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Round the world. Samarkand (Samarkand)

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  • 00:00: Samarkand on three thousand years played a leading role in the political and cultural life between the two main rivers asia of the Syr Darya and Amu Darya
  • 00:31: under the name arakan before the city ​​was known still ancient Greeks in three hundred and twenty the ninth year before our era at its walls fought himself Alexander macedonian heart Samarkand area registane area with the name is many cities Central Asia but Samarkand is the most
  • 01:01: big and beautiful Dagestan means sprinkled with sand before she really was covered with sand she they were located market rows there is a new market closed and the area released to stones area register was built in fifteenth the seventeenth century three parties and close the grandiose the building of the madrasah Islamic educational the main thing is that catches the eye in architecture
  • 01:31: registane blue domes on dmitry si their form repeats but as Muslims fold hands after reciting prayers amine so be it The dome is made of burnt bricks and externally lined glazed tiles that shine in the sun, no matter what she does not the star from the east the side area of worth a madrassa ball gift his name
  • 02:02: translates as having tigers received it thanks in intimacy pictures on the portal Islam in general prohibits image of the living creatures but builders by were afraid to go against the will of ruler of Samarkand peak heyday Samarkand reached
  • 02:33: mid-14th century when it was made by the capital their empire tamerlan city fabulously rich flocked here representatives of different nations and religions savvy scientists masters sometimes on square suit costume actions who send viewers to different periods of history Samarkand most ancient building on registers madrasah which built almost 500 years back to ulugbek
  • 03:03: ruler of Samarkand an outstanding scientist and grandson of the great conqueror Tamerlane madrassah of Ulugbek was about 100 pupils they lived in two-room fir footjob and studied at the first floor with classes located on the corners of the building now everything possible space below busy with souvenir shops around also used
  • 03:34: other monuments Samarqand it's understandable Samarkand and from time immemorial famous for its rich commercial city sellers in madrassas ulugbek does not suffer from excessive the influx of buyers much livelier there is trade on
  • 04:04: main market Samarkand which called seo bazaar for name of the river at which is the city place of honor at counters of the market occupy Uzbek tortillas on market are selling several types and many of them are made
  • 04:34: Only here Samarkand is such tortillas are stored for a very long time this is still fresh and in principle, it remains fresh for two more years maybe even longer here there is a custom when a young man goes into the army he bites off from such cakes and hang it on wall when he returns he seems to be finishing started before the case and Eats this cake here are sold and decorative tortillas they can be hung on wall as decoration it's flat cakes already traditionally we have a
  • 05:04: Moroccan juvenile gift call this is this cake connected it was survived stored on the way about No, but you can try it yes and before biting off really good cake for a long time stored see how so how can we use absolute most sellers do not its dealers they bake flat cakes at home making tortillas
  • 05:38: put on stream one of the housewives rolls out the dough another applies to his pattern male relatives too, sometimes help women dough for flat cakes very simple it consists of a warm Water and flour and salt and trembling so she very elastic and the pattern is not spoils and does not crumpled even when
  • 06:08: cake strengthened on tambour tell me what do you write on pancakes you are all that you can write and let's write around the world our programs you are Draw as lines and write directly to them as if on paper jim bake bread in
  • 06:43: tandoor clay ovens widely common in majority Asian peoples drowns a tandoor brushwood so that faster and more evenly warmed up in our mistresses in business go cotton bushes when chlorine from will burn on the wall tandyr naplelying cakes did not trust stick a small
  • 07:14: not a gun oh reception there once everything went will send in half an hour will be ready and when our world around us my daughter will help you too yes, here it is beautiful hot
  • 07:44: all thankfully happily bye at the highest hill of Samarkand located unique its observatory built a great ruler grandson Tamerlane outback In 1429 the above-ground part by the observatory for some
  • 08:14: information reached 30 meter high soon after death ruler ill-wishers destroyed grandiose building observatory more on this place nothing happened built and the fact that left unearthed 90 years ago working in its Ulugbek Observatory made many astronomical discoveries for example calculated the exact Duration solar year on Ulugbek calculations year
  • 08:44: lasts 365 days 6:10 and 8 seconds modern data he more shortly only on 58 seconds is the most important observatory part ulugbek was located under land this is the main tool observatory marble sextant he oriented precisely on north-south lines he ran off on it
  • 09:15: determined the height own the horizon every day in noon sun ray through a special the hole falls on different segments of the arc and by its location can be determined coordinates of the star ulugbek in very honoring one of the monuments to him installed directly at foot of the hill on which was his observatory is not less and maybe even
  • 09:48: more than ulugbek they respect Uzbekistan his grandfather cruel conqueror Tamerlane or Timur lame for the Uzbeks important is not that he compared the earth several hundred cities mind to build a pyramid of the casino heads for them he is the creator great empire expansive from the Caucasus to India from the Aral Sea to Persian Gulf and Tamerlane and Ulugbek
  • 10:20: buried in built Tamerlane mausoleum gur emir in translation means tombs lord that is Timerlane is here is the tomb of the dynasty thymurids in the center lies itself Timur to his left beloved grandson of fly zou there for the sake of which and the whole this mausoleum on the right two sons of Timur in legs resting ulugbek their heads spiritual guide ruler
  • 10:50: tombstone timur and is made of a single jade chat under it are remains of which do not touch do not bring to the ground a terrible curse war, but it's all so called the top headstone dumping is at the bottom in basement mausoleum with December 1943 when the remains were
  • 11:20: returned to their place after the examination scientists crypt has been on the strength several hundred people simple curious there are not allowed and any survey categorically the crypt is forbidden Timur is small a low vaulted ceiling grave there is located exactly as well as tombstones in room upstairs and on gravestone Timur's two cracks
  • 11:50: they appeared when her last time hid in June forty first year similar scenes mid-March in uzbekistan you meet on each step people lead in order your city after a short time and get out the edges of winter prepares for a meeting new year in
  • 12:20: uzbekistan celebrates an unusual new year he called novruz that translation means new day of novus accounted for on March 21 spring equinox when the day finally comes becomes equal to night it's a day of spring day the awakening of nature and if nature wake up is late and helping by origin
  • 12:56: novruz goes back to times when the inhabitants Central Asia professed Zoroastrianism is easier saying were alone fans after Novruzes of Uzbekistan begin to plow and sow while for now celebrate and have fun all holidays in the birth of circumcision of the wedding are celebrated in mahalla mahalla is neighborhood where everybody knows each other
  • 13:26: as their one of the relatives the oldest mahallas Samarkand Cezanne guarantor today in the honor of the Navruz here prepare a plane airplane sweet ceremonial dishes its members sprouted wheat grains symbolizes strength awakening nature plane is prepared from flour and water and germinated grains wheat for three kg of flour take 1 kilogram Wheat itself Oleg do not put sugar if you take
  • 13:56: less wheat then he will be unsweetened all the sweetness is taken from germinated grains sprouted grains passed through meat grinder then their flooded with water and now all this water is squeezed and add the airplane now the most
  • 14:27: crucial moment the plane began boil important so that he does not do it too fast he will go bad so that he does not burned it you need stir constantly it is possible to put yes a why are there nuts here swim I'm watching very much and walnut nuts, walnuts main they vitaminizes Smolyak on the bottom in plane lies exactly
  • 14:59: twenty one stones there they are thrown for that he is not burned but also you can guess the desire is that it will come true bismillar conversion to God but we appeal that you but luck gave us the most beautiful color was sad was Sophia was alone man now only women here are young people
  • 15:29: find at work they work and you are yours and cook a woman Today is the day of Simonyak we all gathered together preparation amount Laka is not easy but cheerful women alternate with each other boiler and those who do not busy dancing they will prepare to
  • 16:07: nine hours for it he had time change color now he is dark brown my can try please only design by hand on the photo above boils up please here is the color and gentle brown thanks all is not enough will suffice you are welcome try please see very sweet similar to fruit
  • 16:38: puree for children supply but there was larisa another three hours then both they take and cover his warm blankets in order to airplane 6 hours insisted to the very am the next day dances and festive The concerts will be the whole city many times before more colorful novo is celebrated for town village see how it is I'm going set off kilometers from the
  • 17:08: Samarqand qusar abat rayon Samarkand field of I came to eat Vadsky district pretty early now there is still 10 and here already so many people and everything waiting for the beginning of the holiday for the holiday has gathered about 20 thousand people just like no one thought wide hollow
  • 17:39: spread the fair from the smoke of shashlik braziers from time to time pinches eyes people who are here and there crowded circles this viewers and participants traditional competitions here compete in the rise weights rules simple who more times burnt weight he won here in competition for
  • 18:11: national struggle it is called courage rules have simple as their classical or click the sky fight this corner of the athletes have already prepared gifts here for example such a portable radio and a set of tea mugs such a watch clear victory
  • 18:53: is only then when athletes will put on both blades participants martial arts to become everyone but at the fair you can find yourself and others classes I'm currently in the contest
  • 19:23: national dishes here about 100 dishes I'm not I remember how they all is called therefore tell me how they are often called consonant Uzbek titles hide completely the dishes we are accustomed to this is how called a dish looks good no pancakes with condensed milk
  • 20:01: women from the surrounding villages were laid out on their counter culinary masterpieces and waiting for when special commission will determine the winner competition yet a amount nastro want closer to noon people from the fair gradually stretched to the next
  • 20:31: a larger hollow it will start soon which will be the holiday event by the Korean holiday this competition riders are now on the tractor will take the carcass out ram 200 meters and riders will try to convey it before this circle is the one who first throw it in circle and will winner will receive prize is the main task rider to select and
  • 21:08: enemy carcass in battle for a ram go to case of short lashes many horsemen no wonder they stalker helmets and cotton trousers lu fight tiled The blows are not only horses but also people you hear was born
  • 21:41: in time to hide behind gas-powered but generally all viewers who sit on the field very much risk because horsemen hot with horses can also carry them directly to them here it is
  • 22:13: The race continues all day until sunset new year in different countries note differently and at different times but so cheerful noisy and important gambling holiday like the spring
  • 22:43: Uzbek Novruz you will not see probably nowhere