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KITTEN of BUBU #13 - My Virtual Cat - Bubbu My Virtual Pet a game animated cartoon for children #ПУРУМЧАТА  See details »

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  • 00:00: broom broom brum as if whole hold on hold baby do not move oh what am I raise what you want had a dream toilet I dreamed of a toilet no, I'm happy with the plan hello my forum chat with you whale and kitten who sits well, you know those so with my it's all about something unhappy and dirty you what mine give let's get you now
  • 00:30: wash the body of the handle I I hope you guys get up and always pam and hear him because you know so stood on my face was sprinkled with cheered and forward forward it is even possible issue a hold want to support me and the barrel. nikita hot but this one too good off in water and boredom of dirt you're all dirty
  • 01:01: let it come yakush do not want multi mouse mouse now the model ran away quickly ran away sniffing in general a penny for songs Of course, of course you are you you already want play and only got up and already want be played you guys too so get up and immediately but played under the charge was broken and wash now for two plump
  • 01:31: says something with but let's butt us in the diet not so much is that there is we can flour we'll take it all this with water good water and now boom scourge bread and I eat even did not expect that indicates so much makes and helps its to the parents of the guys you big lads class
  • 02:01: that's why I'm with kitten is also a little bit will help aiko as premium of course charms this charm above to eat course now open her mouth already pouring a gun ready let's hot I even wanted this let's get here all the same yulechka diversity so that we are milk here
  • 02:31: we will take it by the way yes some guys subscribers wrote that can be heated milk and let's try my hot what before hot can sit invent no one suspects meaning out chicken can be preheat Let's see if the lefties are not opinion or someone Well, well, we are called sees these interrupted by you often eat
  • 03:02: and you go for a walk want to oh and let's go play for all at once we are still a jackpot and well okay once ya so do you want growth of the present so much you want Petersburg to my take added that So interesting rather big but also to wow for a few games like a what kind of games do you write? in the comments
  • 03:32: and this is probably additional games that is separately from no games are likely educational games interestingly this probably with some other level, so come on here in such a pit only I do not lost well if him Guessed so , so you left right so wait, do not you think the fill is excellent still do not guess right now
  • 04:03: guess whether you're on the right or pete what a cunning I am not tricky I just trying to remember where you're cool to me already the fifth level do you guys have as much as I was so then wait trees tried with she does not lose you morning leaves on the left wait it seems this page left in the middle yes a now parts like
  • 04:35: hide myself that dumplings major i know so here and in the middle of his brother's you were lucky middle it seems to be all on the left right and now left and on the right of the right you me you are me deceived these did not deceive and just do not hate jerseys since inconsiderate and I I just thought you were on the left, you see me attentive, well, then
  • 05:07: she is mistaken well maybe maybe you're right who I'm not mistaken, but I think about mouse and mouse for the mouse I lost how are you now pull now I will guessing is not guessed I guessed the anti guys so if the mouse is again mouse why mouse always runs when I when are you spinning als is not not easy lucky do not see the world
  • 05:37: children so on the right and in the middle of the cute appears on the right already 13th level too fast on the left, it seems are ready to track down and contest on the right such I'm probably the most a large middle rights now do not lose you are you, of course you are here I found of course
  • 06:08: how could I not find you the main thing making sounds to and from smog you determine what the boxes and bule bule why you were silent when I I called here to Low-end computers Well, I agree and you guys are the same tricky about I found you only without cunning found okay, but now it's not like that
  • 06:39: quickly, well, here had to guesses but it turned out very in 68 this is probably my a new record and mine anything in what what are you into advised here in this I rarely open it and and trying here understand why from asterisk as possible asterisk
  • 07:09: may be jump up and down jump well, come on try I do not know only and all and I understood jump more jump one time white too small tick turned out come on right away so that such and I have not yet used to rice is not used to I'm trying to just bounce believe drive autumn does not receive so I'm all set up ready to do so
  • 07:39: now we are an asterisk we'll get an excellent go let's go go a little nothing and pressing your mouth now there will be stars and will not be just personally for me is not such walk there on the street and here it will be more difficult because here little of these I am now now you can fall at all we will not easily fail
  • 08:09: experienced you will try not to fall of course well Come on Come on ka at this just sorry, sorry small wand give something else or or let's go take a walk come on so well let's go by the way yes mission mission to me need and what is it but how I need to wait here there those who call and up to the girlfriend
  • 08:39: yours probably will not say you're you do not want share with me maybe I will not be there interfere but show strictly and no oh rosy such cute kitten this is my friend friend before beer so it pink
  • 09:11: but this is done when this is how they are of course girl just small so dresses well yes for I'm still on the tail roses and threw in for sure girl, well, you can you can walk please i'm looking for food i do you know how that suddenly who came and seeks I'm also seriously serious about food came you came to
  • 09:45: the kitten in my opinion friend to eat Well, why not? Here it is this we are we turn came to a friend a this is something yours your girlfriend what are you do I also have scales ponytail that's me wipes her crown the teeth go wait wait wait I think of course no how
  • 10:17: she responds cheerfully on it's all she she she just dances she is eat like not like well, let's right now Here we rub it see what you're doing like what her field water the crown II do not like it well okay, let's get you a little play with who is above you
  • 10:48: will jump I have a big armhole let me be right there too I'm going to jump up to now ceiling jump that you're there stuck there I will not fall down auriga is also an amateur she jumps here those glomerulus you now be real jumper let's now a ball
  • 11:21: now let's give a kick larin and the guys and you how to love with kittens with my kitten playing with glisten write in the comments is given, as always, by you I know you oh bubu hold on to the whole baby do not move mai mare pray that hurts how is everything on vip probably tail or not all absolutely all right
  • 11:51: now we are you proven genius hope cured because well Well, you give a woman so jump for look how many injuries microcracks for now I will cure ugly second couple of course you will recover here a theme shook as extraterrestrial
  • 12:22: some kind of her now will be right Well, a little bit on the mummy flash as you think Thanks guys for view subscribe to a channel you can click on This button leave likes and comments of course look new videos yet burum burum and