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Horoscope for Capricorns for AUGUST, 2016 from Angela Pearl.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello dear Capricorns is your horoscope for August month 2016 but first I want recall that in kyiv September 7 will be meet in conceptual restaurant house Griboedov at small street Zhitomir house 3а so all who live in kiev near to kiev text will be in Kiev in this time please I come you all really want to see and phone representative of Mary in I put the
  • 00:30: this video Call and she tells you everything everything will tell well now august month expensive ibex the new moon begins On 2 August, a new moon in your eighth house the eighth house we have a volume unforeseen situations, something can something can happen you did not wait for the second number of as well as finance especially if great finances banks loans and mortgage what you are take may be new loan new credit card
  • 01:01: decor if you want to formalize these loans or credit cards then do this is 2 numbers of alimony maybe the answer will be positive because in this new moon of venus connects with the sun and the moon and a venus is as a rule good news by the way if you agree on with your husband for example which is also yours pay alimony for
  • 01:31: child then you are their peacefully agree a plan venus is very faithful planet it is also this can be help financial from someone or payment of insurance that is money from some 8 more houses us house intima house sex you can with get close starting here in these from 2 to 12 August you can start intimate relationships with
  • 02:01: by one of your friends because the eighth house is a house of trust house with a closer and when we are very strongly trust someone we trust our Secrets of the Eighth House it is also a house of secrets so that you are someone trust on August 3 Mars enters your the twelfth house of Mars for the twelfth house the twelfth house is end of completion must be put some last
  • 02:32: point or if you did some kind of project on work for example or you write a book you her finish you and you term well, and you need it finish or wrote a thesis in her end then there is something where you are apply a lot efforts because Mars he suggests energy costs and what you need end it you you will do this in August maybe a trip somewhere in the workplace
  • 03:03: eg you probably have this very far trip somewhere very far away and you also need there finish something some or make a plan because Saturn is in the same house in your the twelfth Assad he likes everything to plan and Saturn the planet order so that maybe you need to clean up somewhere in your life the twelfth house is also our past maybe you some
  • 03:33: tails from your past and you need put order there or finish with your past possible and such options 13 August Saturn will unfold in this your twelfth house and if something is not shifted from a place Saturn Retrograde starting in March months or you've been waiting the right moment or something you do not have it turned out that's after the 13th day at last everything will start move forward and finally it will be released on the home stretch
  • 04:03: any of your business be careful 23 and 24 August when Saturn and Mars and merge into one point in the twelfth house because it's so very tense aspect very warlike aspect and even I would said explosive so be careful on the road and they are why it is dangerous because they still are connected in degree warrior star antares
  • 04:34: and the twelfth house we are also referred to loss therefore be be careful to nothing to lose 23 24 of August 6 the venus changes sign and enters your ninth house and there are 2 more friendly the planet Jupiter and Mercury so that veneers are good for us friendly planet therefore three planets connect together good and energy in your ninth house will be easy
  • 05:04: wonderful all that Traveling dating with someone especially with people from afar from abroad by people another culture all will go very well will deliver you pleasure because that Venus is something that brings us joy so this will deliver you joy of action ninth house is some lectures be where you are go or will or you will go to study in
  • 05:35: higher education institution or you give work work lecturer at the university too it is possible more legal matters maybe news from vessel that all of you will be offered to finish sat world because Venus and Jupiter are very peaceful planets and the most important thing is that you can meet you with someone with a future husband or wife Venus Significator wives for men Jupiter significator
  • 06:06: husband for men Venus we also love feeling a mercury that's there this planet the pimp is therefore very great opportunity in the month of August get acquainted with by someone and especially in internet because then this acquaintance with people those shadows which are located far away from us and well what do we have now the Internet we can contact any point of the world 6 6 i already said about
  • 06:36: Venus means you have us 18 August 18th day full moon full moon like rule day emotional because that the moon rises to the surface is what we Have not seen before or did not know before or not wanted with this now while coping with something there are some what important for today's day it all comes out on the surface and you it will be in the second home money income so some financial questions
  • 07:06: will be on the agenda day of the 18th day may be new work new source of income additional work and also can be some costs costs as unforeseen because you the eighth house unforeseen costs too strong in this month therefore you will be thinking where take money and or borrow from someone or they will turn to you and you will be someone help lend
  • 07:36: money that is here some financial issues but the second house we also have our home self-assessment and for some reason it will hurt this full moon she is emotional and she will touch your self-evaluation here think that as would you do did not do otherwise since you usually are arriving but to act and differently as consider it necessary On the 18th to set the question is
  • 08:08: how much am I estimate how much I I stand why it's with me and you hear from the branch intuitively you them hear the answer as you need to enroll if you have if you will need take some financial decision 18 number or it can be not even related to your finances linked to your attitude to your family, for example, because that the second house is still and the house of our family's house as well as in general
  • 08:38: all we appreciate is house value and and you know such full moon they like rule show what is important to us in life is valuable and what already no 23rd sun enters your ninth house some design documents the sun associated with public structures institutions and the ninth house is all foreign therefore or courts therefore maybe you will
  • 09:08: make out some documents or judicial or visas for a border or buy tickets or arrange passport do it all in August, because that Jupiter securities manager and travel documents treaties it unfolds 30 numbers in retrograde we are very love retrograde Mercury because he makes mistakes in
  • 09:38: all our affairs and documents and buy equipment computers and mobile phones in August in September For this, there will be no very suitable time and last day August 31, Venus Change to and enter into your tenth house Venus in the tenth house this is some kind of attainment this is something you will be be proud or good news about work but about this we we will talk next Thank you very much and up to meetings