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  • 00:00: now we are with you examine some practices that were lost and, in principle, very difficult return to Slavic practices work with a body with weight with arms and legs belly that is it series will be devoted to it is our ancestors which is very clear all these practice and launched the program is not that facial rejuvenation a change of skin with
  • 00:30: wrinkles and 90 people are pouring or yo without wrinkles and without double these any let down what makes yes no cracks on the lips there is still something big braces flat pure face without any double triple chins and this is a miracle that you can from childhood to adolescence explosion and year elderly of the year have a lady's machine youth figures face is of course practices that were
  • 01:01: lost and now I'm with will you begin and share them your herself especially is the most mod moment in these practices the main thing is to repeat something there is not much walk something it is not necessary to invent New oils do not need spend a lot of time cosmetic cabinet and so on the most important thing learn how to work with their own hands build their own bodies
  • 01:33: cell by cell organ and practical muscles and bones we gradually We analyze all this but Let's start with a person saying from the face of water do not drink 0 on the face of us deduced but all the organs the order of all good take the organs but the most the main thing here is We are cheek yes but that's for shooting Our eyes speak dwelling of carcasses yes but eyes his steps kidney this is our vision of this
  • 02:03: liver frequency pechenek this purity stomach we all too we will analyze this here except the bushes and there still but then they have it shows the heart activities and how much do we have work or vice versa not the work of our pimples still that that there wrinkles transverse show for liver function and spleen thin intestines thick intestines gallbladder it this is briefly on each system
  • 02:33: we will disassemble our ears the kidneys of our brion and practically drowning start from ears to jaws ships are going thin intestinal chin the sexual sphere and lips it's our stomach and in this way almost face we are withdrawn from you from intestines to the heart lungs and liver and work with the face we run the program division in these bodies
  • 03:03: we are changing I remind the heart about three months is also easier us for three months is changing gastrointestinal the path to change for three days of food for 40 days easy changing we have for 3 months that is we with you change and skin on face as it is strange change over years to the screen that is necessary for this have a beautiful face built-in
  • 03:33: beautiful eyes with that all this is not hurted without any bruising bruises papillomas so it's all pages then separately siren how to work flower we will begin now with you engage in before the flowers engage in that yeah need him must go to shower or wash or on the river in natural conditions and we have cedar oil remove small servings are 20
  • 04:04: percent oil from this we put on You barely need hands the most important thing here minimum flow and maximum output Our palms for all face and completely track the neck close and practically exaggerated about us Morgana that is, in order to works soon need natural product and we are with them natural product just we take cedar oil
  • 04:34: and 20 percent oleoresin oleoresin here 20 percent and resin cedar that is mass little fork immediately goes alkalinization organism inflow blood goes to face and so manner Does anyone stop beautifully yes how it says from little came out there red face but here's how to remove it these are all from our remnants of life so that there was not there were some wrinkles
  • 05:04: to the corner it never happened every different socks the face was clean here we are now with you all let's start with your eyes We have our eyes in principle they have It reflects our all bundles and so that the soil a separate siren and now through the eyes of aux noses winding fingers lacrimal glands and periosteum begin
  • 05:35: promenade that is up to bone up to anesthesia completely all-all-everything two-sided eyes Here we come to temple- like knights eye and go to thumbs and even the whole of the cabin blotted out like this times i am possible index with fingers to squeeze yes eyes on the rabbit launched one of the secrets we immediately I will try that I will pinch
  • 06:05: most massage effective at all times but for some reason forgotten and no one practically not enjoy except as we now have in taiga you blades of grass especially young generation and still know but the elderly are also all we know this and we plucked massage on face will also be apply to the eyes when we are talking about crushed, we're leaving immediately two fingers we take eyes already mole we got with you we work with our eyes already
  • 06:35: inside the eyes to a tank of us practically millions of years ago no one is with them no one not work but we through eyes eye cheats apple fountain sold it here deep, deep in the sight caps and internal to visible we see the such as bullfighting slope and immediately to appear 100 structure if eyes cleaned correctly all cases per 100 structure and in different
  • 07:05: hand say from the nose then cover a from above and from below we closed our eyes they are pierced into different in different directions and achieve various different colors color fights off but certain when all is remembered and arises different red yellow color on flash kaleidoscope but when we fell almost
  • 07:35: They robbed released from us for organization brain for further continuation of work We are yellow such first yellow then blue point a huge bridge harmonize here, too, for after this when you having achieved eyeball restoring the brain we we can continue work and then neatly fingers tear off we still have such courts. blue open
  • 08:06: gold is poured and need to open up sharply vision is improving and work with the eyes you can practically go out and if it's negative very quickly in flow somewhere, say we had better ladies minus was 22 minus 17 18 and practically in half year view back to unit, that is, it is not problem restoring view but just here is the work with my eyes when I was then we worked
  • 08:36: we go with you to eyebrows our eyebrows are cordial system to show and and the thicker you drop cardiac activities more active than that many women girls try not pluck your eyebrows from and means men's half you easily bitch some thin eyebrows then let there be tanks with us from nature but what someone on a bush and except to insert leave them well
  • 09:06: a little bit you can to equate but with them It is necessary to work and we work on periosteum completely with eyebrows and go out cardiac system we go with you on the bottom of the forehead and descendants of the intestines from it is worked out before bones and we go to top total we have you large intestine from the slave worked there moving here emitting all claims of risk this will be speak like
  • 09:39: refers more to liver in the main lives to bubble if there is any crunch to start the gallbladder will have a liver Here they are changing us reminiscent of pure organism through 40 literally expect this to happen ripped off were engaged in forehead to gastrointestinal The path changes from cross literally every three days I will work whiskey with us you come back and start if the cheek
  • 10:09: massage that that I already we took two finger Here so has begun to live and start around the eyes tingle to painful state we leave the eyebrows go away blue and felt read then we leave on the temple it's all pinched immediately a rush of blood very strong heat in the body occurs here we are still in the oil it all lasted blackberry 10 20 percent is applied and
  • 10:40: here we have the lists we from work and now next thing for dinner and Later, meet this is your first time the kidneys are yes literally remind human embryo embryos but it's like times the volume of your kidneys staggered to be very soft worked and then if you do not bend into different parties and on ears removed all bodies of all of the body and earlobe before the ear this development of the brain and than
  • 11:10: more earlobe tim to a person in general from nature given knowledge from truncated points are allowed the man came it is a little at it only incarnations and than stronger developed lobe ear she is big seen speaks of many incarnations man on earth but also soms and i again I have to remind you works with him fully but how to work with him we are satisfied with the work and
  • 11:42: for example start on the right side we just literally tracking rag here by launching it all developed and then whether his gun worked like this the blood has gone and by periosteum immediately the pack will muffle worked and worked front too fully and now we take the packs clamped and fully
  • 12:13: ear of trees 40 times a Here is every move the ball head as is fool's adage cold and with you will talk applies just to the period they will myagenkie the poison of others from cannon work insert two finger and worked inner ear completely all
  • 12:45: knead and then take the clamp and finger of the branches alive nilam and capture from us not from the ear, that is how times where the head is is on the lobe ear and they, too we work with us thrust reverse side usually down restore after several say exercises and now she herself that foot, as it were, do before the pancake he we take our palms on main in the ear and on
  • 13:15: cases directly here is the debt side several times ear becomes red immediately interrupting and jaundice we go with you on the jaw down go down to chin squeezed these are all the dots anesthesia of the bones mostly passes it we you small intestine and here I will also sit have a job here no nodules
  • 13:46: police should not be worked out and worked out chin chin the sexual sphere is not there should be no specks of acne papilloma of pimples and so on, yes, yes already about the problem in sexual sphere it is necessary cleanse the intestines and a liver and it already another itself but we practiced turns and then take a plucked massage reminds and for a long time start to descend here ask that all to yourself a photo
  • 14:18: blood is not afraid of everything fully developed and go to the lips lips it our stomach is with you lower lip is small great curvature stomach and the upper the lip is small curvature of the stomach and lips must be scarlet usually what they do women live and are ready healthy take dental paste in strips or how there these yes with a pencil you become
  • 14:49: red wipe should I look if the lips are white in cracks means power is wrong It is necessary to clean the body stoves in the country should be learn early get up by the method afremov what do we give you can always come and here's the mouth just the indicator is ours works but also human work when there is different and we have here with you then herpes is for eating it's just with the right side is me
  • 15:19: the night owl pyloric department connected with esophagus stomach and left milada show i evil like duodenum guts in the stomach connect and when u We do not have a condition for granite mochische with us never herpes does not happen then there is this in principle pushing but this quickly very much goes away and from the arbat but than trade completely all to itself doctors by protect and leave for film
  • 15:51: that is still me it our cavity with you skirts and we them work out to the Pan your necid on a village here so worked worked and then jaw massage led dobby zbolevany fully the whole system is two-handed because that there is a lot work up to anesthesia alone side is healthy and took and here we have practically but it worked out easier there is still a nose itself to demolish the cabin
  • 16:22: yellow it from the robot from the wings of the nose are bronchus and say the nose here we go nasolabial folds are ours ureters them too work out then It is still protected on nose you have heart. . I animation we take two fingers clamp mites pliers to his offer by itself flushed from worked
  • 16:58: 5 o size should be cartilage all have worked what can I do end of work with face take it give a little pat do not that even baby girl this face is she
  • 17:31: became red exactly and literally us if not explanations quickly learn this is literally five minutes five minutes the day and you beautiful young always face but imagine when you are paying 10-20 years attention and understandable it's clear that you have 60 years again herringbone girl's face so choose but also go to further work already with head and shoulders silk and very little on
  • 18:03: belly