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  • 00:00: Now what we're going to do is we 're going to center the bag well and we will mark from the shore inwards 15 points in this part and 15 points also of the shore inward
  • 00:30: in this part the same on the other shore 15 points inward we mark and 15 points in and we mark now here we are going to slide to where we have the brand for that we're going to cross the pink thread on the red to go up slid one point and slipped those that are
  • 01:00: necessary to get to where the brand raised a chain that will be the first half point and I'll be doing half points one in each of those from the previous row until you get to where I have the other brand here I got to where I have the other brand I make the half point I'm going to turn the weave and I'm going to lift a chain here in the next point I'm going to do
  • 01:35: a decrease I'm going to take the gas from the part of outside the next point and the other the next point happened the two and he made a half point and now I'm going to knit a half point in each of the of the previous idea until you reach the end of the row
  • 02:08: here to finish the row when I have three points left I will also do here a decrease then he took the two quotes from the front of the next two points the tail gaza and made the half point and finally in the last point a half point here after the half point I'm going to talk a bit about the gau because the I will leave pending
  • 02:38: I'm going to spin the fabric and I'm going to upload the another one and I'm going to do it with point slipped and I'm going to take the gauze that I leave pending now I'm going to make a chain with the color pink in the next two
  • 03:11: points took the squares outside passola gaza and made the half point and Now I'm going to knit a point at each point from the previous row until you reach where they want three points for knitting here I am about to finish the row and now I have three points left I will make the decrease and in the last point a half point and the fabric
  • 03:47: and the same every row I'm going to start As the chain raised as following the points only the gaza outside of the two and I'm going to perform the half point and continue weaving half a point at each point of the row
  • 04:17: previous until three points are missing to finish the row here I have nothing else the three points to finish the row I'm going to do the decline so let's finish also all the rows doing the decrease and at the last point a half a point left the hairline hanging I'm going to come up with a point
  • 04:50: and then I'm going to take the gauze that I left pending and I'll go through the chain raised a chain and I'm going to start work me decrease and then a half a point at each point of the row before reaching the end of the row and perform thousands I decrease and so I will continue to work until
  • 05:22: have five points here to finish with five points after performing the row where we have left eight let's leave a string that will be the first half point we make the decrease we already have two 3 4 and 5 points the last point we do not have it anymore and
  • 05:59: we do not decrease here either final and so we have the five points now we leave the gauze pending and we're going to upload the other color today to the banking a chain and here I am going to start working in lhasa I'm going to make three chain points that will be the first high point and I will start working what I did here I'm going
  • 06:31: to work the same stitch I do the loops I'm going to fit in the last point and I'm going to take out all the fairies once since all the squares to with the chain and now so that this I was outside, I'm going to weave the high points but leaving this
  • 07:01: point for the back then I'm going to take it like that now I'm going to take out the house and I will have my point high as I lifted my three chains to home then this is the second point high the same I'll leave the point for the back 2 and the next point
  • 07:35: another high point I have three and the one lift to start are four points tall and whose fabric tour lifted the three chains to form the first high point I make my displaced and I'm going to fit in here where the point and I'll go linked I make a chain and now I'm going to do and
  • 08:11: Now I'm going to weave as I was doing in the body of the bag I will leave the point for the part of opposite and the massifs I will work From behind here we will be doing three massifs because the first one we made with the three chains and so let's go working one for the back
  • 08:43: another from the front we turn up lifting the three chains we make the point we make the chain and now we have to leave the point from the back we're going to go working once leaving it for the back and once for the part forward to make the points tall
  • 09:17: this is so that all the points that from on the same side that is to say for the right and so we are going to continue until you have a total of 55 centimeters of aza once we have 55 centimeters of assa we make a chain reinforced and we're going to cut the same here in him and what we had left
  • 09:49: pending let's make a reinforced chain and we are going to also cut these and the let's hide and then burn and now let's start making the other laza base as we did in this
  • 10:20: part let's start with the color red and what let's do in the reverse side so that we stay the same as in the other part then we will work the same as we did here to make this we will do it in the other pyramid extreme here I finished with five points I'll make a reinforced chain and I'm going to cut this thread now I'll upload the other once and
  • 10:52: I have the other one and what's up here I'm going to face the right of the rear with the right of the bag and I will take the gaza outside the bag and the gauze in front of the I will spend with punctuated I'm going to do that in each of the points until finishing 5 once it is already joined and lasa now
  • 11:30: what I'm going to do here is point crab all around the contour what is the pyramid and where are the media points and go back up on the other pyramid then I will knit point by point a half point but back here I got to the top of the pyramid and I've already the whole contour
  • 12:01: with crab point here I'm going to turn the tissue and where the first point begins high where he trained in lhasa there I will do an analyzed point and a string reinforced and I'm going to cut the strand and now here where the pyramid starts
  • 12:34: at the top I'm going to start making the point crab to a chain and I will go through there the thread first through the fabric and later on the chain and now yes I I'm doing point crab too all around the pyramid then for the half points and another time here I will go up to get here
  • 13:07: where it begins to the massifs of laza once we've arrived here where begins the aza we rotate the fabric to perform a sliding point where it starts the first high point we make a slipped point and then a reinforced chain now we are going to cut and it 's evra we're going to hide it and then to burn and with that we conclude
  • 13:44: the tutorial of what tissue is