so hacksaw blade He will not throw on thread and washed Plus get even fabric does not break this way you You can trim bolt or very long any pin diameter which suitable chambered for the hole in the wall Measure the depth to drill the required
  • 01:00: dowel using electrical tape leaving a small margin for debris and dust so you do not have dosverlivat several times and if you need to install long anchor you breaks through the wall through and not see evil face neighbor through this hole If you need to score short nail you You can easily call Statement on the fingers of your fingers save Comb or clothespin or do not see how use the like more or the fact that too there is at hand Metal screw with
  • 01:33: difficult part of wood screws but the tree you are not It turned you save common laundry soap He rubbed soaps Levkov spinning in wood is suitable for long screws on tree you decide and put the tiles it is necessary to cut to avoid chipping put it in the water on a couple of hours using ordinary glass cutter you can break off by moksha easily drops and right on the line and where you keep nails
  • 02:05: when they need to score a few pieces here your first option hot glue adhesive neodymium a magnet to the bottom small sliding with several magnet nails and they will have You are always at hand Option number two Shove magnet more by wristbands or glove so you can comfortable to wear on your arm and nails and screws and you will not have to keep nothing dirty in his mouth very handy when screwdriver bit us
  • 02:35: but noted that if you do not have a small neodymium Magnet solve the problem screw holds even stronger than at the magnetized Peter personally, we used this upgraded trouble also as holder for screws they do not scatter and It does not interfere with how can at first sight you need to paint some small thing aerosol paint you can do it without leaving your home with using designs from a cardboard box but always
  • 03:05: seal in a box all the cracks and began to role will be sprayed through them make hole at the top and thread the rope to hang your subject it will rotate and about paint equally well surrounding things are not blur only better suspend the subject in deeper box as the paint will fly on the floor if you You do not want to dirty paint tray wrap it top foil reliability can be to make some layer after painting gently pull on
  • 03:41: ice and wrap discard and here only remain as brand new and it can be used again and again if the pull in the jar of paint someone Go easy gum You can shoot ski excess steve so you will avoid splashing Do not mess fireweed vascular and as a consequence of not get dirty when You will take the bank in hands of a gum can be cut such as the old gloves or take wide clerical for the next life hacking us need
  • 04:11: plastic bottle with side handle Cut the bottle as a Video you should turn out like this further make the cut in a plastic cover and secure it to the brush the hole seal tape or tape bottle tray Pour the paint and our super design ready it has a number of benefits first convenience carrying second brush is always at hand 3 cover not only fixed brush on but also protects the bottle
  • 04:41: hand and a can of paint Use these 10 In our life hacking personal experience they cool facilitate Apartment repair and at home If this video pick up 50 thousand we write more likes longer life hacking for do not forget to repair subscribe and to share best other