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  • 00:00: hi friends with you Nastya Hertz today I'll show you some lightphones which can apply in summer maybe some of you already know them and not I have seen but I hope something of this will be For you again and you too can bring lifhakaki years well and also very важная новость? 23 and 24 July we will be able to meet in kiev at the festival video glow will be there A lot of everything interesting we can chat with you pofotka and also there will be other video bloggers if you want to get free tickets for video glow then I offer you take part in there are two standard ticket and one view of two the main day of the festival
  • 00:31: the condition of the competition is make a repost record act as a group VKontakte videozhara the winner will be random all links you will find in the description, well, now let's watch useful lifhaki there is indeed useful lifhaki which are real simplify life is smart home appliances redmond which can manage through raid application chamfer on the smartphone clever rosette redman allows you to manage and smartphone by anyone device which it is connected eg air conditioning or
  • 01:01: fan and waves the plinth is inserted They are usually light bulbs too, can be ignited and quit smartphone lay down on the sofa to see and turn off on smartphone light and turn on air conditioning or fan so as not to it was hot clever redmond tracks fastened to any thing
  • 01:32: for example keys if they are lost in Appendix Relief narrow can be pressed button and tracker will sound signal will be easy to find even if in the room a mess still say tracker you can use against thieves tracker is associated with smartphone by bluetooth if the suitcase is which hangs tracker much from you to distance relationship break into smartphone will come loudly notify and you will have time to catch up thief clever teapot redmond too is managed from smartphone it can be boil in the morning from bed or when you sit and
  • 02:02: watch your favorite youtube and going to the kitchen and if you activate heating function the kettle will maintain the necessary water temperature 12 hours on end scales redmond except weight shows application on smartphone muscle fat ratio Bones and water in your body and calculate the index body weight all weighing persist in You can build graphics and set one's goals link to redman's site will be in description summer when very hot you want
  • 02:32: make you cooling dessert can be taken simply usual cookies and ice cream for one cookie you plaster ice cream and 2 do you close very cool cool sandwich dessert hot day we are all we love to eat ice cream but it happens so that the ice cream begins to melt and dig right at you on A hand that does not was you can take
  • 03:02: paper form for muffins to do in middle of the hole and do like this now when ice cream will melt she will not drip you are in your arms when you drink soda from a can there is such that the tube pops up outside to this avoid you just you need to go through it through the ring it ring is on opener and then you will be able to
  • 03:35: enjoy a drink many summer with you take a bottle of water that water always it was cool and fill the bottle half the water put it down horizontally when in the bottle is formed ice add water to get here so there is so much useful trays against insects if you are bitten by a mosquito and there are no means protect, take a simple teaspoonful heat it up and attach to the place
  • 04:05: bite it should help hope that you liked it video if so then put your thumb up also do not forget that you can subscribe to to my channel if you Not yet signed and see other videos on my channel and with you were Nastya Hertz all I love all kisses