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  • 00:00: in the name of father and son and the holy spirit Amen gods of mercy in Buda I'm a sinful Lord Jesus Christ Jesus God's prayers for the sake of your unclean mother and all saints have mercy on us amen Glory be to you our God word to you heavenly king The Reassurer of the Soul of Truth Everywhere everywhere and all performed her treasure of the good and life prezi have settled in us and cleansed
  • 00:30: we are from all kinds of filth and is possible but our souls holy holy god a strong saint immortal merciful us holy god holy strong saint immortal merciful us holy god holy strong saint immortal merciful us fame father and son and to the holy spirit and now and for ever and ever centuries of amen holy trinity have mercy on us Lord cleanse our sins
  • 01:00: Lord forgive our lawlessness holy visit and heal our infirmities named for your sake Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy glory to father and son and the holy spirit and now for ever and ever amen our father-in-law in heaven hallowed be thy name let the kingdom come thy will be done your yak on the sky and on land
  • 01:31: our daily bread give us the day and Leave us our debts As we leave it our debtor and do not lead us in temptation but deliverance us from the evil one ATS but the rebels teaching them is warm and an angelic song cry out ti more holy is holy thou god of the Theotokos have mercy on me glory to father and son and the holy spirit from the bed from but erected messi
  • 02:02: God in my enlighten the heart and my mouth open my own singing about the holy trinity holy-holy-holy there is also God Bless the Blessed Virgin us now and ever and forevermore amen suddenly studio will come and to and proudly act naked but fear call in midnight the Holy of Holies holy is God Bless the Blessed Virgin Lord have mercy on us Lord have mercy
  • 02:33: Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy from becoming thank yo saint Trinity like many of your kind goodness and long-suffering did not get angry and walls of lazy and the sinner is not the same Mrs. destroyed the my iniquity
  • 03:03: man of any trunks conduct the usual and the sword is not lying erected to carry my same morning tee glorification held in yours and now enlighten May what with him and and open my tired lecture if glory all yours and understand salvo form yours and do your will and petite you are a confession heartfelt and chant and all thy holy name father and son and holy spirit now and ever and forevermore amen
  • 03:35: come worship is princely to our god Come worship and we shall fall into Christ is princely to our god Come worship and come on our own Christ the Prince and God have mercy on us already by the Great your mercy and a lot of bounty cleanse your my iniquity is on and received from my iniquities and from my sin clear me like my iniquity pine
  • 04:05: and my sin is before me got out to you one sinning and evil before you create them like they did truth 6 save all yours and will win and after judge these from the sky lawlessness is conceived and in sins borne me my mother seba truth in the tooth in ese obscure and secret your wisdom and in the Messi district shamil soup and a cleaned and my mouse and snow patches give ear to my joy and fun
  • 04:36: the bones will rejoice humble disgust your face is from my sin and all my iniquities purify the heart clean Is not God waiting for you? and renew the spirit of the rights my womb not answers not on behalf of your and your spirit there is no saint I have rain E joy of salvation your spirit and spirit than I'm going to teach lawless by yours and wickedness to you will be delivered Blood from the blood of God
  • 05:07: my salvation my tongue will rejoice truth of thy lord Oral my holes shi and my mouth they will announce your praise as if and the victims also long cube the burnt offering is not good is only a sacrifice God's spirit is broken heart is broken and humbly God does not humbles Lord your good pleasure zion and dos clothing with walls of Jerusalem then favors
  • 05:37: sacrifice of truth offering all ignite o and then laid on the altar your bodies believe in the only god of the father of the Almighty creator of heaven and earth visible to all and invisible and in one gentleman Jesus Christ the Son God's only and wobbly born yes before all the ages of the world the colors of the god of truth from God is born in truth not created
  • 06:08: consubstantial father imzhe all bisha us for the sake of man and our salvation descended from heaven and incarnate from the Holy Spirit and Mary virgins his humanity raspele In order for us under we will clean the pilot and the victims were buried and risen in the third day of scripture and ascended to heaven and seated at the right hand of father and pack coming with glory to be judged alive and dead and deity is not
  • 06:38: will end in 2-a Smith from the Lord life-giving from father of the outgoing ilk with father and son with a fan we praise but the verbs siva the prophets are one holy cathedral and apostolic church I confess one thing baptism in remission of sins the resurrection tea dead and life the next century amen god purify me I am a sinner Kunika
  • 07:10: lie to create the good before you but also with the gods from and let him be you do not have your will not yes convicted my mouth is unworthy and fall down your name holy father and son and holy spirit now and ever and for ever and ever Amen from again becoming a midnight I bring the song to the song . save and teach him they drink and do not rain to me fall asleep his sinful death but do not give me any more growth is carried out by will and lying near
  • 07:41: Accelerates delivery from 7 in the upcoming prayer and fasting let's start shining it the day is without sin God save me and in you lord of man Lyubcha began by again I resort and nadi your struggling and your mercy and I pray for you help for the time being of any thing save me all sorts of things vile evil things and devilish initiation and save me and in the form of a kingdom
  • 08:11: your eternal beer and 7 s creator and every good industrialist and feeder and you also all my hope and I give you my word now and ever and in centuries of ages amen God and many things your goodness and great bounties your debts are not steam Your servant passed by And this time marching burden without the misfortune to come from all evil is disgusting wrote to the lord all creative
  • 08:42: with similar true your light and enlightened heart do your will now and ever and in centuries of ages amen Lord Almighty God of power and all sorts flesh came out and on the humble despise heart and womb tests and secret people yavi subjects Beginning and prize essential to his light already there is an application or annex strengthening itself
  • 09:12: the immortal king accept our supplication I'm currently on a lot of yours bounty from nasty to you by the walls yours and leave us I carry the sin deed and word and thought with a vision or ignorance absolutely enoma and cleanse us from everyones defilement of flesh and spirit and grant us genuine heart and sober I think all the present living night come awaiting the coming
  • 09:42: light and in the lenovo day your only-begotten son of the Lord and God and the Rescue of Our Jesus Christ is greater than fame judge of all will result in someone give and for his deeds Yes not fallen and lazy but awake the construction is not we are ready in joy and divine hall words and a gus will enter and keep celebrating the eye is not preston and and the ineffable slade and seeing your face before broad into the unspeakable thou
  • 10:13: You are the true light enlightening and lighting all about thee and all creation sings in centuries of ages amen all bless we left Lord God of Mercy creating with us the great and unexplored glorious and terrible their marriage number who gave us a dream in restitution of infirmity our a and weakening hard work flesh thanks cha Yaku did not destroy us
  • 10:44: with our lawlessness but a man suite his usual and the swords are not lying to him move on and on glory to the power yours is the same your immense goodness enlighten our thought and patronymic and mind our brace to sleep at the core open our mouth I will fulfill your praise her for and not possible shaken, drink the same confess and you in all and from all glory to my mother god without
  • 11:15: father to your only-begotten son of a natural good and life-giving your spirit now and for ever and ever Amen I praise grace your mistress malyute Wash on grace enter and right at the topic bar Christ's commandments where these songs are strengthened he is aniston is to be captivated by the fall your pleas solve the boogie to the bride bad and in one
  • 11:45: keep the fuel fragments delivering zhizn from the hotel of the god Rosha I died members of a passion is not deceitful I am the light of the ignorant Rosh I my soul he blind educate dressing lord house house 2 а divinely mini create doctor of the ditch syaa doctor souls of mine perennial passions agitated everyday life bone repentance winter on the right get rid of her eternal account and
  • 12:15: Worms of the same word author domain and vichy without equipment and many sin on vinnica create new me promised not sensual with undefeatable sinning strange flour all sorts of until the wife and all lord of the seas celestial my seize and fun with everyone saints with similarities the Blessed Virgin, hear voice is indecent to thy servant ranks give me tears
  • 12:45: the most pure soul of mine filth cleaning the wall is not from the heart I bring shadows to pierce be zealous for the mistress Prayers at my service premium and god of good bring back the womb exceeding the angel world staples above merging created luminiferous canopy celestial spiritual grace you are not on the probe rucis impact and to her praise desecrated bad at all chaste souls corruptible me
  • 13:15: save the dirty tricks Christ diligently beseeching he is also honored worship is proper now and ever and in centuries of ages amen need gracious all-merciful God my lord jesus christ many for the sake of love sewed and incarnated if I save them wherever all and save the pack save me by grace malyute and ifche bo department save them a place grace but a debt crying and
  • 13:46: she has many bounty ah and ineffable in favor believing for the world's rat My Christ lives will be and will not see death in eyelids I save everything and all believe in tea save me like my god if you are a creator faith instead of cases before to imitate is not God my not the sheep's shave department by no means justifying chalk but my tagir is prevails instead of all then the answer is yes me will show me
  • 14:18: not involved in fame your eternal and yes not Uba snatch a place that on and boast word and abdomen in you from fighting hands and fence Erich feeling 7 or not I want Christ save my salvation pretend soon, soon on gibbs You are my God from my mother's womb and God help me now you love the ta same love sometimes the very same sin and packs work and you without
  • 14:48: laziness precisely as in the works before sata do not flatter you I will especially work to you, to God and to God To my Jesus Christ on all days of the abdomen of my now and ever and in centuries of ages amen holy angel repentance my soul and passion is not do not leave my life behind less than a sinner do not give up on me for incontinence magic does not rain place crafty demon to have me with us
  • 15:18: death on gas were heavy and strengthen the poor doubled arm and guide me to the path saving her holy angel of God custodian and patron saintly my soul and body all I'm sorry great mity insulted on all days of the abdomen my own and felt sinned come at night on the Crimea in the present day and keep me from all temptation is disgusting a goal yes in no sin about anger and god and pray for me to the Lord
  • 15:49: yes approve in and their fear worthily show chalk works of his goodness Amen the Holy my lordship Holy Mother of God yours and all-powerful entreaties he is not less humbly what foot thy servant is dejected substitution for irrationality carelessness and all the bad onion and blasphemous by thinking and such a leg my heart and drink marred aha of my mind and extinguish the flame
  • 16:19: Thou my passions beggars 7 and a Kalinin get rid of many and fierce memories and enterprises and from all deeds of evil freedom I'm blessed Thou from all generations and famous for honest your name forevermore amen the Virgin Mary Rejoice blessed magic is the Lord with you blessed are you in wives and blessed fruit of thy womb Thou You gave birth to a soul of our
  • 16:49: save Lord people yours and bless your property victory over soprotivnyya granting and yours keeping the cross your residence worthily there is an anchor truly ta theotokos and non-defensive and mother of our God honest cherub and glorious without comparison seraphim without the decay of God words born of existence theotokion tia glory to his father and son and holy spirit and
  • 17:21: now and ever and in centuries of ages amen Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord Jesus Christ son of God's prayers for the sake of your most pure mothers reverend and Our God-bearing father and have mercy on all the saints amen nose