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  • 00:00: July 3, 2016, the all-Ukrainian procession of the world love and prayer for ukraine already clear now that beyond all doubt he will enter history not only Ukrainian Orthodox Church but also the history of Ukraine will enter into several reasons first among similar worship and procession is it is a kind of service God he is the most numerous in the newest Ukrainian stories secondly, the current procession most large-scale past
  • 00:30: distance he stretched from patriarchal to patch its that in total is more thousands of kilometers and the third reason for which the current all-Ukrainian procession needed consider unique this is unprecedented illiteracy many discussions what is happening probably worth to blame not internet speaker on the church itself if our people for a quarter of a century learned how and why is the procession then it's not his fault but our missionary unfinished cross course for the Orthodox
  • 01:01: churches and not only Orthodox phenomenon ubiquitous and often more often in special holidays the cross walk around the temple large pilgrimage to ukraine too passed repeatedly for example the procession from the Kamianets-Podolsk pochayev length of about 250 kilometers is held annually cause for religious procession may be any urgent need of believers for a long time it could become as religious holiday and war internecine strife or
  • 01:31: a serious epidemic except that cross procession were carried by saints from one place stay in another take at least one annual godparents moves from Kharkov to smoke and back with green icon Mother of God amounting to the opinion of historians more than ten thousand pilgrims name of the godfather course corresponds over which he is held and the main prayer in today's this is a prayer for the meaning of the godfather course of combination physical labor with
  • 02:01: spiritual opportunity feel unity in the joint exploits from one parties every day carries feasible works with another support brethren allows so much easy to give up when organization long godparents moves as a rule only a small group strengthens the whole way the majority participants join in within its settlement and vicinities actually therefore column number as such, always much less than the total those who accepted participation in the Godfather for example Austrian
  • 02:32: observers estimate the quantity Ukrainians in that or a different degree who took part in all-Ukrainian cross procession approximately 200 thousand human the procession begins after the Liturgy and moleben ahead necessarily bear a cross behind it banners are not to be confused with frets and the main icons with which are perpetrated procession on the existing tradition of removal shrines from the temple believers meet them kneeling after the way icons carried and over all participants in the procession picks up the pace and
  • 03:03: the conciliar singing my and Russia beauty the cross progress with average speed 4 kilometers per hour by six to eight hours in day when covered long distances to 10 hours this means that go
  • 03:33: you need to be pretty cheerful step in the pace is even people aged and crutches though their courage anyway remains only envy since such an amount people of high quality a night is very difficult there is a practice return part local pilgrims home for the night and the next morning to drive up to that point in which they interrupted the procession for example, when driving from Kharkov to Poltava the first lodging was planned in curry for coming to this locality
  • 04:03: buses are taken away Kharkiv residents so that at 6 am the next day bring them to the same where they and continued their movement so that not you need to worry about surrounding places for it's easy it would not make sense concerning internal organization religious procession of course not selection of participants is not produced blessing blissful oonufria and ads on the doors of the temples enough to inform flock of the future procession by the way do not be confused it with a demonstration
  • 04:34: no flags slogans and other Soviet symbols there should not be However, since no structural division and subordination in columned in fact no track of individual violators are not always just special protection brought us go too, no, but sometimes it can accompany Cossacks common organizational action commits strong men and number of parishioners which in advance ask for help organizers and which thank God among the Ukrainian the population is not yet translated as joke our Orthodox
  • 05:05: a man in pursuit of shrines accidentally can trample a couple so-called when choking tens of strong hands will not hurt at all socially demographic the procession of the procession very wide is something grandparents and guys girls and doctors and military and teachers and athletes and even the children of all ages all have their own views their political addictions but all this is left for church threshold in sincere aspiration see in another above all about so they are political
  • 05:35: opponent and a couple words about fanaticism thanatos in translation means death if take one's mind off negative sense entrenched in a word it means person ready die for their own beliefs and values the first among them in Christianity Christ Himself voluntarily you Golgotha to save humanity and really the best of the peasants of nato people are ready to put
  • 06:05: life for one's friends and even more so for his faith and this willingness Do not be confused with jealousy is not for mind when protection values imply sacrificing not so much own how much someone else's life