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Sleeve knitted from above 1 part - YouTube

Sleeve knitted from above 1 part - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: through one loop collect the product can also run this way but it is very long and dissolve he pulled the rope just do not succeed Previous through one
  • 00:32: through a previous previous in 1 well if
  • 01:03: connecting a number of you You will knit on maximum plane provyazyvat then the gap will be more and it will be easier poddevat needle and so here is a seam on the
  • 01:34: open hinges I turned on furnace that is, I united two parts to open hinges loop in a loop like this it looks wrong side Shevchuk hem as you can see very thin almost to the touch not perceived
  • 02:05: It can only be a little bit so that save time and untied but such workpiece Naturally you shoulder We have done as you you need here do as the bevel but you need to keep in mind to a very rovnenko turned Now the scar better
  • 02:35: just enjoy Decker not less than three I use a needle 5 decks and coal When Bates here I a direct flight in order to economize time yet again I left here Open hinges and threw clomid q9 picket but it about to me
  • 03:05: on such a razmerchik turned whether I like respect something over armhole why I I chickened out and on junk thread here is how just to behold it's a connection from You were not here then we will look amazing and ideally I once removed 9 is reduced loops
  • 03:35: without requiring double sorry I took off one again I do not round round the armhole knitwear how old I was knitting I enjoyed the hands a stamping and let tons of evidence wake not say that my hand is uneven in my album enough Photo practically Well if it is not raglan something to really just that's it
  • 04:06: how closing on baby product somewhere around 10 8 August 10 stitches well, it's April 4 addition not . per adult closing the loop 12 somewhere it is the fact that it's still a jersey jersey has property taken all the same shape him
  • 04:37: from where I He dropped loops on junk thread and to I shoulder seam Knit 50 rows then I can safely 25 works have been exhibited and one side of the eye 25 from the other side plus on each side I will add so much I have nine stitches
  • 05:07: that I open and that is, I got 34 and 34 Now I'm starting hang them on how much
  • 05:47: carefully They are collected from This will depend as smooth get your tech we constantly
  • 06:31: check the Now I have turned such as analysis of needles you have me here Now I'm on the toe little one sleeves on toy will top 8 then loops 2 Here they gave me and the center I put the there are 2 4 2 48 loops Center will let
  • 07:06: such a small wing arm we very little time two three April 5 6 7 8 they are my stand in the the rest of the needle extend the front off-position average 8 loops operating position
  • 07:36: partial lever knitting included density exhibit this that I was knitting base web at I have somewhere the two 7 points getting ready knit 1, whether subsidiaries knit
  • 08:12: a loop I fastened a thread farther twice I promote the work of 2 loops do not forget about the fact that we have got thread a needle so we did not have
  • 08:42: holes but is usually just for a partial knitting the opposite of the carriage I slides into operation two needle this side is not yet touch and provyazyvayu I do not even count we expose afternoon Now just do not needed once one hand and put Now I have sent to the other two needle
  • 09:12: 2 times and last simple loop on one loop
  • 09:49: the opposite side of the carriage there is not a thread we forget to start I'm always about the weights
  • 10:34: I remember from tyazhechko and Still to be done and so to the point I specifically did not clean junk thread contrast to the place until We did not stay at 9
  • 11:05: eagle on each side here where I something
  • 12:23: probably got lost for 2 November 2100 for me exactly happened they knocked
  • 12:53: did not notice 1 2 3 4 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 here it is not left dinner in any case, I I am looking for some work
  • 13:23: Yeah, I did not last I will touch Why because then I You will need to chew them to me it was easier to recruit on the needle and then the needle and sew the same is stipulated preheat operation last but Now I will put
  • 13:53: counter and then I I will knit sleeve already from armpit there will be no need to so do decrease as I have, in principle, still there is no no action will be ok i do it all in the eyes
  • 14:23: when you already products from associated and you need to do I always sleeve I take the length of the product let's say if I untied down is not for the or rather to the beginning armholes and say that's this case 40 rows and I know that the hand
  • 14:53: should I also number 40 it will be absolutely the same length as the if the product itself let's fit Cardigan and there say I untied let It will be 80 rows and the length I have should not comes to an end but it will be about then 60 let the series that is very well possible
  • 15:24: estimate the length along the length of sleeve length products