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How to learn to LOVE itself - YouTube

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  • 00:00: you stop it criticize yourself difficulties arise when we consider ourselves We are all bad people and it makes us vulnerable learn do not pretend are perfect abandoning aspirations for excellence unbearably giving on person and not giving focus on that its unfavorable life can be opened imagine their individuality creative ability and value imagine what he is doing we are not like
  • 00:30: other people have everyone has a role in this world criticizing ourselves we do yourself incapable fulfill its predestination the next thing to us need to do this is to stop bully oneself many simply terrorize themselves gloomy thoughts representing any the situation is much worse than they are on the very such people small problems for excessive size and how awful is it
  • 01:00: his own will worst next the way to be kind soft and patient yourself Most people suffers from waiting immediate We want the have all eyes and know the answers directly now and often we we spoil the life of others and for his impatience impatience is unwillingness to learn we must learn to be good consciousness let's not
  • 01:30: we will execute ourselves for negative thoughts you can consider your thoughts they create destructive we should not blame yourself in the bad that it was a blizzard we can learn from it be kind to yourself means to refuse from accusations of feeling guilt punishment and boron and the next step on ways to love yourself then learn to praise self criticism burns the soul of praise revives from the ashes Recognize your strength
  • 02:01: their divine essence is not spawning boundless mind scolding yourself you humiliate force who created start small then you will have to do something new and unaccustomed or not yet based on support yourself baklava loves itself means support oneself please contact help to friends let them help you please about help this is a manifestation of strength they sweets many
  • 02:31: We are used to rely only on yourself and not at all ask for help individual do not allow, and yet try to make this instead of try to cope with all the problems on my own and angry with himself for it that nothing it turns out love ty their negative they are your features creature so also to all the creation of sorrow to us everything happened
  • 03:01: to do wrong choice if we persevere punish oneself for this develop a stereotype another effective it means you love it helps relax and feel relief in stressful situation if a person could look at your life as a press with soap opera dramas and comedies it means he does not hopeless and ahead he will have everything take good care of your body think of him as
  • 03:31: beautiful temporarily a refuge for you because you care about his home of imitation watch what you do nourish your body 2 most popular means in flight from it is drugs and alcohol if you were carried away drugs it is still does not mean that you return a person just you did not find positive ways their needs eat it more one way to hide
  • 04:01: his love but not we can do without food she gives us energy and helps create new cells in the body and although we often know the basics science about the right nutrition We continue use mind the elements to punish himself and become fat work mirror often highlights importance work with a mirror for revealing that prevents us from loving you can work with a mirror
  • 04:31: for example step up the mirror by mornings as soon as wake up and talk I love you what can i do for you today so you was happy listen after these words to inner voice and follow what will hear starting work with mirror you can nothing hears in the answer is you They used to scold themselves and the inner voice is not can be provided thoughts are smarter and finally love yourself
  • 05:01: do not wait right now when will more perfect dissatisfaction only habit if you can be I am pleased with myself now not postponing if you can love yourself and approve yourself I will serve enjoy the good when she enters your life and learning how to love you can love and accept other people