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Blackcurrant jam in 5 minutes, turns out very tasty  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm here today. I will cook by prescription the viewer of the sergei bender currant jam in five minutes I liked the recipe Julia wanted cook winter what do we need for this it is necessary since sergey i told wrote out a message we need 7 glasses of currant this is our kilogram by weight 6 glasses sugar is ours kilogram 200 and all only 250 milliliters
  • 00:32: water and that's all that we need to our mistress five minutes begin First preparations what have we done must have washed currant dry and removed twigs and leaflets and so on as we did it when they did and jam of vitamin from blueberries to us need to pour 3 glass of sugar you you can immediately admit here or 600 grams sugar and sprinkle with not Our task now
  • 01:08: put on fire boil to sugar sugar has dissolved we pour in 250 milliliters of water put on the fire and yes in the same recipe, we use black currant but not red as his called yet policy dough literally three minutes our sugar has melted and
  • 01:38: pour out the currant we bring such and Try carefully stir to currant our whole purpose was and we bring them up to boiling literally three minutes and our jam boiled all now we turn off and the last
  • 02:08: preparation stage jam from black currants I put five minutes into the room the remaining sugar 600 grams or three stir the glasses his neatly give sugar and pour into cans and roll Here is our jam and passed and a minute already
  • 02:38: our sugar made because the main we have a hot mass and she's all quick I'm put everything now I fill our half-liter sterilized banks and roll up metal caps I rolled up the jam it turned out me 4 half-liter jars as you see I'm one left open to in order to try out such a tasty jam we got it now i'm taking
  • 03:08: rolled cans I bought it and tomorrow I I will open them or we leave y confused them to the full cooling then send to rip either in the pantry who where he stores and so on good morning tomorrow even have a good day we had more than 12 hours per day and let's see what what kind of preserves do we have?
  • 03:38: it was in the first place I want to show a jar that sugar is nowhere to be found that is, sugar fully dissolved and now watch jam as said sergey becomes a jam shaped and really it this is and how delicious it is It does not pass very tasty it jam is good that the currant of it face and all vitamins
  • 04:09: save thanks great sergey I also wanted to say over time cooking preserves I shot it in the current is somewhere 10-12 minutes and this is a if herself cooked something would prepare him for 5 minutes so that procure vitamins for the winter and be healthy with respect your fagot