Pain in FEET of legs. Treatment. Bubnovsky.

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  • 00:00: though you have problems with their feet years 5 back to me here went so far that I I am riding the subway in Boots but it's autumn-winter there I have to say Here you had these as well as that on me Look over there the pieces I would say that's a shot boots do not fight the same filmed while and that did washed the Nepalis had such She lived a very, unwillingness pain was here specifically will Love was clutching ballet flats and you do mass to have only The pain goes away here, too,
  • 00:31: I did not exit Depending on at some stations subway and my party votes I told teddy love nor yet it was very painful It was very painful It is the strongest pain and when you go after but when it did you massage it hurt the first steps of business or pain Then there are well is not it easier to steve it was easier to start estesno making exercise or massage then stops again knurled pain some period
  • 01:01: until the next I want to go ask you for about your shoes it looks very eg strange today I will a lot of walking and when I will walk a lot, I can not no special insoles so I forced here wear such shoes when I We began this the problem I came from surgeon surgeon send cards for surgeon why cut and now call
  • 01:32: specialists in foot I suppose you did flocks mold is not flowing some were not heated here this here Now, this silicone It means then stuck this shoe slipped I walked on foot and my half-hour that is It took the form of my feet I have serious science It was through every two weeks methane are coming nakleechki did in one to straighten my spine that is aligned you due to bad stops himself and swam enclosing some
  • 02:03: glue you artificially I generally align insole is called for a foot prosthesis but that does not stop I worked enclose this fix the problem bad enough 4 precisely this video where he lived I think barefoot shoe I make it good business but also for the costs how much is worth church and style campfire honor 683 then we have his shoes Special for 25 thousand here consider There are two positions
  • 02:35: when the foot is already having collapsed arthrosis then of course without insole not special do because pain and press painful mass on a waiting this stage yet can be removed independently shoes made some massage back shoes and children body better to talk about ie prevention getting rid of they disease fixation with using insoles have you want to say I do not even the collapse of the boring I should be a surgeon said that in soon there there may be two or three
  • 03:05: years I have change the joint knee- already knee knees we go to put foot by foot everything depends knees and hips bells even head head pain and so foot control foot care is like time prevention disease in the knee you and appointed a lord what diagnosis set of Aktru arthrosis of the knee which further said that doctor in two years well two or three years I We have to change
  • 03:35: a knee joint So you see how well first insole which would seem should cure foot then through two or three years you develop arthrosis knee joint joint replacement is 200 250 thousand rubles followed by disabilities but on the hip joint of the spine well, and people with disabilities will perform my way to disability if we Now go that way palliative servant I'm no I am proposing a more diagnosis as I
  • 04:05: I see set ready let us here This is what I want ask Tatiana's You wake up like exude Izmir erasing much I somehow too our and then my dog does not It gives you dogs dogs bow-wow Lego He jumps up and runs it is not good in the morning for a foot in some gymnastics do not have I call it
  • 04:35: gymnastics become lazy with things as well as even dogs angle you still their joint work Daoud's two by two write here right left Statement by themselves Feel the warmth and only after that jump up run how many times does not limb to heat sensations joint in ankle You understand it is not necessary immediately to roll joint offense you need to prepare and so we stop relatively flat there is growing
  • 05:05: arthrosis large you know that the finger it leads to foot deformity too painful wearing shoes when he was one creeps finger on the other, and normal start out Surgeons cut it the problem is usually elderly or former dancers gymnasts people which a lot of jump get the athletes they also issue now I want to send for by your works good good I did not break the foot
  • 05:40: I check its joints Now turning this one this way if the prostate bed shook for lines legs it think no one even a little tension here, I do time for tension over 2 rotation and well, I just do not you just check knees so I can not see even arthritis hello that article does not have to will remove joints tummy
  • 06:10: I go to bed another exercise show it turns out doctors exaggerate at all you know doctor task diagnose and the most intimidating the patient so that he I am paying money and afraid of the rest our task is life find the cause and I like to show from choose a bad foot here is so good Ostap it can press and that's villages under her hand at him bad paper hand
  • 06:40: It takes place at a good Sofia's hand is not about your in this position man should be hurt reason must be enjoy synergy All her joints crunch incredibly painful and must be happy fingers skukozhilas could all here all the whole with the older system by kind of work Jobs Jobs sees that she was able to heel
  • 07:10: put on the buttocks it means that Pasha knee-joint hear they said that needs to be changed knee love gallant head gap unless not now what warming sensation is and now painful hour Well it hurts Well, a little bit right now yes we will our children so I have not
  • 07:41: We modified our task through away the pain making the pain the right moves they stand still on sustavchikov that bad Now bends whirl hurt Tatiana is not done we put I woke up the dog barks and jumps up and but crossed the lobes there can kishochki Brutus as the ear but this twist the main gym, I I call gymnastics
  • 08:11: to lazy to foot itself and that's what you with their hands, how time in the subway but it I advise everyone to bed two or three minutes pay here this movements improves bloodstream swelling goes Nagano not stop at night and moved it swells because there is a complex system circulatory therefore it is necessary blood drive out these hotels simple
  • 08:41: exercise can account ten proline we are talking about the slipway I am well, that lazy does not really not understood from you need to take care of Well to be honest each finger work out if the muscles that do not work It is happening to him atrophies here at you atrophy foot muscles spreading 800 begins to accrete stones that nodes or illness seek so besides here
  • 09:11: this preventive exercises that certainly not enough but does not you need to start any I came home that day, you are making music in the subway you off their shoes at home that the house I dior douches deal I cut off all that contrast is 10 years a hot one second under the cold there is not a begin with of a center like asus about to begin and with hot to hot then look here I have a bruise under the eye I get in history
  • 09:41: after the first heated and then cool leg abscess podogreem yes so lemons to sepsis lice and so joint aches then it becomes inflamed inflamed ottekaet Take first cold shower afterwards then hot cold finished repeat two or three times and what to do for the foot individual's personal I suggest the following work at home after work you come pouring basin poured then you lower
  • 10:13: bag So then window well hope Agam not like feeling so we are not in the vessels action and on the skin for vascular muscles internal later vessels well immediately and reduced muscle Now we come to the
  • 10:43: You were like a beach Pomors hiking along the sea the cold sea you felt good and you You go and do with wet feet on pebble why we need pebbles stones need to massage for feet To remove the swelling to coach foot muscles to you fingers and told what is he doing I am taken with a stick round and start
  • 11:14: roll 1 foot straight to Kata that hurt to something until the pain will not pass one leg and the second leg Kata to the flour school something different if want softer here please have a ball while Tomic and how you only want I stress hurts that the massage is always
  • 11:45: hurt the first two or three then moves it becomes pleasant if you are afraid of pain you contribute maintaining disease your body when you You start doing massage walk on the stones and You will not have pain and consider that your foot you are in good health, I Can such a plan mat everywhere progress into being as and wherein standing on it you
  • 12:16: wash your face rub your teeth too, too good prevention of such slippers on sale slippers slippers but when all these procedures did you You go to your desktop table and wipe dry wipe your feet Wipe who carefully wipe It should be stretching it so just for traction grab you see so everything to be good that all these Methods aimed at is to improve circulation in stop completely
  • 12:47: project massage is pleasant and already become a sadist like You furnace lit yes Now burn it means we have improved circulation removed puffiness and make profilak this if female girl you walk a lot uncomfortable shoes Please do here such procedures and you save yourself joint replacement as well, regards barefoot
  • 13:18: Of course where there opportunity to countrymen not sand vase barefoot natural coating or cover where ecological and you can go barefoot and not lose foot health it is necessary to minds