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  • 00:00: so hello all today stubby so to talk about the rocker means We received a request for internet us our record is make small so that such lectures we leave them knowledge of our grandparents, great-grandparents who Now while it work you see this a book about the waist then we see here's a bunch of such Now it turns out which means that in the season 200 200 hives hives here
  • 00:30: Here such here where some 10 kilos proportions of icons and I took Now we talk to I mean you I insist such propulse questions to prove that there is one thing his then scraped stuck his Propolis with frames wax minuet if sometimes attacks of wax then wax disconnected from valued it means specific way many beekeepers logic I try to connect play just once unclean pass it same radiation
  • 01:00: his beekeeper cleaner which I work to the Assistant to he also collected immediately I tried to clean how to collect propolis he will be able to gather with wadding and here means you just frames chance on scholasticism further growth Of course here it is desirable to do to her we open the lid here means fuck Moscow now he also all the propolis and this itself prohodets here all collecting means frames everywhere there with dark brown Propolis is a all we have to go work what is why he crawled
  • 01:31: bee means to carry Propolis is at We of the components This basic resin resin flower plants was its main binders This resin birch birch buds mail generally means how said useful spring product spring is spring very much insects and animals or poultry poet birds who wins save it in the spring small kidneys from these the there are many of its applied for and there is no for his
  • 02:01: recovery winter or immunity their means metallics details of the jew's harp bits to know Logan as vitamins additive insects governor also began to collect the most able to birch buds she means it all where how to compare be lean . just as he would have coniferous trees which resin going flowers necessary means and suede lost favor to all over it scores here such Now therefore, wadding
  • 02:31: Are frames and all All slits hammered the proportion is obtained which means the air gets there Gurion all passes or somehow contact means with about every pole and they occur such ionization kind ionization occurs traversed about pole that dry and the longer breathes marras Claude It means queen bee write certain thus purified air over a completely
  • 03:02: different from what which is in the environment is 1 means that there is allowable moment kyron say here this here is our student ancestors is that bees ionizes the air and I you show such We selected the picture of see how the say in his taiga apiary draw this one social wadding created ponytail It is also very useful application is stretched on framed wadding and here a picture then miraculously it looks draw a picture
  • 03:34: natural paints It is also very good here this picture you I show a different picture is the nature of direct our way we live and kind of the southern painted too work very interesting and is such picture is means when it especially hanging very useful to hang nursery are picture of the child the room it hangs then ionize air I do remember how my grandmother my then politely she headboard always have a bone missing my jump shit we conceiving
  • 04:04: it means already we breathe air which is ionized cleared the skip ponytail us. I generally slightly it means more options there are so Attorney means granulate can mean reduce its terochke can rub it means that in kofemolochke can you can simply super granny's his weight slightly soft small chips
  • 04:42: it means to pleasure and obtained and here jar to pour out such Daddy always mean propolis better certainly push in large quantities Well, what's bought bank as a sort of These three liter 3-liter jar it is necessary to 300 grams of propolis well to rich solution turned 300 pro gram course Here we continue to reacting propolis I will look like this
  • 05:15: a little bit a little bit freeze all and here it is very easy make turns very easy to achieve 300 grams is 80 we have applied passes
  • 06:19: such application said this applied such paintings he what here it all poured out another means propolis remove courts located at we get there smaller grow larger special 300 There is nothing here
  • 06:54: this means we Now we are necessarily make necessary quantity so if you
  • 07:30: insist small piece Well let propolis here you have small piece the proportion of will go you to explain and insist it It means a small Well amount of alcohol that is, there are literally glass or polstakanchika the Of course there the probability that it is not get those trace you that are more start better course is already taking customized propolis in some beekeepers that this who are engaged in the puts more pieces May 3 meter 10 liter than the greater capacity of the
  • 08:00: it means more concentrate More to hit the microelements which can not be small piece clear that have shelled then fell asleep here but wake
  • 08:54: it's desirable means that what setspeed soon many Now we've got a question ask aspect where take alcohol, we take then any samogonchik then it will brew you say that dual stage The aircraft will be 90 double degrees transition there are two times distilled single time of humus somewhere 40 degrees 30 different 30 40 distilled a second time 90 degrees is double bust new stage here at us there all
  • 09:24: Dual stretch to hands that have the same most ear and that's it costs we the truth export bottles and so we mead distilled twice it turns out here such Here brew 90 4 degrees, we divide that we brew divide that is, here we add 1 liter water 1 liter of water with it It is taken from the underground Madrid show you no usually just water but Now I show that is here we are pouring means
  • 09:55: better to be vodichku vodichku the third part we happened call 1 here Here Skira 2d distillation brew here So looks well we but it turns out here We have added some water small everything is fine closed the lid such plastic tell that brought
  • 10:32: necessarily show what to do so Now while we have for cap went then talk about some start application in proportions here for example one of amazing sos traversed when we They were issued for mushrooms for wild garlic forever our grandfather gave my father and also gave all always willing to childhood skip propolis chew, and then went to the there and went into the forest we get that when it quietly
  • 11:02: Well this fact it and put them in the dark place means necessarily in the dark place 2 warm words it is not necessary room temperature through day you ought to like this here one or two times Shake well succeed a dark, dark Naboo good solution It grew dark all mass sit here
  • 11:32: means here such mixture performed very good use at least we are now you talk about catch and change so then I started talk has take a piece of propolis here we such sticks have here we are riding for yourself cane laid then roll the window propolis so one must also will show how We did it late
  • 12:02: years of sausage clean propolis has completely purified so gently beautiful looked that is coming city means guys there we visit there are only came before and often they mean so we do not chew all we missed in Secondly why because that when you live is breathing means
  • 12:32: from your mouth It is obtained by the smell of your face, as it were Here it is shrouded scent not earned who fear the way fear not perceived various insects there are the same mosquitoes horseflies mites they for them it's like still means repellent some means for we dangerous for them It means a whole It means that tragedy and this smell about Pulse they are trying to escape from this passage odor and turns that have less than you in
  • 13:02: face means sting gnats flying less because you are this one here the spirit of this fragrance about heart during still chewing and but then chuchu that is useful and pig I do the same fragrance itself when we chew it comes to any score in the blood It gets means and there is such but the probability of release there is no telling my grandfather I'm not going to find out it's true is not it can be someone will challenge is not this may be Life is full features we think may then
  • 13:32: turns out that flooding it means He says so It passes the smell then gets through saliva into the blood and tick Klitschko to ruin oneself by drink draw eshkin ruin oneself by drink and strewed let's say it this smell feels you have thin blood smell some odor or how I do not know no smell but it may What that is, some flair that propolis getting to yes taste have disappeared tick any longer bites understand So he only he does not stumble all also loves the smell
  • 14:02: held stories that It uses bee You understand that is for What is it used that is, and late train and discourages different all insects pests and assume capacity zapadlo here she is his family zapropali a morning mouse in the frame to raise muscles are drawn 100 milliliters why that he was preparing to dully first tab seats puzyrochek where we brush our teeth where we
  • 14:34: We wash ourselves in. open button yet . 1 and then brush clean ring about the recipient disinfection at all gum us very helpful though Korea effectively all destroyed the enamel simply type in the the sun when you afraid to rejoice throughout living around the world around around you so highly its activity is good two days before you me whether it is possible to rinse it is necessary to rinse Florida Ravana water