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Tasty eggplants salad the Recipe the Peacock tail we will make festive cold appetizers of a dish a dinner  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello summer came and place hot dishes Hall came to Kursk today we cook a snack of eggplant it is called peacock's tail for this we need 2 eggplant two tomato couple dill pickles for our decorations meals salt mayonnaise vegetable oil
  • 00:31: for frying eggplant olives black pepper and cheese an amount of 100 150 Getting grams cooking we have not announced large medium size so we will be their cut diagonally to increase their the size cut into approximately 7 millimeters centimeter that they not too thin pancake here they are with us
  • 01:05: obtained just such a the guise of of salted water ten minutes and we will fry stupa cooking sauce for the sauce, we You need to pack mayonnaise 2 garlic cloves of garlic
  • 01:44: we finely chop if love can be witty we put add here Black add pepper mate tea
  • 02:14: spoon to rub fine grater Russian we have approximately volume turned out well as mayonnaise small spread here is a bowl about 3 5 sprigs
  • 02:48: so you can parsley and dodavit all stirred sos we mixed Can your some come up with some sauce
  • 03:18: you love we came up with this Now he's a thick, we it will spread eggplant on all dip the knife in leather properly washed and wrung out of water and begin their fry area and we add some salt and fry on both sides and spread skovorodochku
  • 03:48: fry on both sides until cooked our eggplant we fried quickly do blank then we chop such roundels tomato or fools here better not to take big is better to take secondary
  • 04:18: size or small cheek, we also small, we well previously washed is we chop them low juice to increase their size olives here and so hit and associate them the most important thing I do not said Fouquet such procurement us need in a longitudinal dishes there
  • 04:48: it was for him and it was our ancestor Marina our bunnies browned overturn we begin to purchase collect spread eggplant such a first large spread grease smear they Sauce
  • 05:18: spread tomatoes put cucumber
  • 06:00: and put on top Maslinka and continue stacked next their eyes to do next row also laid
  • 06:47: and we continue to do next row who decorated with greenery Here we dill can be use parsley she too well suited
  • 07:17: here for the appetizer our appetizer host registration ready for it prepare us It took 40 minutes, it is very the original can be how to eat independent dish can be both garnish as the festive table file as the appetizer so try cook with
  • 07:47: us enjoy your appetite and thanks for Attention