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RECIPE TORTILLA Super Simply SPANISH DISH #простыеБлюда  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone call dasha who knows the simplest dish in Spanish cuisine this is so let's cook and together we decided to do flash mob dishes from spain and russia links all participants in description to this video and of course calcium in annotations to us will need 2 3 or 4 potatoes depending on what kind of tortilla are you? want to do large or small only for you need 3 eggs but in this case I took three but then I added 4 because I really like and
  • 00:30: you will need a bow i took a half but if you really love onions such people I know what they are straight love the smell taste of onions especially fried then add I took the kiss half also on taste we add salt and naturally we need oil I take the olive we reheat frying pan on it throw on the cut potatoes and onions fry this oil for a tortilla not regret it because she says so should to boil in oil cover and
  • 01:00: periodically stir I would even said to split this potatoes when you feel that the potatoes are already straight quite soft but still do not mash in a bowl break the eggs add salt and mix whip a little bit pour into a bowl all the potatoes not vice versa namely in a bowl then there are no eggs of potatoes and potatoes to eggs egg egg good
  • 01:30: mix and dump on frying pan preferably the frying pan was well a little with oil by the same waiting for the olive view by bumps periodically and so shakes this frying pan in order not to nothing stuck to it then aliot turn it over waiting again, I'm at the very this is how I do it always on different potato density I
  • 02:01: always browsing she prepared herself or no, well, just a hole raskivyrjal there looked around prepared or not that's all she is still quite hot stunning smells like you of course you can just boiled potatoes throw at a frying pan and then filling the egg with you you can do
  • 02:31: surprise to his girlfriend hide on March 8 dear i will cook you have a Spanish dish and business tortila to all till that's what it looks like bank of spain that is himself no super Do you know the doors as in Russia if you come let's say money lay about there
  • 03:01: there is always some kind of this glass is super impenetrable