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Pizza on a frying pan in 10 minutes, tasty and quickly  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I'll share a recipe pizza minute a long time ago still Veronica studied school once came with a recipe and cooked pizza it is also a moment called Pizza 10 minutes in a frying pan and so it prepare us We need such Products for the dough we need 4 tablespoons 4 tablespoons sour cream two tablespoons of mayonnaise eggs and 9 tablespoons spoonfuls of flour that is, the dough should have get as thick sour cream and toppings
  • 00:30: Take everything that you have to refrigerator I took 3 small sausages diluted smoked sausage cheese of course if firm tomatoes 4 pieces of cherry floor Bulgarian pepper for flavor I in gold chive and 10-15 stuff olives and cheese approximately 100 150 grams hard cheese and then
  • 01:01: begin test preparation We are trying to drive a 2 eggs Thou prepares Peter really quick and easy it is that can be prepared breakfast for dinner on Pour dinner so sentence mayonnaise all now well stir and add the flour
  • 01:36: men add a drop of salt who loves more salt dough I speak and just a minute even less than I mixed it is not necessary to shake up and Now take 9 tablespoons spoons without Slides 3 4 5 6 8 9 all are now thoroughly
  • 02:21: mix see standing shuffled flour all leave our dough to the top time, loans filling we will cut the sausage ravine straws who has mushrooms canned
  • 02:51: doplesti can add canned if there is fresh take mushrooms fry them lightly They quickly prepared and add your toruyu street sliced sausage Now we For the filling prepare and then already and will pour do have our very pizza purify art and cut
  • 03:23: pizza itself is obtained Pizza will see you have depends on size of your pans diameter You do if you are a small pan even from this test you can do two let alone with a pizza sausage for another mushroom
  • 03:53: if a big hit if a small high everything is clean you It is just more thicker layer of dough pizza dough and so further cut cut our baby sausages postpone today his pepper pepper the He attacked a small will cut into half rings if you pepper little thieves rings even me ful
  • 04:25: alsace you cut pepper and put off Now cute cute, believe me gift and will cut garlic 6 seconds cut now! will cut olive all circles It is easy and fast and easy we cut oil
  • 04:57: send salad until now in three road into small cheese grater three cheese never too much than longer you rub cheese so tasty It will be your pizza rubbed thought tomatoes we pokamist We do not cut them directly Paris before spread on a pizza And so begins our pizza collection take to pour
  • 05:27: literally two or three tablespoons spoon vegetable oil Little well proportioned Now is my helper corolla not ready a corolla we brush horoshenechko distributed anoint Now all of the tank Put the dough
  • 05:58: Put the dough like you would also be seen was equally distributed over pan and so take distribute certainly in the dough this time I
  • 06:28: It came out as not thick cream cream are all now We pour began taking bass see here this brew a night can pritrusit black pepper ground let assistants pepper will be anguish and Now spread
  • 07:16: smoked sausage laid sausage It is now the turn garlic peppers are going to less likely to cut our tomatoes cherry tomatoes
  • 07:47: Now we take a cut tomatoes into four pieces if you simple tomato take a cut semicircles thin rings semicircles and equally well spread across pizza sliced ​​tomatoes pour oil and top pritrushivaem
  • 08:19: cheese generously all hide all the things that we go poured so that no one did not know When a table It will surprise all those Our pizza is ready basically Now We put on a slow Fire
  • 08:50: quietly slowly we need to Our pizza was Prepare dough and melted goal we Now we cover cover let on simmer go Our fried pizza we will see when the cheese melt means Our pizza is ready It took us 10 minutes and Our pizza is ready all I wish you all bon appetit We'll be with family
  • 09:20: eat delicious pizza