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How to bind two hooks that they were not confused | the Podolsk fork | by HD  See details »

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  • 00:00: welcome all to our channel In this video I will show how to tie a leash two hooks to they are not confused between the It is also among the people this installation It called Podolsky and fork so we take our line and accurately about meter actually is Length is conditional It depends on
  • 00:30: of a long you need a leash therefore, all long to be show this video you have tuck under its terms fishing and prune result, we it turns meter length of fishing line we fold in half here and here where we turned bend knit loop eight hacking protract
  • 01:05: our entire loop is ready Now from this loop I I retreat somewhere centimeters approximately 20 like that of seeing here eight knot only this end I skip to loop two times for more reliability like this
  • 01:36: damp and As a result, delaying We got 2 fishing lines and between the loop and knot and 2 of line for unit now our task cut one the end of the fishing line here knot and cut one
  • 02:09: near the end of the fishing line loop almost cut off under the root reserve tip a few millimeters here we The result was Collar and like these two free ends Here and now we
  • 02:41: left these free end tie hooks chips knit usual way tied one hook immediately cut off the excess end and tie the other hook to
  • 03:13: the second end I tied all the hooks Our fully leash ready as you can see thanks to this method hooks are located on distance from each friend and will not be confused in the process fishing so a leash can be used for float as well as for bottom fishing Thank you for attention
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