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SURPRISES FOR GIRLS of the Princess of Disney Mai Litl Poni of Minnie Maus Minions of Unboxing Toys Princess Disney  See details »

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  • 00:00: today I have sachets with that at us Today surprises and eskofia today we will open packages with surprises princesses Disney May Little Pony minni maus and
  • 00:30: minions look so I say well, let's start open with what start my little pony yes, I looked on the vidicon and envy 1 sachet
  • 01:00: miley there pony here it is written that the sachets there are sweets there game and surprises but there are those bloods given and sweets Well, let's get enough sleep.
  • 01:36: low nothing eyes so let's watch something back to the goals and pencil yes yes yes surprize ki here such are interesting very beautiful first surprise
  • 02:09: bracelet with Maytleth ponny on the rubber with white and red beads and beautiful here such Here's the bracelet this is mine with me Of course, what's there We still have us caught here are some Here are the axes of nakleechki different with Maylittle pony so here they are and
  • 02:41: to glue here such here book with May litl ponies this book is here need to draw paint and dasha this is just for dickey very childish interesting and very class book will be engage in yes dasha alley here in the water will there before
  • 03:13: together with the book was and pencil still what we are let's see what's going on everything is all there such is how a portrait caught with rainbow dash and chupa chupsik and here such candy class neighbors do not
  • 03:44: very interesting we will analyze the surprises 1 such bags and to us really liked it yes for you to stage 3 such here such here cardboard we were caught here you can here and so their tear out and do here's this box for pencils here it is shown how we can collect it
  • 04:14: gathered our a box here such here she is with us turned class dasa will keep pencil and kedo here then pencil you open the next shot all the next sachet Disney princesses well in that we tea bags
  • 04:45: there is also something interesting is that something it's a trinket and different before the Neva too chupa Chupsik is another one here. such a portrait with rapuncle dashnaks got caught here
  • 05:15: so here it is cool with sequins one more booklet with princesses disney here is ours here the book is here you can decorate and here also dashenka is developing book we will there or princesses they are mine in my opinion are removed to the debtor Look, here they are like this
  • 05:45: here are removed princess is like this princess is removed are obtained as maps and this is also Rapunzel that's like a keychain a personal portrait that's cool again cardboard glasses from which you can to make here such here handbag for pencils and pens Here is such a handbag we collected from paper it's for pencils
  • 06:16: here are the stickers here nakleechki different bright beautiful with princesses again such sweets as in previous packs but one can
  • 06:50: Next Minni Mouse Well, in this pour out again to us caught sweets the same Chupa Chupsik and three here are such sachets of sweets stickers very
  • 07:21: cool they are bright will glue them booklet developing booklet for kids it's for girls we have different puzzles different tasks for little children but this is a small one mirror with minni maus you again same pencil and
  • 07:57: the same carton to do from it cup for pencils are great here we have different different will a glass here like this here it is necessary neatly wrinkle Here is such on
  • 08:29: a glass turned out for pencil it minni mouse and lid there is so here it is possible put the lid on yes each pencil its box and the cap is like this the last bag of minions bag with minions
  • 08:59: Here we have stickers that's so cool there is again a book
  • 09:34: puzzles are different puzzles with a minion my only very classroom and in each books different tasks it is very interesting what is there to close here so here it is dump put here you can and then probably press and they jump out probably a this is the end of it but such a
  • 10:09: surprise apecs again candy are yes, what else is there pencil is the same Oh from this cardboard you can make glasses Look yeah, it's not pencils will be put here simply glasses make of confiscate but now let's try these here we have glasses huge inside what more
  • 10:39: dreams the day is over for you too glasses hello there are such here we have great points turned out minonchik not even caught here are some here's how stickers but not I'm sure it's stickers are these figures of glasses here are such cool i know that here it is in my opinion
  • 11:12: podstakovki Nuka Nuka Here they are cool here are inserted podstavochki look even here one is great are you too made an will show what gathered wow are you good at what ? us steep minions and it turns out well done
  • 11:48: munichka is very cool figures summer resident, we are not noticed here behind books look there is figures with glasses minions who put on fingers you know these before putting on fingers you'll see now what will happen with us such yes somehow a song about fingers well done a song
  • 12:38: about the fingers here
  • 13:20: such are our fingers now have you straight finger here Now the fingers are in Dasha and we only have 3 before that and so is obtained through one finger, well, show me show us the handle handle hi well what even
  • 13:50: You liked our surprise what surprises do you have ? liked more all parts all beautiful gift from minni Mouse these here boxes very useful for us we will keep there the city is real gardeners liked all surprises and you guys write in comments which surprises you liked more with Minnie Mouse with minions with Princess Disney
  • 14:21: or from May Little Pony we will wait for your answers if our parameter video by the way my channel to all thanks bye bye bye bye till doubles reliably so die tasche gatineau
  • 14:58: lutenia is sitting somewhere I saw the role there is here