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  • 00:00: oak, these dear ones Welcome to my kitchen today I will start the dough pizza recipe very famous restaurateur Volkonka yet on this test, he prepares the famous pizza with smoked salmon and caviar can be prepare for any other convenient for you filling me personally This recipe is like
  • 00:30: so that the dough it turns out delicious and it is most important the authors is also very important is this rapid method pizza from the beginning of mixing up pizza just finished more than an hour with such kind magic wand and so my dear we begin to recipe It needs 3 flat cups flour glass and without slides Gorka shoot knife the amount of glass 250 milliliters the author's recipe
  • 01:00: glasses so he I will also without glasses grams sift flour besides flour us You need 1 cup warm water for about a quarter cup to cast another container and then in that the water we dissolve teaspoon of honey and dry yeast for Copyright recipes you need to take 7 grams one bag of dry active yeast i I will use instant yeast instantons here are
  • 01:30: saf moment and with red I took a pack of 4 grams these yeast add to flour but I still add honey solution their activation Tatiana yeast stand a couple minutes to they carriers with water and easily moved to solution, and then leave for 10-15 minutes to foam appearance and caps in the remaining water, and I I poured a teaspoon salt looks like this foam cap for by the fact that the yeast
  • 02:02: dissolved in honey solution they have activated Test recovery process go quickly We begin kneading sifted flour dough pour in the yeast pour solution salt solution and the same here add a tablespoon of olive oils I'll use and here is the beach and extra it's virgin unrefined olive oil is It has a very pleasant natural
  • 02:32: bitterness that then be passed dough and make it interesting taste Pokachi stir and knead the dough as flour everywhere different help batch process You need to add dough a little more Water therefore put water-glass near and we need by a little not add needed Add about two tablespoons of you may need add a little more slightly smaller and can
  • 03:02: be no need all the dough becomes quite dense but look for all its it certainly density the same should not be dry so if Suddenly there was not wetted flour if the dough is not going to ie liquid is clearly lacking add more of this we need to test knead out with labor surface bowl slightly smazhem olive oil and We will knead the dough until
  • 03:34: smooth uniform states approximately about 5 minutes this dough I happened result of a rather thick absolutely not sticky and It should be smooth there is uniform We put in a rounded Cover with a bowl
  • 04:04: wet towel and to remove heat at 30 minutes I put a bowl of test oven where including the bulb and there really warm towel is not it should be wet it should be moist it must have wet and then put the squeeze towel right on dough and put the heat after half an hour the dough pull out and look for this half an hour she had already I managed to come here
  • 04:34: It is the result of we yeast activated in honey solution and of Of course due to the fact that yeast in the recipe quite a lot of dough I spread on the working table Punch it and hybrids 2-3 minutes and then I batter and on again hack and take away in the heat another ten minutes for this time in the test relax gluten flour it will be easier then divide us it will be easier to round each piece of dough put the dough in a bowl
  • 05:05: Cover and remove in heat for about 10 minutes divide the dough recipe you need to divide the dough into four parts look at what bubble beautiful to cut result will be 4 thin pizzas diameter of about 24 centimeter at Of course you want You can divide the dough into two parts can
  • 05:35: divided into a small parts Depending on what do you like pizza thick say each thin Korzh test of the rounding to collect this edges of the dough to the center the formation of a smooth seam surface We drove to tackle dough and cover with a wet towel and leave the rest about another 15 minutes, We begin to develop each piece of pizza I first test
  • 06:05: stretched hands in thick cake and then have a rolling pin Roll out into a thin a circle if desired even it would be better do and do without rolling pin dough just stretch his arms up the right size if you want it and do something you can find adequate Video on the Internet or watch me I stretch the dough pizza Margherita Reference herein yes I find it easier and faster do this at rolling pin
  • 06:35: rolled dough Cover with a damp towel roll out another piece I first test Roll out all the dough then will the pizza collect and bake baked pizza is very quickly literally 58 minutes so for time when she usually baked chant gather yet another pizza I unroll another piece Test the dough
  • 07:05: which I have unroll it time to relax lightly come on spokes peak I'll be the same order which they and rolling out those. first bake will the piece test has been first then peal the second and so on Put the piece test paper baking slightly tightens arms olive oil the oil olive oil It creates a barrier between the filling in a I have enough
  • 07:36: moist and dough lubricates tomato sauce in general, all as a usually laying stuffing a little chopped onions little wee tip mozzarella cheese tomatoes olives grated parmesan cheese directly on the paper baking reset
  • 08:06: or on pizza a red-hot stone pizza bread or on the hot pan the beginning of the bake pizza bottom third oven we should propechsya tin cake filling but not must burn if the oven dry air can be here thus create a small amount of just sprinkle a couple the top heating element and a lot of the couple did not need as stuffing pizzas and so moist and I repeat once again that you can do all without additional steam
  • 08:36: Depending on your oven View I melted cheese no needles propoksya Pizza set higher the last two minutes bake pizza in the middle of the oven total pizza cares about 58 recommended baking temperature 230250 beauty Which way our Pizza on the test of known restaurateur Ol'ginka until ready to place extraction
  • 09:07: Pryatnogo appetite cook hope that this dough you enjoy and go into the piggy bank your favorite recipes for pizza you will not remain I decided to buy thanks for attention They were with me watching video and wish all the very morning