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Bubnovsky! House Gymnastics for women - YouTube

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone women want to be slim and beautiful appealing I now give their Beauty recipes it will certainly exercise because and harmony and beauty and appeal it certainly figure and It helps me in this for leading actress beautiful woman alla Dovlatova trainers with
  • 00:30: Happy you holiday and you all Merry holiday women well here it is the doctor's office as if it is yes I believe that the soul man man is all that healthy paint charming especially in women, I I want to ask you that you do to to this beautiful slim but attractive physically I then I ask and pray of engaging in figures physical and uncover Arabica for 1 week, I
  • 01:01: I swim send donkey for pools how do you know 40 minutes, but sometimes I basel I just saying I spent half a lifetime pool anyone pool recommend because to benefit from swimming must swim fast the long time technically there if you visit 40 minutes on probation two kilometers of the well I do not have I float turns kilometer in 40 minutes there is slow bathe bathing husband awesome yes yes pool is really one relaxation
  • 01:31: on the other hand side of the aerobic load evenly the load of the load coaching vessels heart coach vessels of the heart should be swim run with a specific Lithuania with a certain pulse and then it It will be useful for all the rest is lost time but getting pleasure and then I think I Well I do not just go to I go to the pool So I wanted to pool the way you consult Then after that I I go to bath you and after profit steam which affects cool boss is notice is super I still advise you to
  • 02:01: approach to the bath, or steam room or heat chamber different names take cold bath as it was then hot sauna his house was cold bath repeated Good Well what about Yoga is good from yoga no water aerobics there are no problems but I wanted you test at the same time show what women still figure figure of beauty is posture This posture muscles the back of the foot and abdomen cheerful and so on have one key
  • 02:32: exercise is can perform many women who sometimes it is necessary to sit up means photo from the more sit and harder the more difficult to get up pop up there chest descends falls back It falls from the spit easy recipe let me try to you have to carry it out let us approach the this wall here imagine you many sit but I then an hour of sitting two then sat it is necessary to all of the office
  • 03:02: exit or just all you sitting too deliver and put pressed the heel wall shin pressed buttocks pressed blade pressed in belly and dragged drag it up by the way of yoga Imagine that you tree drag up sun shade seni seni the truth get in the imagine that the sun may even rain and you grow calculating let let let's heel toe heel press here's another
  • 03:32: yet so we stand Minute Minute stand but at would be about five minutes seconds of shaking legs stomach do not feel tummy sucked here perfectly general one she taught me breast should be able to wear and to wear breast is necessary because good back good back good legs now he make notes on the this Born helps stretch spine well yes feel chest abdomen hip she
  • 04:02: but quite difficult the hardest part is do this exercise without walls 5th place toes apart sucked stood on the floor of the fingers on the floor of the mouth, and that's tighten the thigh hip out cellulite draw near buttocks stomach in notes on chest forward blade We are drawn to close higher above represent that is stretched lumbar But if the spine the SUNSET 20 seconds passed yet another
  • 04:33: more more and because it is very well done people notice it rally's Avatar stan cooking alla wonderfully made phrase but little fellow that it was difficult to It was it was difficult to it is difficult not to stand held speaking Many women go high-heeled they lose muscle foot and they then walks when removed though both the horizontal bar bones so I offer for to the exercise It performs well train the muscles
  • 05:04: foot is a simple exercise go up Now here I give you two ball But for the beginning of the most simple two tennis try to get the ball they like this site not holding support just stand try do it almost any yes Of course outsole It should be as shaft from sneakers she is possible tramp become even better and so this here as well here
  • 05:34: catch himself tighten the thigh pull and now squat and stand up back arms straight arms straight hand gets straight back that's so important still far It allows you to feel only legs like hard to stand on the ball instead of trying to sleep enough little eats only I decided to look I recommend that the patient start with absolutely bad can any put a cushion but it was training done by small head
  • 06:05: These glasses are sold any store sporting goods give not just a matter of fact trainer Sergey okay let's you better than me fuck them the sword or exchange arms straight stood I felt and slowly squat slowly slowly slowly slowly 100 He did not fail Now we look forward to forward again
  • 06:35: trembling legs service during this exercise people He begins to feel ream driving hip buttocks start coordination It is very important coordination because that all blue stresses all care timber Problem 1 resist 10 sit-ups can be relax as Alan well done became I go here sensation in the foot
  • 07:05: nice way that When will massage do yes yes yes yes well you there stagnation Ivor disperse It looks very nice you understand muscle store the information two 48 hours of the day if the 1 week doing men then nothing but Here it is worth two minute and second when you exercise We did that tree it was difficult to let make easy exercise without your Yoga also lie on
  • 07:36: head back here an exercise called fish is exercise between the Incidentally, you can also began to make a ball for understanding it and exercise it It makes posture she makes it her neck It makes it even chest can contribute elimination of goiter thyroid Here steel ball between and the blades locally as tight
  • 08:06: neck arms along the body to now this same without a sword exercise she went to bring back lumbago lifted blade chest brought note what a beautiful neck needle which breast you palish and in this position after sleep 10 seconds 30 seconds you relax start
  • 08:36: feel that you He came back Yes, I just I emphasize that the foot foot chest stomach and neck this is what gives woman has bet so for once paid mother, this can be done breath-hold well laid down and after As for dealing with soft relaxed legs twisting into all Twist the hand We sit down and stretched We took up socks French for us
  • 09:07: exhale to exhale let the dog polski I took let go look for business to the exercise more comfortable can you do a little brain two times this is February 1 antagonist muscle first stretched then the spine worked tummy garden Reduces the buttocks are not slowly as
  • 09:38: compress the buttocks paper sheet and by great holiday become and prevention hemorrhoids constipation things that have Women who have given birth too sometimes there is a these must also be able fight a little forest I would like to say that the same lie so are friends I lie awake More I drank a glass of water or is it lymphodraining also for the belly I now this can be done
  • 10:08: do not continue to do so I was at the counter 4 breath inflates the abdomen then blowing it on 8 I retract to the agile perfect and exhaling air and then do like this Jan. 16 note it is good an exercise for prevention constipation but the figure give very different from you news you need be sure and we Women here is to the lower abdomen is not
  • 10:38: was very good It helps great use our feelings thank you you have come to let then he showed a beautiful figure his desire to be beautiful and vassals all the women I Congratulations on March 8 I wish that not landed only for his external appeal It is becoming internal health which really sets you apart in a crowd from patients with weak bad posture women good luck not