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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm here today . I'll show you 5 ways how right cut a watermelon well go to begin with tachenka we knives this will save us and strength and time subsequently the first way is to make a zigzag from slices of watermelon you need to start
  • 00:30: to separate the pulp watermelon from the peel I do it with the help of a large knife that we husband by the way protects as the apple of my eye say I honestly gave it with it is not easy for the moon okay on readiness a piece of watermelon cut transversely pull out the different sides through one as a result of us it turns out this composition arts so way number two to start cutting
  • 01:01: watermelon across and how are you I see it is given to me even more difficult than in first time next turn over half a watermelon pulp down and cut prism glasses like this we take a piece and we try which one sugar if you do not
  • 01:32: I like that after watermelon face remains wet and sticky then cut from a slice triangle of the edge and can forget about could the fourth way to my favorite and also turn half a watermelon pulp down and cut squares in the result of our long strips that are very
  • 02:02: it is convenient to eat well, before we go to the trick with watermelon I will show to you 5 way by the way too my favorite this time we will make watermelon cubes and by the way everything is done almost as in previous method but we keep the watermelon flesh upward cut watermelon squares cut the flesh into circle and then a spoon
  • 02:32: picking out cubes everything is very easy and just Well, and finally, the trick with Watermelon which you can surprise both adults and children for this we two similar in volume watermelon first watermelon should be cleared of peel so that remained only red ball from pulp to achieve such a result first cut from watermelon all green crust and then a little
  • 03:02: work on it white residues then we take a rough brush and brush our watermelon in the end we we will get beautiful red ball second same watermelon cut into two halves and clean these halves from flesh well and now the moment truths put our berry in empty skin and forward to play friends and acquaintances is video if it's you
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