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Tasty Kitchen garden: I gather the first tomatoes the Open ground  See details »

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  • 00:00: tomato water by measure their chanting truck farmers in different ways hide there is due to the time of collection harvest of tomatoes some truck farmers prefer wait for the fetus already reddens directly bushes and sometimes master them I belong to which categories then I eat the fruit Here, for example grade earring here in this form then there is evidence that
  • 00:32: she is still a tomato certainly not red already begins already keep pace with the Thai say truck farmers in In this case, blanc sorry that is me I collect tomatoes blanc alive is another already at 7, too time but you can scissors of tears you can so clean up here here's another one of this a variety of stellate stems, here it is
  • 01:02: parsley another wonderful variety of tomatoes he's pretty bad large fruit here such despite the fact that it determinant grade the fruits of it are very large and rather it's a lot of today there is still envy all very good it's all
  • 01:33: dishes determinant bears a large fruit Petrusia gardener it many know they very large well tie up a lot of water and it is known that he is very unpretentious torn plan alive tomatoes rinsed in a tank clean water relatively clean of course, for the first time
  • 02:04: because of the dirt mud from the rain it happens attacks then the model is these here's the tails of the rinse already in clean water and I'll hit the house with a plate or they will
  • 02:35: reach and then will be used such 1