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  • 00:00: Hello my they call Nikolai andrejka and today I I want with you talk about those opportunities that provide our internet project fabricate So let's get started. Imagine what is regular store you walk every day buy for yourself food products there apple oranges bananas of tangerines and then you go in this store and see such an action that buy one box apples get 5 percent discount buy 20 boxes
  • 00:30: get 10 percent discounts buy 100 boxes and get 23 percent discount the question is how with the help of this you can let's make consider the 3 option option 1 but also come buy 100 boxes in bulk and we sell at retail this option is the simplest you immediately receive revenue 23 percent but there are some minuses
  • 01:00: this option minus 1 in order to buy 100 boxes you need start-up capital minus 2 you need to be able to not sell it all know how to minus 3 you need free time because in order to to realize 100 boxes of apples to you you need to get around a lot acquaintances and offer im buying an apple from you but it's natural we need a lot time in the end the first way is the most
  • 01:30: simple but it is the most time-consuming method 2 we will not engage in sales it's cardinally Another way we go score agree with the store owner what do we buy for yourself only one box only one drawer we buy for ourselves for personal needs but we agree on such conditions that we we invite 100 friends who come to this store each come buy them 1 point each
  • 02:01: and they will also receive discount of 5 percent a we are for the fact that their invited to receive the difference between twenty straight interest and five interest that received our familiar to their discount in the end we we get 18 percent consisting of which our friends will buy with this method, not all is obtained immediately one month to fulfill 100 boxes for in order to fulfill conditions share from store and no less
  • 02:32: it is necessary especially get upset because if for the first month you have invite for example 20 people per 2 terrain you can invite another 40 people end up with you there will already be sixty man to third month you can invite another 40 person and as a result you are in plus as well as earnings without risk you do not invest own money to buy implementation, I would you just bring their friends shop who are there constantly buy apples pro 2 happy
  • 03:03: so he got permanent buyers who every month comes in order to buy in it apples and your friends happy so they received a discount of 5 percent and in the end earned them more 18 percent as a bonus for what you brought friends in this shop and they are now constantly so buys for himself apples but there are still The third way is he crucially differs from 1 and Something like 2 if
  • 03:34: in the second way, we we are engaged or advertising store for to bring friends in this shop for purchase apples or advertising themselves in the third way we we change the approach we go to the store agree with the store owner what do we buy for ourselves only one box and find those people who also want earn also what is the difference only in that we we will not offer
  • 04:05: 5 percent discount for our friends who would come buy for you are an apple and we will offer really business business development network and such people I I will ask only two questions question first do you need money question 2 I am preparing this work if the answer is at least one of the questions is not on this we end the conversation if the answer to both Yes, then we continue cooperation and
  • 04:35: total for us is sufficient invite only 10 people these ten man turn invite another 10 human we will accomplish the result clitoris 100 boxes faster 10 times now draw an analogy between ordinary shops and companies faberlic with which cooperates with our internet project brik January factories is international The company is already working more than 18 years has own production near Moscow representative offices
  • 05:05: companies are in 29 countries also in companies are very very huge range this is cosmetics and perfumery and means personal hygiene organic washing powder clothing for children's clothing for women's accessories now let's imagine that before we went to regular store every day they bought shampoo and well for yourself and washing powders are the same clothes now difference what is all this we are
  • 05:35: only through internet we go same internet shop choose something what do we need through a few days take this order or agency point in your city or at what he division now let me get you I'll tell you how you are go to your personal cabinet faberlic make out an order there choose what you want detergent powder and perfumery means for face decor clothing
  • 06:06: add it all to shopping cart since you did you do it's in the ordinary store plus this you still get 20% discount you still participate in share for lichku start the program cumulative the program affirm your order your application transferred to your regional warehouse then we do not deal with forwarding products your application directly comes in regional warehouse there he is collected
  • 06:36: through courier service is sent to your agent's point or the same store in your city where you are and get your order in the end you are pleased buyer as received a discount on products in five percent and immediately 20 percent of catalog you received opportunity participate in a share beginners will receive gifts you received opportunity participate the startup program and receive gifts you
  • 07:06: have the opportunity participate cumulative receive gifts and also participates in all actions that act in that directory when you made out an order now let's talk about business here you were as pleased buyer but here you can already build your own business you can invite also their friends same internet shop register them your team and your newcomers your friends
  • 07:36: get a discount of 20 percent and their plus this discount immediately and Your plus you get from three to twenty three percent of all orders and also each catalog every three weeks you receive a cash remuneration according to that turnover which your friends only is now scale with apples we worked for 1 shop and here we are
  • 08:06: We can work immediately at several stores and these stores can find everywhere according to your the city everywhere in your country on her everywhere else countries we can cooperate absolutely with any country where there is faberlic it and young is and Belarus and is ukraine it and russia the paycheck of the jangda tok sextant and thanks social networks to same contact classmate facebook you can
  • 08:36: invite people does not have a team values ​​where you live you do not matter where your newcomer lives you can with him communicate through the same social networks through skype through a vibe as it will be more convenient for you and in what plus that such we can work not only on to our city we We can work everywhere on the country by any corner of the country where there are our representative offices it is practically in each city and also
  • 09:06: do not forget that the postal service operates shipping for cooperation with us there are 29 countries for business development and list of these countries you now see yourself on the screen and the company is promised in near future launching new countries there will be more countries for development your business is simple your income and depending on turnover which you will create the company pays you money remuneration to level of the vice-director up to 15 percent all
  • 09:37: money paid to you on personal account faberlic from there you can spend on their personal orders starting from the level of 15 percent you can sign full contract with company as individual entrepreneur and conclude an act on provision of services and from now on The money will be yours displayed on your checking account banks and you can cash and spend on one's own needs in order to to succeed in
  • 10:07: our project in our the company needs perform only three simple actions the first action is enjoy production is change the usual shop in which before you bought those the same detergents are the same the door is the same shampoo the same gels For shower also shaving foam for men you are now you can buy your own no online store sense of walking a neighbor if you have the same products and you imagine can create commodity turnover of
  • 10:37: already receive interest next item second talking about opportunities tell about what do you after you can register enjoy products at a discount 20 percent receive gifts you can engage in personal sales and receive from 20 percent since orders that you sell and you can also build a business develop its invite people your own business faberlic and build your own
  • 11:07: team and international command to build really international Business and receive interest from the structure of which you create an action the third is constantly learn our team developed detailed system learning from how to enter personal cabinet and finishing instruction as work with their team and for this We also have online 24 hours support in night in the scorpion
  • 11:38: created chat and support if mentor or director no online now on you are in any you can set the time question chat and someone with those leaders who are present now you will not even be helped matter with your structure with your branch or parallel to you anyway, you need someone will help and give an answer delivered to you question also thanks skype you can communicate with his mentor with his
  • 12:08: director and the plus skype that your mentor or director structure that will deal with your training through screen demonstration show how to do this or that action it's much easier than read a bunch information one thing see how it is do the right thing another thing to read all the same skype is very, very many pros have to this is also to be feared for days of our Internet project you
  • 12:39: pass all three stage of training this and school freshman this active growth of this schools for top leaders and you will learn from but by companies all by marketing to products wig routine for work with its structure and you will end up really full-fledged leaders success comes only those who act it very rarely comes somehow folds before circumstances and now i want you show your screen income for which I receive money from company faberlic on
  • 13:09: your current account in I will remind you that my name is Nikolai andreka my income by the outcome of the past catalog was 63 1942 green as I am I live in Ukraine then I get all the money hryvnia, regardless of the one where created by me turnover of what countries are going to order in rubles is approximately it turns out 212 thousand 1 million tenge and 57 million Belarusian rubles are not
  • 13:39: we must not wait for act and only then you will get the result you want in command the one who gave you this video write such given name patronymic date births phone number e-mail City of residence indicative number if you are residents of Kazakhstan on thanks for attention and I will be happy with you meet at our training webinars total kind