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  • 00:00: I greet all who went to my channel my name is makieva galina and today we learn how to do Elise from a foamirana The following is our The lesson will be devoted to colors from satin and satin ribbons and even if you never worked with this I'm the material for you I advise you to look I used to say that I will never engage in
  • 00:30: Fomirinom he did not seemed very inconvenient uninteresting material and now I I make from it beautiful flowers so I'm you I invite you to see and subscribe to my channel and you are the first learn about the output new lessons and now we begin above all, let's define with terminology when I prepared this lesson then I had to raise encyclopaedia and
  • 01:02: see how all parts are called this flower this is called lower petals lower shares perianth this is upper lobes perianth but I have them I will call the lower petals and upper petals inside is a beard and a whole ridge
  • 01:32: stamen with iris rather small and you can hardly discern I did it to you and to you you can not do it because by a large account it is not visible but if you want to spectators leave the little secret Here this here stichinochki can be done