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HOW to GATHER in the STOMACH WITHOUT DIETS AND CHARGING | exercises for a stomach, naul | AS?  See details »

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  • 00:00: all a good day Today let's talk about how to make your lived and beautiful flat healthy and not suburbs Diets do not buy device is not change habitual the rhythm of life doing every day two or three minutes a day now we go to doing exercises full breath to then do a full exhalation doing it exercise you not get
  • 00:30: just beautiful flat stomach but add health internal organs performing deep massage internal stomach organs pancreas total kidney and liver bowel upryachu ordered allocation digestive secrets are improving indigestion Accelerate circulation and motivate better the heart works and lungs regardless
  • 01:04: age and size your belly the result will be is positive It will take you two or three minutes a day is better to do in the morning be sure to empty stomach until you Look, I'll tell you that it should be done necessarily day without skip and better entry diary or people with a calendar pathology or
  • 01:36: chronic diseases can do after coordination with the doctor We are doing now abdominal protrusion Now ejection
  • 02:08: average muscle During Exercise necessarily recovering breath to do you were not comfortable strain strongly cookies average muscle when the stomach in
  • 02:38: the air you breathe fully average protrusion muscles try Train you necessarily succeed the average ejection abdominal muscles is all preparation for core exercises that's how it looks side too average protrusion muscle you necessarily
  • 03:09: will likewise perhaps it is better to you by your zeal doing two or three minutes per day is will help you save time is that not all get going gym especially uncomfortable It gives people
  • 03:39: who were involved sports then the mind of some reasons for this are no longer engage here to maintain their the body of the stomach in the press qualitative manner Here is an exercise for them as we are now on exhale up against the knee trying become a skirt 90
  • 04:10: degrees I showed not quite 90 degrees to you you were clearly seen press force it is not on the left and to the right and begin to rotate the middle part of the abdomen repeating convenient
  • 04:45: become 90 degrees hands on knees rest against by force You shift your belly left this feel muscle his arm and start rotation This may take adequate amount of time rotation makes
  • 05:17: must be to the left to right and right left this exercise It called Nauli is tried tested for millennia it works will be up to me questions write to comments I will answer looked exercise would add a little
  • 05:47: history who enough forces see out exercise and desires Look for more him some of your time there are many people who had a desire have a flat stomach beautiful healthy with this time they it turned idle time was spent someone was spent on This week someone month goal of the year and one and a half well as an episode can
  • 06:17: tell me was call from friend a year which said do every day, it is impossible to that she said and did not if you do not succeed will continue Well it did not work I spent on it hunting but half what's the difference rush a nick lily of the valley over the result luck while