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  • 00:00: there is such a thing ice rink in summer but it's all very simple in summer under the roller is refrigeration installation that does not gives the ice broke up and I here recently saw in winter green soccer field and how they have grass in winter grew and understood probably they heater under all soccer field therefore, they have the grass grows in winter or there are others version
  • 00:30: loved in our country sports this is football and hockey hockey can be played will set but football the snow is not very play with it do not only on snow but also to the ears in the mud but if the motherland she said
  • 01:00: devote to them and try to do well if not summer then although would fall by hand a you can cover the lawn tent turn on soil heating a Above the tent pumping hot air deceived the grass is green having felt the spring but the first duel in the open air we shall overtake all efforts in the sand here are the Brazilians Extractable sand for at least
  • 01:30: grass playing with constant success because they have summer all the year round what? do us especially when so anxious repeat and surpass last year's football successes remains only grow grass which at all rain or snow is the same chase year we are at training youth composition football club Khimki excellent solar weather why does everything
  • 02:01: players play in T-shirts with long sleeves and some even run around hats yes because in the yard end of spring which stood out in this year is not the a lawn in the perfect condition in secret it is in winter was exactly the same say more this grass all year round in ideal able because that it is artificial artificial
  • 02:31: football lawns appeared in the 80's of the last century in Russia the pioneer became stadium luzhniki artificial turf participant in it the ufa implementation of this type of coverage in national championships in all to figure out the galileo went to the factory where people are the most in a natural way grow artificial grass and so the very beginning meeting tufting
  • 03:02: machine is essentially this huge sewing the machine is amazing but if natural the lawn is grown artificial embroider the term that thing means introduction beams pile in foundation now about what he sews tufted loom these yarns from polyethylene and copolymers thin several tens of microns and sturdy to the machine 256 coils with such thread or
  • 03:34: system of plastic pipes they go to the needles and sewed into the lawn basis which is a buy canvas from polypropylene threads can be different colors it helps solve the problem of markup of the future football field just change the color from green on white it up then the bare machine is already embroidering markup and Here the Galileo breaks in to the penalty sites if the thread the sports
  • 04:06: weavers eliminate gaps and with the help of similar to a pistol device pneumatics shoots a lawn thread sewing artificial blades of grass to where smeared his blow tufted loom at the most intensive use of artificial lawns their term availability on average 10 years and we have second half fluffy but not yet reliable football the lawn goes to
  • 04:37: line fitting that is, the final finishes before that huge rectangles lawns are sewn together the process does not stop for a second dear fans on the field comes out latex this anchoring layer secret composition prepare here it is fed to the line and falls on the back side of the lawn trouble and blue bubbling
  • 05:07: mass then latexed grass sent to the chain kenon and this system needles that pierce on the edges of the lawn and pull it up ready for shipment to bake till now on the field it will be hot three-level oven at temperatures the top is much higher than from below after all, on the one hand need to be consolidated latex and on the other to give new from baked in the morning
  • 05:38: wreath softness elasticity and not give them a raft in green lumpy thuju mass after oven artificial turf subject multiple piercing this unit heating up to 200 degrees Celsius and burning their holes diameter 5 millimeters as a knife through defense the enemy the boundaries of these holes strong and united thorns on boots they are not afraid but why in general
  • 06:08: Ditch the lawn for drainage system then there is a struggle with excess moisture artificial turf fit into macadam after it 2 loose layer 1 sandy track behind it is a layer and rubber crumbs it is imitation of the soil necessary for correct rebound ball and to give the lawn needed
  • 06:38: softness when such a puff cake ready he will serve year-round know only combed its unique tractors developed precisely for this purpose ahead of this a huge comb she is artificial and gives them vertical position in the compartment located in rear of the tractor by the principle of vacuum cleaner
  • 07:09: the baby is blown out and sand and then uniform layer poured back any bad weather this the lawn does not care according to assurances manufacturer square meter such a lawn for a couple minutes without difficulty absorb 40 liters water let's check this square meter will be ours and here's the bucket
  • 07:39: full of water only a minute passed and the moisture seeped into drainage system still a couple of minutes and a lawn completely dried recently all football clubs forced acquire at least one field with artificial coated so it is possible in soon
  • 08:09: our football players cease to amaze and will be familiar important not blab the Brazilians artificial ice on what superfluous competitors to us not to to which Lord art and grass is evil will explain why because if the cow will eat artificial
  • 08:40: plastic grass she is instead of milk will give glue pva