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5 Terrible and Mysterious Secrets of the Internet which We still Do not understand

5 Terrible and Mysterious Secrets of the Internet which We still Do not understand  See details »

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  • 00:00: buyer for ali express safe salt tuls rating trust of sellers price history popular Video reviews Do not give yourself fool Hello, friends with a worldwide network the Internet there are many secrets and mysteries amazing incredible and sometimes even frightening for example who the last 10 years hacks
  • 00:30: government base and abducts secret documents or who is really created a bitcoin let's look at the 5 most intriguing secrets internet deep net what is deep network English the term deep web is denote web sites which are impossible discover with conventional search Yandex google systems and Well, and so on, because that these sites hide their aip-pi addresses for access to
  • 01:00: dip web exist special services moreover in the deepest network there is a so-called dark web network in which are strange and mysterious and even illegal things that are not you will meet in the usual Internet entrance to the dark web is possible only with special software ensuring the since the exchange data occurs anonymously without access to the pi address and use of non-standard protocols what is he doing impossible tracing User There is an opinion that
  • 01:30: deep network exceeds its informational capacity public internet at least 600 times the cicada 3301 in January 2012 in the Internet appeared strange series puzzles that lasted about months in 2013 the second series of puzzles 16 3 which lasts until now at the very beginning on one of the popular sites was posted post hi we are looking for people with high
  • 02:01: intellect for this we developed a test in this image hidden messages decipher it and she will show you where we are find a luck caption 3301 in the future chain puzzles in number more images image was used insect cicada there are different including the most incredible versions of who does this and for what starting from Freemasons and Illuminati completing the a b b b c and mi-6 there is also the view that all this one big game in
  • 02:31: an alternative reality but also some participants found real tips in the most different places in our planets ranging from dozens cities in America and ending cities australia and russia who is behind all these rebuses and what is achieved before still remains a riddle of black holes It happens that sent on e-mail letter and never reaches the addressee or order placed in any
  • 03:01: online store so and is not formalized often this is due to the elementary inattention users but there is opinion that sometimes data simply are absorbed in this way called black holes Internet and more since 2008 engineers try to find out why is number of different information in random order simply disappears from online communication some believe that this is firewalls and dead IP addresses others call more frightening reason this phenomenon in 2013 by researchers
  • 03:31: a certain black hole in internet which acted not quite usually someone redirected closed governmental Internet traffic in open access to all over the world using have not been clarified and interception methods proceeding from this it is possible suggest that in fact Internet traffic is not lost in black holes and someone to them manages but who is behind this and why do they need our data no eye in 2009 scientists together with
  • 04:01: Canadian company for following cyber activity in Internet revealed spyware online activities which put under threat to safety of many Internet users studies identified about 1300 infected servers and computers and this is not would be so dangerous if half of they were not over important computer systems established in of foreign embassies of international organizations and media communities 103 countries around the world even the computer the Dalai Lama was is infected with this spyware
  • 04:31: since detection of this it's been seven years now but he continues try to infiltrate into large and significant organization in this many countries hide these incidents in order not to provoke further growth and so remains unclear who is behind this mystery organization know just now her ip address are in China who created bitkoyn these amazing money was introduced in treatment in 2009 bitcoin is the first decentralized
  • 05:02: digital currency which is not attached to no physical assets or official currencies and the price of it is regulated exclusively market demand and offer in peak its popularity on the turn of 2013 and 14 years 1 bitkoyn cost 1100 American in 2015 price fell to 230 and now there is a recovery and the cost of one bitcoin is about six hundred sixty dollars one version bitcoyne was created 30-year-old Japanese Satoshi pinched
  • 05:33: but it is almost surely a pseudonym who is this secret the creator of money from of air there are several candidates number of scientists and cryptographer nickname and clogs also a secret group people and fugitives under the same Japanese name satoshs are pinched like would there be no question who created bitcoin and remains open considering that the total the cost of all issued bitcoins already exceeded 450 million mark dollars becomes clear stealth or team of people
  • 06:03: who created this amazing in youtube