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  • 00:00: Hello dear our viewers our subscribers today I want you share these home recipes from family we makes sense and eggplant and pupils for this dish to us will need 100 thousand eggplant red
  • 00:30: chilli pepper red bell hot pepper on your taste as much you love sharp garlic and mandatory on request can add any spices or winter Alla was today light tooth and so for take the start eggplant Our task will be cut them in here such Here strips should
  • 01:02: be thin and should have a sense of snow much thin after We will roast them they will fry sketch the crumble new need them marinate so like this here why and threw because it reminds language form but only like the so-called I noticed all
  • 01:34: eggplant he developed and four of these. then eggplants our Sinenky immediately shall salt salt and baggage us need to stand 15 minutes on the plate so each with its own Aquarius
  • 02:04: a little salt, and that's this embodiment We leave them at 20 minutes and now we We proceed to the refueling which Maria Ozawa will After roasting our eggplants take Red pepper you Bulgarian cheroots guilt You do not need to dilemma point now we have this effect, we suddenly downloaded we grinder I took him to prepare
  • 02:34: 5 cloves of garlic hot peppers I try to taste how you have qs we are here for a peppercorn pepper kingdom because all we need twist on all meat grinder We thrust fingered pell-mell So I just I laid back in general garlic, and will add 1 acute pepper continue
  • 03:13: here we are screwed Mix everything before black turns so here it seems Now we need here 3 and cafe logo which added 5 cloves of garlic and finally reached in just 2 we need to fix will be 4 tablespoons vinegar 6 percent I I use these interest vinegar 9 percent a little less there is
  • 03:46: and stir condition we forget that eggplants have already have a salt and then salty and look for density stir and me still need a little bit water seems to this would say a bit later
  • 04:18: quite a bit of water warm supplemented here such wonderful co-sited why refueling well here davim seen this verse only for the buffalo our families and even for on their own
  • 04:49: I want to add the request here coriander it will be my know-how this year add Yes coriander hurt and who twitch island
  • 05:21: little rasstoyatsya because now events just come to the blue for themselves like pan and Sunflower oil is not Those wishing to become blue as leadership not in his experience so in this regard must be very careful not to pour much oil that's been 20 minutes salt is a person of eggplant flagship Get it now
  • 05:53: will accordingly We put on a little fire above average adding vegetable oil as I already said is not important to overdo oil so as then we still have You need a jar that we We serve our eggplant money will be marinate provided they do not
  • 06:23: long before they cool so we partake add up here together with our dressing or that put Slade literally there on a half chatik then they have much use for beginning with those who We begin to take fry our spicy dressing put one open and
  • 06:55: later we will not thus save each mote will will be pozharin to go to the bank devoid be covered a spoon refueling and so long as we It does not fill the whole jar oil warmed up we I think to sing throw our eggplant hinted Gulf on both sides and
  • 07:27: who is the same time that they not the dimension has a say and let on It turns until wait until Oldzhay fry over high heat about two and a half three minutes on each side but this golden Colors such as
  • 07:57: It begins to golden brown turn over and We encourage us need the same effect restaurants Now we have We received and therefore take the first piece I show the principle of so the oven as I show
  • 08:28: principle's get us eggplant tab flax dressing Put the top here here and so put eggplant top filling spoon we still continue so until you collect completely Bank Bank It should be fairly
  • 09:00: and densely packed so now as we can see oil have ended add oil vegetable and zharimsya cottage portion blanks filled executed for gang
  • 09:30: the top is almost here so we take preform to cool as such in just a an hour or two it is already possible use in this as it is your page say almost all winter probably only grow cold place in a box cold or refrigerators subscribe our institution channel and on the pulley and below all pleasant contact us you can
  • 10:00: with the best of you recipe