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  • 00:00: hello everybody else one reason to visit uzbekistan it's mountains we are with you visited Tashkent walked about it the city was piled up wonderful pilaf and now is the time go to the mountains in foothills the chance of a ridge go and we are in foothills Shan ridge kishlak is called head say very much beautiful place precisely from here begins to rise on mountain chimgan here
  • 00:32: there is a spring and Soviet time times here was such a nickle when came to the mountains before the machine you yourself understand what were Zhiguli Muscovites here and stopped flooded cold water in the radiator suture the engine warmed up and climbed mountains now we are a radiator pour water to joy will not and just lifting cold water there is a small small market let's see what's here sell and go to city well, let's
  • 01:02: let's try with the stomach or light koumiss stone milk like nothing, let's go spring lifting cold water here was once on the sale is cooled
  • 01:33: bottles as you see beauty indescribable but that's because now the mike is still a month and everything will be here yellow burnt that much nice one minus there is that the camera does not can transmit smells smells here generally awesome the air is yelping but soon I think technology before will also come So
  • 02:38: this is a former pioneer camp that called friendship now look here some Montella park here you can just relax and have there is an interesting mountain which is called a fidel Castro is called she is a fidel know why on the very top
  • 03:09: either this or this this side is three legs and 3 legs there is a name fidel Castro when they were in pioneer camp here we went camping this tree at the top is called guns and no one strigi and then he is all equally in profile resembles Pushkin not only that the air
  • 03:41: fresh look for silence generally already scary is becoming luci seems to have recently
  • 04:11: selen came down because
  • 04:46: see the whole road have not yet managed to finish remove knees and mountains here and we came to builders oh here we have cable car here alpine skiing track now see if works rope
  • 05:16: the road you will rise at the very top we sat down on the cable car little truth Of course it's all looks very up flood for a while lifting 27 minutes the time the descent is also 20 minutes Honestly speaking did not pay attention but let's go find out at what height there could be at the top there is some kind of rope index the road is absolutely Only we are empty there is no one else on no one's way yet
  • 05:46: not yet caught Today is Monday maybe because of this and so we climbed the
  • 06:16: the best is to see her death is and the sun is there and grass there is such a very interesting landscape where else can be shorts and snow only here probably so on what drive this is one of the most
  • 06:47: high places uzbekistan mountain height over 3000 meters with you time in Soviet is true here was excellent ski resort there is either we can say there were 39 also their bodies hotels cable car who is already me too I think I came inadequate condition we go up and we'll see all this with height of bird flight see all this resort from above who here once
  • 07:18: his time was may be remembered knows from someone then everything is equal in any case there is nostalgia and we we'll try it all show cable car the road even popular you look even small queue The rise costs 7000 sums it's about 70 but if you skiing or snowboarding lift costs 550 rubles but we are at the top of the form hence the beautiful here
  • 07:50: of these three hotels which you see one near to us hotel 2 chalk is gone everything fell into disrepair boy end of the 7 noise chaos 2 guitar on overnight and to go to and reservoirs with very clean water but now water like you
  • 08:21: see there are still will be dial 8 is typed and end of May when will begin to pale season shredding will be full in August again the water will fall to intensive watering will begin and now we go to Chinese nature reserve unity arose little problem
  • 08:51: this is a border zone necessary because the barrier in a few there are 56 kilometers already begins Kyrgyzstan We were not allowed but we went to military part came out senior change we asked money not they just asked and he passed on time came out to us missed only moment what do we take with us a forester who promised to show all the most interesting is
  • 09:22: and begins border zone further on the barrier resist border guards I I think to shoot my che we will not make noise create oneself hemorrhoids because 10 at the very business with shooting somehow all very seriously this place is called fox answer that in translation from Uzbek means white clay I'll just look We have a guide with us
  • 09:56: local lesnik he tells us everything here shows telling here such beauty is farther We are not allowed further already a new cardboard and already the Kyrgyz side therefore further we we will not go anywhere stop here here we are
  • 10:36: tour of all mountains and time itself have lunch or see whole heap a cafe now we will choose some and dine and choose our fell on the cafe arbat ordered for the first Here 's a flagman for 2 shish kebabs lettuce is such my salad tortillas now Eat and see how many will be for all cost just for the sake of of interest to understand
  • 11:06: how expensive or cheap life here here's the manga very delicious we will now try shish kebab behold we are waiting for the bill how much will it be it was very delicious because we got 51 one thousand is very
  • 11:38: how terrible amount as if in fact it's only 500 s small rubles but it's for three of us therefore like and not so and expensive but here we are visited you in foothills on this trip mountains we have ends but does not end travels we still have there will be one video about glorious city chirchik you do not forget subscribe to our channel comments to all while
  • 12:08: Have a good mood