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GOLD VOICE OF RUSSIA | Britney Spears American Dream

GOLD VOICE OF RUSSIA | Britney Spears American Dream  See details »

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  • 00:00: friends with you alexey
  • 00:33: each of us dreamed in childhood become cosmonaut someone now wants to catch Yes, I caught it but did not this is not externally this and the same thing for I remember here and also dreamed of becoming cosmonaut astronaut in general fly into space but also I dreamed more to become a singer the whole space too interesting and in childhood I really liked one Britney singer Spears do not kill natash what a tough
  • 01:05: criticism is free he yesterday the day before yesterday all depends on when you are watching this video came out the game is called Britney let's let's see together Britney spears american dream so called toy net for new love of God what is the best friend introduced to guy network now their two children dog and do not go to appointment meeting to fill counter-hit understood to appear inspiration you need to shoot video go to Pripyat and Russia
  • 01:35: starting character created future megastar digital passivation than they are literally a couple of minutes this is suit which rating of the game about there is vulnerability here to grow between the other hard after all it was amazing speech
  • 02:05: then my previous It was necessary for such short time ship know where he finds out swap 32 subscriber remember that day when we met it becomes as if was honest yesterday I did not I remember the soul was necessary to think where you need to get to their value directly
  • 02:36: before Britney really want make music I really want a career make music career perform the task that remember thousands loses left bottom corner of the link on a high note but I combed myself you waste energy now I want + 1 + 1 subscriber invite people
  • 03:09: list so plot project to number of fans friends i you I invite feared always dreamed of here turn up hi go to Yes, I'm going to the party. the party is excellent a photo I alex and never I heard you so much so the case will be left that is, about me hear the faithful friends let's do until it's budget and we lose money money Mom , I have a second
  • 03:39: level is our super performance that you want from us that it is necessary to fulfill bonuses suffered from show-biz allergies spit oh there trend I do not have radio 2 albums in top ten so went making a great sexually without Neogen problems red trousers parasite
  • 04:10: hi friend reasons i already fast well thank you yes she starts me will listen private in the room drove should be should be good its 33 I'm super duper it was
  • 04:46: well it was it was great smartly it was not gorgeous voice on you're standing started very long way until the very beginning somewhere there it is there there is a button subscribe my channel no one draws attention to the towel thanks that watched a video Like no place forget to subscribe if you have not already signed and subscribe
  • 05:16: in social networks tell I do not have friends with you say goodbye to the ambulance meetings so far behold