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  • 00:00: your eyebrows and eyelashes lost healthy look become dull and brittle rare this problem to Unfortunately familiar many. Metelskaya claims need an integrated approach and Now reveal all the secrets cooking ideal home beauty means that we We need to back and lashes eyebrows healthy. hello rolls I'm glad to see you, you know that the lashes and eyebrows is about eye and we are very I want to eyes was shining and in many ways it It depends on
  • 00:30: how good eyebrows and looks cilia completely usually true our eyelashes and eyebrows begin to fall and if we start some internal disease or if we do not have such diseases more often The main reasons are be either mechanical damage or unbalanced power to mechanical damage we can attributed wrong care and eyelashes eyebrows when wipe the face of tough towel that also It makes eyelashes or eyebrows and brittle
  • 01:00: provoke them loss wrong demakijazh course load including from beauty means we are always we use ink then wash off makeup with eye foreign substance fall on eyelashes and eyebrows think of it they also spoil deteriorate if we We decided to build himself the eyelashes or the eyebrows can say that half of us necessarily lose a month later the trouble-trouble Al of this from problems too faced I do not build themselves I stepped up but I will say honestly sometimes get well to paint eyelashes
  • 01:30: mascara lashes heavier and as a result of their We own both to break off It was honest I experimented with ink but then naturally I escaped this problem is familiar many of our spectator and I know that your Olya turned namesake to you for help because her eyelashes and eyebrows really hurt you as far as I it is known for We talked and you gave helpful advice and gave advice and recipe Viola Mallet in the province is not We asked you to close
  • 02:01: her with a brick I have a very rare and the feeble brows We began to fall out every day I getting smaller and less, and to all else do not change bright I honestly mountain and lounge and take some water there are beautiful only deteriorating situation honestly now I have one hope Olga thread a beautician Bogota river experience Olya Metelskaya same damn Youth not speed this regard, we particularly for it was evident nor shew dobra powerful Drive two days prior to the date loyal to the waist
  • 02:31: to an increase in the office of the I promised that a certain I will have cilia and eyebrows, and only more faster healthy but more Well look dark what happens is you 2 not to miss almera exchange rate for the Swedish effect there she He wore seen free day too complex today in the studio I show USiM fallen results very soon we salt get acquainted We see how healthier and beautiful steel eyelashes and eyebrows and to the moment learn prepare these
  • 03:01: ideal beauty facilities Well prepare two very simple means that will complement and the second one is universal means that not only strengthened eyelashes and eyebrows but return them also beautiful natural color as the interests of wounds and preparing literally in minutes everything is very simple 2 basic ingredients this tea and natural ground coffee is great so we need natural black whole leaf tea only one tea spoon on taking natural ground
  • 03:31: Coffee also pour there is one teaspoonful then spoon teapot and boil boiling water zaparivat our mix add to 50 milliliters of boiling water and it turns very very rich coffee tea but that's such a mush 0 this leaves beauty we serve saucer and give to stand for at least 20 minutes, but if you stand up more than anything either terrible and should have We then get Here is such a storm a mixture of know me even remotely
  • 04:01: like the smell of well at least I confident and what that it is absolutely natural remedy unlike those dyes and reducing eyelashes and eyebrows light which can be purchased in the store considering rod on customary that sold us bags of 10 hryvnia to a pack for us no staining fit we strongly that need special which costs 12 45 grams of hryvnia and to more and hto and the I try to find another plus it is very difficult
  • 04:31: small particles if you get us in eye it will be very unpleasantly the only thing that when it is present, we need it strain how we filter always take a strainer small ploshechku only us you need to use necessarily any gauze or what that cloth to particles of coffee in any circumstances our the solution were otherwise again can get into the eye will very unpleasant bullets from general at you so cosmetic recipe
  • 05:01: th is experimental so that's my job had a girlfriend that one Day came and said, whether you have specialist who good increases cilia I said yes Well you may have to really I want to be so that's just as much food Listen come on at may try first restore something that is in any case before we will increase eyelashes they should all equal to paint otherwise on the whitish root and trailers it will be black
  • 05:31: unaesthetic need all still our eyelashes strengthened but then do things we will recover in general iris girlfriend said well we She made money came after a time I said I will not build firstly significantly improved my own in the second I saw that turned my girlfriends who have already have increased and so when we Strain us I am supposed to be here such a solution to the The most interesting that to put it too
  • 06:01: very simple to applied at its a brush with a cotton swab but may be more such small sekretik we take sponzhik beauty is in the We take half bend scissors cut crescent whereupon We should get in We here such here 2 polovinochku we put our halves sponzhikom under the eye on in this way whereupon take a cotton swab omit the solution and then on top
  • 06:32: literally cilia and impregnate like this then here's a way It is not skin color probably filled Olechka thanks some feature tea and coffee beneficial effect on eyelashes First black tea very good strengthens our eyelashes it makes them more further dense coffee interesting that the there are 8 b vitamins contains pigments these pigments contributes to the fact that our cilia get healthy natural color caffeine
  • 07:02: very good effect growth and and two energy transfer simple tools that are on each kitchen do two weeks our cilia healthy and beautiful when we're talking about coffee I immediately a desire have a cup Please help yourself to of pleasure to cafe the first rule in the morning and so you said that within two weeks need regularly implement this daily routines preferably daily we do first One layer of this means for us
  • 07:33: infiltrated our eyelashes and eyebrows We waited until then dry apply a second layer, and so it is possible to five or six to pony were really equally beautiful about the crumbling It is to strengthen and staining and the second part of the complex for what to reinforce stimulation for resuming intense growth and so our means It will consist of three oil and 2 vitamins that all we need only for tea take a spoon Castor oil which is known
  • 08:03: well strengthens our lashes makes them thick does not contraindications and Hippo baby too so only one tea spoon next we take this oil jojoba it soothes our the skin does not give moisture evaporate and cilia and eyebrows are softer she to balance castor action oil is tough enough Here, too, one tea a spoon and the last is the oil wheat germ y contains us
  • 08:33: great amount vitamins E thanks What our eyelashes will be softer silkier fluffy also one teaspoon if we do not have one germ oil wheat we in this the case can be replaced in the usual olive oil and the last is It remains vitamins vitamin A and vitamin E I use vitamins oil-based all we need only 5 drops I understand that due to its
  • 09:03: the composition of this agent even if it falls on the eyelid skin and the area around the eyes and skin It will also help stay young cool and nice absolutely correct after we all added stir and as a matter of fact Our oil mixture fully ready application neatly take it on a cotton swab and Apply as usual already withered cilia after the first agents and dried up and we edge We can apply at a cotton swab and we can take an ordinary cosmetic
  • 09:33: brush and neatly Apply oil means we put only in a single layer We are waiting for two hours after which carefully remove the remains dry cosmetic napkin after this can be applied mascara on lashes and eyebrow tint butter and pour in in a clean jar sterile store at room temperature if we washed well with our jar in such the case can be stored and a month, and two but if the jar was
  • 10:03: washed bad we We can not feel such a good smell respectively a mixture of oils need change to brew Unfortunately we can not Long-term storage we We can be stored in refrigerator no more than than two days and and easy to prepare and recommence procedures for to get the effect We need to complex do not approach the issues less uh weeks regularly apply both means that way Olya did that to our daughter for assistance, please contact us you saw in what state it was eyebrows and eyelashes and Ali Now came the moment
  • 10:33: invite it to us and see the result impact of this health Complex Well Well We invite to get them please pass and we have no right not just look nauli avatar as a general Feel it means it was easy to apply astra and you pleased with the the moment when I began to notice in the favor and do longer wanted are engaged
  • 11:03: It is very beautiful cilia are healthy fluffy smooth beautiful eyebrows . you how to evaluate result wonderful 12 scoring system probably 12 it because Olya regularly did everything and all this well stain the only thing that I will immediately warned that intensity coloring depends how many times we we will impregnate our cilia eyebrows coloring means accordingly, we we stop at the
  • 11:33: our color when achieve results before Proportion beautiful Brown hair color and now such harmony eyelashes and eyebrows almost one color looks very natural and while fresh yes more money from the coffee and Tea, we can apply our eyelashes and eyebrow prevention then we It is applied only in one layer and thus we just control to our eyelashes were even shade and were strengthened to cooking 1 means for
  • 12:03: coloring and strengthen lashes eyebrow us It needs black leaf tea powder black coffee and boiling water take a teaspoon coffee black tea fill 50 milliliters of boiling water we give brew at least 20 minutes after What we filter for cooking oil solution to strengthen lashes and eyebrows us need Castor oil jojoba oil wheat germ or olive oil vitamin A and vitamin E all ingredients
  • 12:34: mixed together and pour into a clean sterile jar our means fully prepared to belt thank you very much Olya you are well demanded youtube hello each of us dreams longer save youth and beauty skin so subscribe to our channel and I pleasure I share with you recipes for youth and beauty skin health