We fill in oil in Car thresholds - that did not decay!

We fill in oil in Car thresholds - that did not decay!  See details »

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  • 00:00: everything's great today The time is shorter pour oil on it threshold so I'll tell you visually it turns out show how it to do so we initially need unscrew these plastic porozhki so overall pass mass threshold of it disconnect first here we are cleaning it up
  • 01:23: look here mat and here we see hole show people have a hole which you need pour out on Well just the opposite here in general and that's what we'll pour it on you
  • 01:53: but before pouring it means us need auto plasticine for what it is used in this case we plaster threshold hole polysav that oil at we did not emerge earlier than it is necessary she had time for us sign on threshold walls from the inside, you take shorter of camp to leave it you start at the bottom
  • 02:25: clap plasticine you start to zalepljat hole through which can can leak oil so in general after
  • 03:02: as the author of the post clay holes now flood us waste oil quietly in the doorway neatly neatly and all pour well enough quantity can be liter of one and a half pour even two do not hurt shorter not through this pour as much as you want but without too much fanaticism naturally themselves understand too a lot also on what
  • 03:32: limits of reasonable that's it, that's all in the principal will not be enough this we find fucked -up now you know how it is
  • 04:11: is so operations with this Parties shall be held and can also pour rear apron I can not show I was there with a quick him to carry them reluctant I recently there already topping so here I hope the issue is exhausted and more to this return is no longer we'll be all right See you there someday