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  • 00:00: Good day today We will bake cakes with I take extra cherries Naturally I frozen dust I already prepared dough will do bezoparnym way that was fast tasty and well first of all here at I pachechka yeast another piece of 60 grams Yeast here warmed a large bowl of it to me Dough half a liter
  • 00:30: milk, plus 200 milliliters near walls are finished already presented will breeding shiver We bought a glass of fresh 250 millimeters of sugar vosmerochka and three eggs are killed vanilla sugar
  • 01:04: bag teaspoon salt spoon with him on Beat the eggs pour here is now loaded and flour, I will not sift I have here a 150 gram
  • 01:34: margarine is now I melted melted margarine cool pour stir We intervene so Tajir test I intervene so good consistency interfere with margarine prevent and hinder vegetable oil
  • 02:05: Now in store will dirty hands oil and prevent something It has good dough mix it feels raise Osho wear on the hands and I decided to approach with the new to accept Stir the dough floodplain sprinkled I cover clean Polotenchik and warm place to let it is suitable for half an hour
  • 02:35: exactly It took 40 minutes here took out the dough so she so it came wash your hands with urine vegetable oil good second time even though well suited here is the second time she faster approach it's time for him do directly cakes made here baking paper and
  • 03:06: oiled prepare dough for pies balls rich prepared pieces somewhere along the 50 grams Now it tell fortunes Tess
  • 03:36: palm pinch fingers under ogrebayut and obtained share stranded balls graze floured Now pubs sharply the first is already a lot
  • 04:09: balls come oven even I dashed here these circles are now rolling in starch a little at bottom every dad even stake I feel so comfortable will know how to not juice flowed with pirozhochkov list stack
  • 04:39: below me now sugar in each sugar I teaspoon original wax because I have to longhand and Now return carefully gluing pirozhochki as water and ball to Vanga so I did a little bit here this type buns
  • 05:10: oval he puts side by side that's not to White baking pies open until Polotenchik let
  • 05:40: grow up a little Anoint cheap perfume so come beautifully greased patty egg cakes smeared egg oven heated at I already heated Now a little bit more stand up and I'm in the oven sent pies oven for good browning well browned
  • 06:10: they have been willing to uncooked First profile caked remember rosy beauties and then he pulled the knot I shift pies ready rosy
  • 06:41: small go on my channel cook with me use my recipes to new meetings Now broke on January 9 bottom hand under stick well top blush and 3 feeble juicy particularly within