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Lesson. Very easy and beautiful pattern a hook for jackets, a palatine, tunics, a baktus and a shawl  See details »




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  • 00:00: Hello on the request of the girls want show you a simple but very beautiful uzorchik it is suitable for jackets have for summer tunics nice if for summer yarn tie & Wraps for scarves so I linked from a not tight yarn. it is somewhere in 100 grams
  • 00:37: Three hundred meters of a thread something like that and it turns out more thin they It seems to depend sale paillettes also very look beautiful Well, you can not pour them out all this Yurchik suited to
  • 01:08: all but to the entire yarn I was knitting and thickness by Shay Now I see the show you how to get if it is seen Red Model thanks too
  • 01:38: it turns gently very fast easy Here I will show you how fit recruit any the number of loops moment So
  • 02:10: recruit three more for how it will be convenient lick three believe 1 2 3 and 4 all we do with a column one sc not very comfortable with arms outstretched go here made one column two gum
  • 02:42: nakida not believe distributed and thirdly deal making table one sc 1 rad not always convenient to knit 3 aerial loops upper tip column We do a little ball
  • 03:12: This sc in the following loop following knit 1 more column one sc 2 air loop nakida read two a third loop 1 with a single column sc so 3 air loop
  • 03:45: the top of column shear hook and pulls a lump of matter floret next sc loop knit 1 more column one sc we get here these houses so they so on February 2 Air
  • 04:19: loop once or twice in the third two skip the third knit a column with one sc 3 air hinges top of Kaluga and draws itself
  • 04:49: beauty following another 1 column, without sc and so do before the end of series and so knit up end of the row and the way we We come to the end of the series we need to symmetry pattern was We direct them without any air
  • 05:21: do loops 1 column one But in sc last loop tied so now 3 air loop overturn sc them here same loop We do even 1 column with
  • 05:53: one tied sc so on two loops but I air loop knit and now we knit here in these squares there will make our houses so called 1 with a single column 3 air nakida calla loop I stick top of making our
  • 06:28: floret yin-yang even 1 column with one sc are the two loop aerial 2 Petlin tied and again with 1 column one sc 3 air loop
  • 06:59: column even 1 column with one sc and so knit to the end a number of such direct Zalim so we tied I stayed here like this would we be without a tail any air loop the world and the first sc column bloody thing yet 1 column one nakida 3 loops 3
  • 07:30: air hinges flip knit another column in the same the column has a column 1 one sc 2 air hinges and then knit pattern We reiterate the basics
  • 08:01: but the end as we necessary This is a detailed size So he came back and end We do and sc the first column do even 1 column with one sc and again 3 and again at the loop 3
  • 08:32: air hinges overturn knit even 1 column with one sc for aerial loops and so on here at we will began not very clearly visible in the zone but the more you will be for the more you will its beauty see here and what you home Muzychka I wonder if you can
  • 09:02: this summer tunic or topic here will These are the holes holes where you can do not shnurochek sew and lace and both muhammad is the product products for example here if it was under the same he's like that lace up, we are very beautiful
  • 09:34: even from here this yarn more than 100 with paillettes need to climb no topic free evening wear nice happens here on this all thanks to all of I love until