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SUPER method! I steam a yarn QUICKLY, it is A LOT OF, it is EASY #ВязаниеСпицами from Lana Vi  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day my dear beloved my name is lana vi I I invited you today at their kitchen You see here the full equipment pots to as I show I am working with the old yarn that's a Now the glomerulus will begin Recommendations Well for example in relation to yarn means so when the first girl you wound yarn
  • 00:30: Now on such a tangle do not make the club great here this here not the ideal size It can be one that is this can be possible plenty more here Look, I put Science can see here so even now show how you can I have more even the old yarn which work but it is now made intriguing here see liken you can see that is here This is also a ball
  • 01:00: normal good for but the size of this glomerulus this one glomerulus very it is very big great course if you have to dissolve or You want to cut the thread it happens but as it is to strip him but whether it be ready that such just do not know about knit a little more half of you can to rough beach and then you need to just once open the
  • 01:30: do not worry, and 2 more time this large size can tangle It requires longer in time to boiling one side and on the other hand as a Only he longer on couple will naturally it can ie being wet and after the lease after stripping it may not be suitable with all minute knitting something there is still need to wait to give him This may dry up be a day here reeling anya this
  • 02:00: tangle it bad wound so it is not necessary to do and how to do and why here so it is not necessary now, I tell on items need to to yarn tangle of good soared the first point It is the size I have all for it showed that There are more better avoid the second board click Yes when you wind the like that look tension does not know how you can see clearly here and so do not have to intensely tight
  • 02:31: wind the thread is not needed because it will complicate stripping process Yarns should not hang it should First lie exactly as you can see here here exactly but it is not I must write at the seams though it should lie flat but not freely stretched loosely than the same here it's a ball theme logically would I'm hard to strip I think it is clear and 2 still we will not even have classify
  • 03:01: the next moment see see how I have it wrapped around the I have adapted I'll show you I dismiss this way Now I reel up I turn the glomerulus this is why all space is It obtained between yarns also makes it easier stripping process We need a pan needed colander need cover and need a cup of water the usual cup of water
  • 03:33: I like to steam but said that What is now a tangle these items should ideally be because I, too, I fit pots is better to take high but here such a high because the yarn will be above the water who better water boils water boils is not only fresh water droplets if they bounce
  • 04:03: you will have a low lowered your yarn they'll glomeruli wet better to be above so ideally take a narrow high pan Now reached should be metallic well How should I best I argue on this I will show but it seems to me better in metal Ideally girl he should behold so why go this stupidity and his pans
  • 04:33: he has brought That's how come pan ideally to kill for use yes but Me, this option is not suitable because no height I told them sacrifice height and rather put here so of course I have a pair here here will go out but it is not critical if I had I put into water to Now on the very cover I'm also sure I think it's understandable closed well relative here but of course not if you
  • 05:04: You do like this see see it all will be super Now that even the bards Pour look like I said a cup of water We pour some out there pan or high such as I you see so many how much water a little Besides that I hope it clearly not boil necessarily only one glomerulus
  • 05:34: please can put here and so why is not the most the main thing that to Our cover it all like so closed and 3 you can put here but if such a size yonder remember great course better one is now starting to I turn first to the maximum when I put boils Times Now will shu but the girls excuse works then put einer
  • 06:05: for five minutes I boil water slowed down temperature that is, but it boils it does not jump I give in the pan I set the timer for 5 minutes and if there is no Maybe you set the time plate to expose mobile phones To make but it I recommend
  • 06:35: necessary because that I will now advise so that you all piled included and she worked herself but you can move if you are a girl be move away careful to have you are not boiled away the water water boils very so quickly or if not, stay away timer or start but do not go or forget your pan will in general that will even if the problem still
  • 07:07: Suddenly the water has boiled away can this be if a lot of yarn steamers there big balls I sometimes topped up here so open right on Delilah go another cup and closed and gone but it while you are still not adapted to lo this number yarn as I said 23 uterus and five minutes water cup will enough all end of our opening time
  • 07:38: heated until they even grab Now I can see you show look here I did a little yarn you see the wind off it is smooth he himself glomerulus important but it is not wet Here you can see a little bit wet where it lay like you say put after a while h can be
  • 08:09: if you want to take try to put not five minutes three minutes is all too perhaps you see ready my glomeruli thanks girls great I hope the attention it will help the who for the first time He collided with a information I take all your really I love sign up tell your ways to me it all also interesting and and read and learn
  • 08:41: I am waiting for you at the following video master classes