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How to establish a font with symbols of schemes for knitting - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you, I a labor and in this video I I show you how to stay on your computer custom font and it you easy and just paint scheme Crochet Follow the link below you downloaded here such unzip the archive archive and delete you I've found two remain
  • 00:32: This is the file font that you need to install it on your computer go button start select panel management Here it was opened in control panel select daddy fonts that's all fonts I will cover the excess and so Now your folder
  • 01:05: new is it there knitting's folder font that installed already you on your computer to install a new font just enough of it drag computer he finds it here You see I dragged Now install all it is already installed now we can open love vordovsky file and try out the font
  • 01:35: Install directly larger size and shall find our new font you have it right away I got to see here So important need establish English is necessary and possible proceed
  • 02:05: each key is any character Of course you can use this font not only in New York and in any other program which have on your computer and adobe and panda and Corele anywhere to to use elevator in the paint program You must select button font go to the panel
  • 02:36: view and select the panel text attributes in This attribute panel there is a list of fonts and you can choose our font for knitting I remind we glance at layout we switch on English please here
  • 03:06: how many characters you want to be sure look in the second text file called manual work and helpful references here you will find lots of really links for everyone who is interested needlework and embroidery knitting and so I remind myself font you download a video if you see this video is not on the u tube
  • 03:36: you need to go on youtube in the following video, I tell you how positioning symbols round and not to miss something new and exciting often look to our website World lane and subscribe to my alawar channel wish all pleasant creativity great new things and absolute great happiness to you was Olga drill all the best