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  • 00:00: Good day my expensive pleased welcome you to its channel I name lana vi and you are on the channel where we knit fashions now we are beginning I have to collect the top one that is joined one side of the shock so the main thing that here But when you connect the first front and back in seam beginning this face I have here a very attentively fix, see look to the edges
  • 00:30: one line and that's it It was here and so see not acted not not back to front show here that's clearly Do not impersonate that here's show But in this case, I chose the top hook Here I connect hook but do not know if you want to Try needle This yarn Me I thought it would be very coarse needle not I tried to know I did not like Here was a most most traditional classic simple united and
  • 01:01: It happened like this Well, of course that's when stretched it more visually clear Yes but here rezinochki like however well as the I did it mean here's edge Copper is the rest of me to It's just see then tied the ends on here here here the seam I'm hiding something but I feel so comfortable to good issue here it's the bottom of the bottom compound I
  • 01:32: I use here this thread and then himself products and that's how I here said the main find the beginning and so it Here you can see over here Here I am here it is passed But in one way and so that I you see here Wrong loop here I'm here all the pigtail will hide to show that only It was the face this is Wrong
  • 02:02: smooth surface and likewise here, too, the gap 1 Wrong loop here All that after it's this is her pigtail I need to hide in shock So I see here I slipped and here exactly so you do not need to find Here is the beginning and here that is, I take for two slices a loop to a two slices so I am taking for both here and here so here
  • 02:32: I stretch thread here stretched and then I I look in the face more or less like this will you see It will be a very even and well here in this position I will be here Now here, I probably I will fix even so and then I do a loop I already show to tighten loop was more So you see today
  • 03:02: show here and so I I am passed by both segments and to this hand just as here it is next 1 and 2 and stretching the loop and so pulled the loop in the same usually something that rather most common way which we use and handed but
  • 03:33: will be first tugovato further already so it will be better is now following here means a person then inside me and that's it Here is my rim yes I mean here here I insert and the second here You see loop took All that's how you refer to each you nothing
  • 04:03: and here is the same at the exact just this side Well, here and here We stretch our thread all held the beginning of the most difficult passed on to easier to see what here we all are in First here is the 5
  • 04:36: but not loop see about 1 centimeters like this here and try to about 1 eye cm leave so that it does not have delayed because the seam then what will be left jump side seams in front back down, as it were sag and lateral joints jump because you are strong tighten that is here So try that this is the second loop that you now we are on the hook was here this size that is not it needs to be small
  • 05:06: this do let it pull come 1 cm Now it is one and a second time time here Turn on your face so here and see what you do Are you all right not something that is normal and Do it right pickets picks with both of these paintings So you see here and so I have also obtained here here here here I am You see already a little let me a little bit and that not right now, I here I will disband and
  • 05:36: Here the loop bandage is such not to leave like this, try that was all the 5 cards loop and so to dismiss dissolve is also very just hook it always good blooms here in Generally girls you saw the home and not the My mistake here so that's why every 2-3 centimeters joined looked on the face of all good
  • 06:06: went on to refer to Now girls basic technique this is our show means True to our long I I say should be one centimeter it you Right on the hook hand like this here finger pointer just stick because the thread is working directly from or her books and as long as you provyazyvat Now draw and a second loop pulled through more you can
  • 06:36: involuntarily reduce the I have a chance and so that it does not you can decrease right thumb keep it Now you have entered the hook our edge hinges on two sides rather than on 2 canvases extended a thread and here while the second loop leave such not small pull it out big as we needed one centimeter because in fact it is she time we will remain
  • 07:06: but so far so let it so here you have a tension because Here you adjust it the left hand index fingers thread and you it adjust place in this size small because it is easier to pulled through large loop like this and only then pull Here again show then here it is in my I was holding her this Of course all the agility hands and experience but if you
  • 07:36: so I try I think you all get very quickly here as it little thrown about and then pulled Of course she can slightly reduced yet it will remain in the large the amount nevertheless not will pull our the mind and of course, We look at our seam here I have already issued down You see on hiding their dances here Now he is at the bottom
  • 08:07: all the same, and before and back in a straight line all continue to go Yellow shock that is see that it neatly no It was not your error all sew associate so I joined parts and measured the Now I know my Even so, the length of the height my neck so here it is the center and I now join these I see two parts
  • 08:38: I will connect on so the wrong side so here I put they have me on until all Knitting can be said and I turned like this way to collect on the wrong side here I left here for the thread work and that I'm just here here it's cut and tie here and so I its two strings I linked this then cut it hide we start
  • 09:08: hook in the first loop one spoke in the first loop on and another stretch here stretch Now shoot accurately also continue in and in the second loop the second loop on another spoke all stretch and place loop in the loop as combined side seams Now all I finish no camera you've all
  • 09:38: We see how to We are such a close I braid on seamy side this way you can see the show is hiding his face thread all that unnecessary and and go measure