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  • 00:00: Good day my dear viewers all I'm glad my subscribers welcome you to its channel I name lana vi and now based here This stamp is from here I have the crowds coming I will show you how I see I try to knit smooth and beautiful da the front surface of it here You see what she did Wrong and also side clear yes if you need to at it was the wrong side of the face gum in the
  • 00:30: case I use 2 2 facial purl elastic and of course garter I'll show you took their side of the article here at this minute my hat once It was until I master class on it there is a channel but there because this video is not None of the video is on detailed blog Description link will under the video as a top All links will be well on it on a hat unit who need someone like please
  • 01:00: move you You may be able to relate even the descriptions so Now we go back to the topu top as my sight stylish I then like all You see it is associated simple binding everywhere see gum facial expanse and here for these bindings is my subjective opinion very important accuracy accuracy is the experience I would have said to knit carefully for it needs to knit much that is knit a lot to the moment but if you are a beginner or
  • 01:30: such as I knit let man but does not bind many large amounts and know what sin conceal anything can happen vyazhesh vyazhesh and then You sit and sadness so that's a long time I was knitting and dissolved and all upset and then began still paying attention to what I I see you know began to receive the have not already this is bad do discount that still
  • 02:00: I baked not subsided no in processing It does not apply to this canvas see it while the spokes when after washing is all I Stretch and pull as if to do so as a I want it all to be generally much at times probably more than by 50 percent state's paintings and gums and around improved so girls if you same problem It arises from time time I am sharing ways that help me I
  • 02:30: I hope if you have them become to apply at you too will all receive much better than before the until you see this video because if you watch then you ask Me, too, this question see the very first my recommendation as a you have seen saw someone who so attentive is not important number spoke to what I see on some spokes on Right now you can here who is love
  • 03:01: knit on circular to write to write to me their opinions are not even and you can please send me your opinion that you mention it think because Many knit view many knitted on circular knitting and I I have not the exception I will say this that studied I was a child and knitting on straight spokes Then everything went ring 20 and bids now five years I He returned to direct spokes This is my history and so I I come to that I have never
  • 03:31: It obtained in this any flat fabric and any canvas knitted hole on like ring spokes I have it turns out on even here I I do carefully I see all the same on circular knitting fabric obtained by quality worse if I I see here such things so where it is very important it is accurate I see all of mating definition always folk spokes here flat spokes and all beginners I always and here is a video from
  • 04:02: I was like learn to knit girls keep only People list if you I start talking who watch the video I have not seen and survive only on a flat then with spokes experience you move on ring if there alternative such as tie knitted fabric smooth and seamless that It has to ring see that the spokes to you a priority that the priority you put stitches or fleece binding if you need a flat
  • 04:33: board means Donate seams if you need more correctly necessary items without seam well then Pick up can be no more openwork canvas there still it is more or less It runs quietly without complications goddamned openwork cloth from from easier to plan evenness accuracy's make allowances for it Pick up a model and lay on ring spokes in Generally it is a matter of taste, I said opinion
  • 05:03: can to experiment Take tie 2 sample front Viscous there do not know 10 10 on the straight spokes folk and ring if you do not You see the difference none at all then write the owner second master recommendation I see a girl Now the new yarn but if it happens that you used yarn in use it always work Boil ie my second recommendation never not firmly
  • 05:33: yarn used which is not exactly the you all think so Aida disbanded Now nothing much day there are boiled because if the emphasis here is on a flat, a front surface of all this will be seen all this will affect the quality of the cloth now the third recommendation when you are knitting always pay attention to the size loop and tension thread for those who
  • 06:03: or rather those who saw how to knit or knit on machines know that here it's no work, she it always springs always suspended from the there have always tension and of course size of needles and time spent provyazyvaniya loop This all forms exactly, exactly the size loops here and we here it should be The thread tension is very closely followed monitor and size loop because Ultimately, this all and give us smooth knitted fabric
  • 06:33: But if you look knit so try fix here your right sleep left spokes ie that's the distance from the Five to tip and always at the same needles and tension yarn, too, you always this position enter and see loop 2 provyazyvaem Here, too, the same the distance from the tip it loops ie loop we have not here where that is not here and here
  • 07:03: exactly one distance from the tip this is my God, and the spokes Here, too, let it will all eventually gives you were the size of the loop knit entered knit see me and right and left spokes and always hinges on the same flow rate fitting as there I do not know centimeters here one centimeter Now I have them and I try to keep knit knit facial surface of knit knit
  • 07:35: Knit so here I see they are not me float on spetstsene on the left than on the right everywhere all working I loop provyazyvayu she always at the same distance and on the left spoke to each hinges on the right spoke to each loops and respectively, then it turns out there is no It lies precisely in one position a tension now different loops
  • 08:05: see you provyazyvaete here when you watch distance I have I hope very clear He explained what the distance I had But when you are due watch carefully for behold it distance on both the spokes on both in list that you have and loop size obtained but if the same Suddenly there is still something it should be close to here the size of it hinges would really same every eyelet that is you provyazyvaete in sprat and it should not be
  • 08:35: Here's a yes or quite there and ate pulled something that I thread She even lost Now raise the have you know loop size of the loop you pulled It should be the same The size of each pull tab each loop the same size so here and pulling and or receive loop the same size how is it helps at what
  • 09:06: distance you loop you provyazyvaete your loop by spokes if there is somewhere you You will keep here and then that's it here all eventually will make your each loop is not Similar to each other that is here and so to remember the size of the thread tension loop it is important to perhaps the most-most basic here and so You see to you have turned
  • 09:37: fabric trim Now while I was looking for remark facial fabric to make neat tie make a tie neat girl the easiest is my view inside out and that's I will sign today I show it here such well go anyway a little harder make flat because you know that your most importantly the distance between here these series as well distance between rows give it
  • 10:07: These loops if they rovnenkie one in one at a distance here is flat if it turns out will loop over less then accordingly it will affect the a distance of between rows on the underside then on the surface of the complexity of accurately tying it Shawl binding it again, my It is my personal my experience and I am personally Garter Everything is important as well as I but voiced here that It gives a smooth canvas this distance is too
  • 10:38: between here Wrong in rows stretched able to see and She smoothed out and But if we are in a it will take the state more visually then seen much more evident here in this rest and than this is now distance here Now I'll show spokes So you see here a little a little more than she evident are less everywhere and rovnenko it is equally true and binding smoother
  • 11:08: this feature Garter but still have to it is associated with exactly watch for and the size of the loop distance between series well, and most difficult in my opinion make a tie again make do associate level is gum gum here Now I have it here I have 2 2 2 2 facial tung backstitches but not it is important to seek you their three backstitches or 1 to 1, it changes Essentially that is, here's how
  • 11:39: I think that's Such is the path of the two facial and I very good but it turned out work well, basically it experience gum too getting better after wet well, what treatment wet and Merida I do not like to wash and Iron somehow I'll apply It is in this chip after I linked so that's when I leave you to show
  • 12:10: Why this drawn wash it wash but the tie level gum is final Alternatively, you get after washing when All loops Uhl settles and will have in place in knitting process sank you will see how is she in you and beautiful but We need to try because it is necessary to try to that if the elastic is not try to knit exactly it all will dance in apart and feature of this What we see facial loop and now they need to be
  • 12:40: very carefully and but well provyazyvat purl too because they the other side facial and then if You will be cut here Here the distance between series will also dance is not clear what kind dancing then you here will not beautiful all this to wear It will be seen and will be really spoil your painting lawns I gently go over your 4 girls recommendations when knitting Concentrate attention to the process of
  • 13:10: not fly away dreams somewhere out there on the Maldives etc. etc. knit and think about you need to associate I think even if you We set out to knit something flat and beautifully it is possible I like to try Only where a well thank God there is no and there is no but I can too dreams away flies and then when I I return dismiss if strongly whether far youtube and I just will dissolve have a look and You think about the design and
  • 13:41: that you need to bind Now exactly one more my fifth recommendation then we knit a long time with us very dry hands and there comes a the time that the yarn spokes simple slip out of hands Become the go just wet well that's wet hands should certainly wipe with a towel not wet the sets spoke to knit but you then moisten them and take your knitting in hand, you You see that you are well, just everything felt and yarn here are some other and
  • 14:12: spokes and all you straight Well You feel it hand it is very important now the sixth recommendation I call her emergency see that there because of now I will bind so as not to interfere I bind so I dream something like that, I see there I see, I see more than I'm sure that there now but the hand I certainly more or less packed but Nevertheless maybe something and knit It is not something that should be well
  • 14:42: I suppose that's show or hypothetical Trinity girls I note here and what I did it error Well that is not match I tabs and then strongly 1 for example let's it's loop it to me most say so that's what emergency assistance in the first place so I I took a small needle with a sharp end and the This method can be apply just when you knit small the number is not here even number because when the whole series in
  • 15:12: only to dissolve a if for example there Oct. 20 eyelets and here I want to this is such I have a big loop and Well, you have to pull it So I just take next to her and this is how tightens near and it's so tightens oh like this hitch and so as you can imagine to do every loop and therefore to use and when a little here when she pulled a little tied but I I say a maximum of 20 loops to move for simplicity
  • 15:42: Now it is my emergency assistance here so I correct tell him some Well, part of a series For example here now I have 98 tabs work it can be well, most visually 5 parts of provyazyvayu so on and looked provyazyvayu and if I look something I was there kira Yes, I screwed up quickly like this that's pulled pulled I gave bigotry girls not to fanaticism list is not necessary because that then it will be another reverse you will only
  • 16:12: Knit 1 will loop very prolonged it can also throw the eye and the most my last most probably not positive recommendation girls knit look I do not like Tie up not do not cry and feel sorry for Wail like it there remember this some Now the poem so quickly and not I remember short and what word Girls do not have to is upset
  • 16:42: all is vanity but if you care about that week was nice time to get down safely I note here see tied up even before the straps were it the second time that you understood them and shook up four rows because not here liked dreaming dissolved completely All this is with these these reliefs at sidewalls all additives let down and see for
  • 17:12: new, and for that I happy and I do not ashamed of the testimony therefore result if you are in for you are the most important results rather important and you are such a floor or a perfectionist like me please Tie up or all will weep well everyone's favorite my dear ex's I show you more once done by These, too, MK Rose and I are there It was imposed calculations so all that's going to show all so subscribe and you
  • 17:42: do not miss I love you all put the huskies Please write all its recommendations as a knit you how you get exactly binding believe me it is no less interesting very interesting I am waiting for you at the following Video tutorials and new models