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  • 00:00: blue berries with white on the fly try closing his eyes not at once and understand what it is honeysuckle undeservedly forgotten phosphorus calcium and iron because of these three trace elements a real find for women of any age of the berries honeysuckle is very to consume well women who suffer nina in general not useful for a woman cdx physiological stress anxiety insomnia cause magnesium deficiency sometimes with
  • 00:30: magnesium and it happens arrhythmias that is people from cardiovascular diseases is the berry simply irreplaceable honeysuckle has a bright expressed bactericidal properties Infusion will help with angina and stomatitis parts of urethritis the war was forgotten disease associated it is with urinary bush system is easy take root at the cottage the main thing is that the soil was not waterlogged and not sourly fossa do a little
  • 01:01: more pot deepen the roots by 10-15 centimeters gently fall asleep them land after powder we like should be squeezing the soil and produce abundant copious watering now is best cook vitamin compote from two varieties of berries honeysuckle and strawberry per liter of water 3 4 spoonfuls Sahara the syrup began to boil add a glass strawberries are brought to
  • 01:31: boiling put one or two spoons honeysuckle cook no more than two minutes of honeysuckle can be and just rub with sugar and add to cottage cheese ice cream or porridge honeysuckle is obtained not sugary cook useful for winter dessert single