Natalya Knyazkova

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KNITTING by the HOOK. Elastic type-setting edge from columns with nakidy  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: edge of typesetting columns with one sc another flexible option typesetting edge we also 2 but starting from the bottom 3 stitches and Chick because it we will have wider We do introduce sc hook in the first loop the first loop provyazyvaem one and then knit pairs as a column with one sc also have Here on the left edge
  • 00:30: formed such here increased eyelet her we go the first loop provyazyvaem separately and further pairs like when knitting column one sc in the left input of the first one further 2d one or two main remember this rhythm
  • 01:00: but I think it's in general, it is easy and We also continue to knit that is, that's the enlarged loops will here is a typesetting
  • 01:44: we get to the edge result here already clearly visible here columns with one sc in general this edge Well firstly great stretches you can see how much he stretched that is, it will not Never pull the bottom product, plus it can be used as a kind decorative edge